Ipswich Original Ale (Boston, MA)

1/27/17 beer review by James Fedewa
Light bronze tone with a average light hoppy and sour-yeasty smell Read the rest of this entry

2017 NFL Mock Draft / #FirstFifty by James Fedewa

1/27/2017 by James Fedewa

*There is a fine line between choosing craft beer and choosing an NFL teams draft pick.  Both can make you happy, yet both can leave you bitter.  At National Fanatic, we help you select your next craft beer purchase (with a simple rating system), and we mock the NFL Draft with the top rated players coming into the NFL each season.  **Draft the Draught  

Since this is the first mock draft of the 2017 season, notes and dialog for each selection will be omitted (for now). Please, let me know what you think. It is still very early in the process of evaluating tape, the NFL Combine, NFL free agency additions/subtractions and team needs.

Here is the first fifty (please comment below):

Pick# Team  Player
1 Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M
2 San Francisco 49ers Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson
3 Chicago Bears Jonathan Allen, DL Alabama
4 Jacksonville Jaguars Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
5 Tennessee Titans Mike Williams, WR Clemson
6 New York Jets Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee
7 Los Angeles Chargers Jamal Adams, S LSU
8 Carolina Panthers Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
9 Cincinnati Bengals Reuben Foster, ILB Alabama
10 Buffalo Bills Malik Hooker, FS, Ohio State
11 New Orleans Saints Teez Tabor, CB Florida
12 Cleveland Browns* Leonard Fournette, RB LSU
13 Arizona Cardinals Mitch Trubisky, QB North Carolina
14 Indianapolis Colts Takkarist McKinley, OLB UCLA
15 Philadelphia Eagles*** Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
16 Baltimore Ravens Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State
17 Washington Redskins Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State
18 Tennessee Titans O.J. Howard, TE Alabama
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sidney Jones, CB Washington
20 Denver Broncos Ryan Ramczyk, LT Wisconsin
21 Detroit Lions Charles Harris, DE Missouri
22 Miami Dolphins Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
23 New York Giants Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
24 Oakland Raiders Desmond King, CB Iowa
25 Houston Texans DeShone Kizer, QB Notre Dame
26 Seattle Seahawks Garett Bolles, OT Utah
27 Kansas City Chiefs Raekwon McMillan, ILB Ohio State
28 Dallas Cowboys Tim Williams, OLB Alabama
29 Green Bay Packers Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
30 Pittsburgh Steelers Taco Charlton, DE Michigan
31 Atlanta Falcons DeMarcus Walker, DE Florida State
32 New England Patriots Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt
 Pick#  ROUND TWO  (Team)  Player
33 Cleveland Browns Jabrill Peppers, S Michigan
34 San Francisco 49ers Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama
35 Jacksonville Jaguars Forrest Lamp, G, WKU
36 Chicago Bears Patrick Mahomes, QB Texas Tech
37 Los Angeles Rams Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
38 Los Angeles Chargers John Ross, WR Washington
39 New York Jets Cordrea Tankersley, CB Clemson
40 Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford
41 Cincinnati Bengals Carl Lawson, DE Auburn
42 New Orleans Saints DeMarcus Walker, DL, FSU
43 Philadelphia Eagles Adoree’ Jackson, CB USC
44 Buffalo Bills Dan Feeney, G, Indiana
45 Arizona Cardinal JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR USC
46 Indianapolis Colts Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
47 Baltimore Ravens David Njoku, TE, Miami
48 Minnesota Vikings Taylor Moton, G, Western Michigan
49 Washington Redskins T.J. Watt, LB Wisconsin
50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Budda Baker, S, Washington

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Walter Football: www.walterfootball.com

DC Pro Sports Report: http://www.dcprosportsreport.com

Eat, Drink & Slep Football:  www.eatdrinkandsleepfootball.com

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Billion Dollar Lie, #Chargers will never leave San Diego


January 12, 2017  by James Fedewa

The Billion Dollar Lie… (and common business negotiation tactics)

The San Diego Chargers are claiming they are moving to Los Angeles to become the Los Angeles Chargers. Do not believe the lie. The Chargers will never leave San Diego. The relocation announcement today by the San Diego Chargers has been mapped out by mega negotiators and super lawyers for well over a year. There is a hidden agenda, and a pre-mapped timeline, that the NFL (and Chargers) are using to budge the city of San Diego to do something different about the stadium issue now. The NFL is using the media (as they always do) as leverage tool, as relocation threats are the only negotiation tactics available to the Chargers.

Until you see an actual Chargers regular season game played in Los Angeles, do not believe the NFL lawyers and the Chargers owners.  It is leverage, money, public relation spin and negotiation tactics of a Billion Dollar Juggernaut teasing you.

The November 2016 vote of “Measure C” (and The Citizens Initiative) to fund a new stadium in downtown San Diego with an increases in the Transient Occupancy (hotel) Tax was never expected to pass.  It was a city wide only ballot that needed two-thirds vote  to be passed, an impossible achievement (66.7% is very difficult).  Also, only the “city” of San Diego was allowed to vote on “Measure C”, not the entire San Diego County.  Limits were set to impossible…

“The Chargers Aren’t Going Anywhere… Rest Assured, The Chargers Will Be Here (in San Diego) Forever” AJ Smith said  “They have to do a deal.” (A.J. Smith was General Manager of the team from 2003–2012)

Bastard Kat IPA, Kulsan Brewing Company (Bellingham, WA)

12/17/16 beer review by James Fedewa

Bastard Kat IPA, Kulsan Brewing Company 


Very acute hoppy aroma that is very nice and the color tone is a middle gold. With a nice frothy head, this beer looks prime and exciting. It has a malty and piney front end flavor with a sharp carbonation level middle.  The piney hoppy after taste rolls in very smoothly after the carbonation twang with an very easy transition. This beer has three full stories to tell (beginning / middle / end) and every moment of this beer is outstanding.   It feels like a hybrid IPA, since the malty sweet front end fools you with the nice sharp hoppy after taste. Great beer and very unique with the malty tones mixed with IPA hoppiness. I drank 4 of these last night and saved the last one for the next day to specifically write its own independent review. This one of my favorite all time IPA’s.  A+

*My 6 year old son tossed in his own decorated football creation (piggy bank / trophy) in this photo, as it deserves its own IPA award.  Love this beer, LOVE!

IBU: 70

ABV: 6.66 %

Appearance: 3/5
Taste: 5/5
Drinkability: 4/5
Aroma: 5/5
Texture: 4/5
Value: 3/5


Lost Sunglasses, found something else (If Only by Dan Rodriguez)

Classic AFC War

A story of revenge


Breakside IPA, Breakside Brewery (Portland, Oregon)


Breakside IPA, – 11/17/16 by James Fedewa

IBU: 74
ABV: 6.3%

Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
Drinkability: 4/5
Aroma: 5/5
Texture: 3/5
Value: 4/5
An impressive citrus IPA. Very good citrus hoppy aroma with a thin small bubble head. Nice acute bitter front-end citrus hoppiness, but instantly smoothed with a velvet malty middle. The hoppy aftertastes is not that strong, but it is there and it lingers quite long (in a good way). The carbonation level is perfect and enhances the citrus hops and malty mid flavor. The smell of this beer is outstanding and smelling this beer is just as great as drinking this beer.
Classic Citrus Hoppy IPA that doesn’t have much uniqueness. However, this is the type of IPA that most people prefer. Grade: A-

The Wubbulous World of Wonald Whump


The 13th Charger

10/10/16 – by James Fedewa5c8b770bc971c0ed20acf2d7fd5ab2bb

Have you ever seen the movie “The 13th Warrior” with Antonio Banderas?   In the movie, there was a dispute among two Norseman clans; one larger clan (within their territory) and another smaller clan, a group of questing Viking Warriors.  They were all countrymen with the same king, but the smaller group of Vikings were all fierce and seasoned warriors. The larger clan were not Vikings (only Norsemen), but yet they were still worthy warriors.  But just that, only warriors. Vikings and warriors are quite different.

After the dispute, the Vikings had to calm rumblings down between the two clans, and the Vikings needed to set an example (to show dominance). They had to punish the large group of Norsemen and they targeted one person; the largest, biggest and most intimidating warrior.   A smaller, older and well seasoned Viking picked a fight with the larger and younger warrior, and it did not appear to be a fair fight. There was one-on-one, melee battle and the Viking made the bigger warrior look like he was winning though out the fight. But overall,  it was only a show…

The Viking warrior “appeared” he was losing the battle all along, but in the end, once the ordeal was nearly over, and the Viking warrior looked defeated, the Viking quickly chopped off the head of the big Norseman warrior (like it was no big deal).  The battle was a show, an example and nothing personal. It was a lesson to all the Norsemen watching.  The lesson being, you might be big and you may be strong, and you think you are a fierce warrior, but in reality, the Vikings could kill all of you at any moment.

This is a prime example of what the Chargers need to do.  Find the biggest coach, and chop his head off.   This will set the players straight (the Norsemen), while the leader of the Vikings (Dean Spanos) sets his example.

Tom Telesco must give the Chargers players an example, Mike McCoy’s head (or at least, just fire him)

Spanos and Teleco need to set that example, a big example…

…if you think you can cause all these errors & miscues, multiple times; we are going to fire your boss and trade your ass to Cleveland (for a ham sandwich and a bottle of Yoo-hoo).