San Diego Chargers Rookie, Joey Bosa, Double Dipping


8/25/16 – by James Fedewa

The San Diego Chargers first round draft pick, Joey Bosa, still has not signed his rookie NFL contract. One month of vacant negotiations, valuable missed practices at training camp, and lost football education opens Joey Bosa’s professional football career.  Sure, Joey Bosa stands by his representation at Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and it is any ones guess which side is worse at contract negotiations. Fingers are pointing and fans are getting jittery.

One side will cave in and fold, and soon this ordeal will all be forgotten. The San Diego Chargers will not let a third overall pick slip through the 2016 season, reenter the 2017  NFL Draft and Bosa will not lose a years salary based on his contract demands. There will be a deal, but negotiations must improve as both sides are being very ridged.

CAA is being very firm with their bargaining stance, and the media seems to follow CAA side.  A prospect like Joey Bosa can change the face of an NFL  franchise, and CAA knows it, so Bosa is CAA’s “Great White Hope” and they are not wavering any discounts or deferred payments.  NFL analysts and players appear against CAA and Bosa stance, and favor the Chargers, but both media and analysts are only subjective opinions.

With the Chargers significantly increasing deferred contract payments (from 60% of 85% in the first year of the contract) and CAA continual rejecting contract San Diego’s offers, this shows there is “other” contractual verbiage that is causing rejections and counter offers.   What stands out is the “DOUBLE DIPPING” contract payments.   If Joey Bosa gets cut by the San Diego Chargers (within the first four years of the contract), the Chargers want to eliminate his contract from their books (which is normal for NFL teams) but hard for rookie to absorb. And if Bosa does sign with another team, Bosa wants to get paid by the Chargers (guaranteed rookie contract) and the NEW team that signs him will also pay him (hence, double-dipping).  In reality double-dipping is “promoting negativity” as is viewed as a reward for poor performance. The Chargers are trying to protect themselves if Bosa busts.

Unlike the NBA or MLB, the NFL does NOT guarantee player contracts, so this “double-dip” an odd stance by Bosa and CAA, but very savvy. However, Bosa’s rookie contract is guaranteed,  double-dipping goes well beyond guarantee money.   CAA is targeting guaranteed contacts by the Chargers, which is a good thing for NFL Players, but fiction for NFL owners.   The NFL does not guarantee contracts, nor are guaranteed contract set in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The NFL rookie wage scale is set, albeit guaranteed, but there are some limitations in the terminology guaranteed rookie contract, which is a lot less than what it used to be (ask Sam Bradford and JaMarcus Russell).  So the only real negative hit the Chargers would face, if Bosa is ever cut within his first 4 years of his rookie contract, would be against the Chargers salary cap.

Overall, this contact holdout is really an NFL salary cap issue. If Bosa does get cut, will the balance of his contact go against the Chargers salary cap (i.e. Donald Butler/ Jared Gaither), but not against rookie guaranteed money. This CAA/Bosa contract issue is led by Ed McGuire, the Chargers Vice President of Football Administration, Player Finance (and Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco letting accountants and lawyers subtract from his team).

THREE YardHouse IPA’s

August 9, 2016 by James Fedewa

Alpine Duet IPA, loved it but I was drinking with a random friend at a bar so I couldn’t really review it thoroughly. A+
I recommended it to a couple people at the bar and everyone of them.
Sculpin Gtapefruit IPA, same thing as above but let’s give it a grade of B+. I had it for the first time a couple weeks ago and it tasted better then.
Braufactum Progusta IPA, another very very good beer great floral hoppiness with a big head. A-

Watch “Lost Sunglasses, Found Something Else”

Hopsmack, Cascade Lakes Brewery (Redmond, Oregon)

7/9/2016 by James Fedewa

Abv 6.4%
Ibu 82
Nice clear light bronze color tone with virtually no head at all*. Smells fantastic with a great crisp citrus hoppiness. A little high on the carbonation, which probably mellows out the hoppy bitterness of a true IPA. It has a fantastic malty sweetness to it in the beginning, but the hops do linger in the backend, which make it a good IPA. A very very unique IPA with outstanding smell and layers of flavors the warmer it gets.
Grade: A-

*growler fill
** I would have given this beer a full “A” grade if there was more of a head (as I do like a good beer foam mustache)

***guess what beer Label is on the glass…

11th Hour IPA, Crow Peak Brewery (South Dakota)

11th Hour IPA, Crow Peak Brewery (Spearfish, South Dakota)

7/2/16 by James Fedewa

Appearance  3/5
Taste 3/5
Drinkablity 3/5
Aroma 2/5
Texture  2/5
Value 4/5

Nice light bronze color tone that is a little cloudy. Not much of a sudsy head but a nice smokey floral hoppy IPA flavor. A mild malty middle distinguishes the heavy hoppy bitterness, and it is finalized with a tangy short & quick aftertaste. It has a very Euro tangy (or yeasty) smell to it as well,which is not too appealing, but it is an overall very nice IPA.

It’s not overly unique, but it is a little different with the smokiness to it (which is good).

*My folks went to Sturgis and brought this beer to me as a birthday gift, which is outstanding. What is the best beer? Free Beer!

Tavour Offers A Unique Craft Beer Delivery Experience

We have some great craft beer bottle shops here in the Seattle area.  No matter where you are around the Sound, you’re never really too far from a craft beer bottle shop that offers a wide se…

Source: Tavour Offers A Unique Craft Beer Delivery Experience

The Fearless, IPA, by Dead Frog Brewery (BC, Canada)

6/17/2016 by James Fedewa

Appearance  4/5
Taste 3/5
Drinkablity 3/5
Aroma 3/5
Texture  3/5
Value 3/5


Nice dark bronze tone with a small hop smell. Thick hoppy floral front end, with a good lingering bitterness. A nice malty undertone with a crisp quick aftertaste.

Rich foamy head. A big beer, but nothing too distinguishing, yet not just standard.

Grade: C+

** My 5 year old son picked this beer out for me. I told him to find the coolest looking label, and I will try it. The label didn’t stick out to him, but when I said Dead Frog Brewery, my son stuck with it.  I told that to my wife, she got pissed. I say artwork, she says adult beverages.


Total Domination IPA, by Ninkasi Brewing (Oregon)

6/16/16 by James Fedewa

Very rich and quick, hopy front end, with a long sharp aftertaste. One swill of this IPA you’re blasted with a strong bitter hop flavor (with some lighter roasted malt flavors buried in the layers). It has a crisp and carbonated middle, that makes this a sharp floral hopy flavor linger. The color is a light cloudy bronze and the head is very flat that dissipates quickly. The smell is probably the weakest part of this IPA, as it’s not bad, but just a little sour and tangy, which could be caused by classic English yeast. This is more of a classic double English IPA than a PNW IPA (as claimed).

This is a very good beer and what makes it different is front end nearly pungent floral hop flavor. I’d probably only buy singles of this beer. A six pack may be too many of this IPA to drink in a row. Think of it as an after-dinner smoke.

Grade: C+

Avatar Jasmine IPA, Elysian Brewing (Seattle)

Avatar Jasmine IPA, by Elysian Brewing (Seattle)

5/11/2016 Review by James Fedewa 

One of my all-time favorite IPA’s. It’s really two different beers; Serve very cold (nearly freezing), it’s a crisp, refreshing and a light IPA, that can be gulped. But serve just barely cold, around 60 degrees, it’s a unique tangy and sharp IPA with a light light floral (jasmine) undertone. Both cold and not very cold are so good and noticeably different. It better to have one large beer and take your time drinking it (all the way to the tasty last drop), or pour two beers and drink the first one slowly.  This IPA has a fruity smell, golden tone, with a very small head of foam. A traditional Euro IPA yeast is probably used (that offers a very unique and tangy aftertaste). Avatar Jasmine IPA falls into a very good traditional IPA (x2).

Grade: A- (this beer has been around for a while, and probably had an A+ grade 6 years ago. Anything from Elysian Brewing worth buying and I’m glad they are still brewing this one)

2016 NFL #MockDraft, 3 Full Rounds @JamFed (6.0)

**UPDATE: 6 Correct … National Fanatic (James Fedewa) placed 74th (out of 106 participants) in The Huddle Report’s Mock Draft Contest (where draft experts in the industry participate in a contest to determine each years best mock drafts).


4/27/2015 by James Fedewacevo3p9uuaatn-k

The NFL draft creeps closer and closer and rumors are swirling up everywhere. Tomorrows mock drafts will change, in fact, in 6 hours the mock will (might) change.

They say an artist’s work is never complete, so neither is a mock draft.     Do you FanDuel ?


Round 1



1 Los Angeles(7-9) Jared Goff, QB, California California kid takes over for the Rams. Day one starter
2 Philadelphia (7-9) Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz? Why not! This is a QB driven league and you can’t have too many good things
3 San Diego (4-12) Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Mis San Diego had the worst pass-blocking grade in the league last season. Rivers is a little safer for the remainder of his career.
4 Dallas (4-12) Joey Bosa, DE/OLB, Ohio State Ramsey looks good & is tempting, but Bosa is the pick (and my personal favorite in the whole draft)
5 Jacksonville (5-11) Jalen Ramsey, S/CB, Florida State Tweener by position and experience (FS/CB) Elite track athlete. Will the Jags use him correctly?
6 Baltimore (5-11) DeForest Buckner, DE/DT, Oregon The Ravens need the dominate D again DeForest brings the D back to the Ravens
7 San Francisco (5-11) Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis Chip gets a new toy to play with and Kaepernick wants out.
8 Cleveland (3-13) Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss Top WR prospect and a new weapon for RGIII. Great pick, but they were expecting Paxton Lynch to be available.
9 Tampa Bay (6-10) Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida Best cover corner in the draft
10 New York Giants (6-10) Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame Protecting Eli is probably the smartest choice
11 Chicago (6-10) Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State The Bears do not have a left tackle on the roster, but a 5-tech DE would look great here too.
12 New Orleans (7-9) Shaq Lawson, DE. Clemson Saints need a defensive rebuild. Shaq is a great piece to put pressure on opposing QB’s.
13 Miami (5-11) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State Blocking, receiving and rushing… he does it all (really really good)
14 Oakland (7-9) Myles Jack, LB, UCLA Knee injury and durabiltiy issues cause a slight slide & the Raiders couldn’t be happier. Will Reggie gamble? Del Rio will…
15 Tennessee (3-13) Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia Pass rush and versatility. Floyd can play ILB and OLB, so he could actually lead the team in sacks and tackles
16 Detroit (7-9) Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State Decker can play both tackle positions and he excels in the run game (something DET needs a lot of help with)
17 Atlanta (8-8) Jonathan Bullard, DE, Florida Very strong D-Lineman. Can play inside and outside, the next Michael Bennett (one of my favorite players)
18 Indianapolis (8-8) Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky One of the most talented pass rushers in the draft, but comes with some character issues.
19 Buffalo (8-8) Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville Sheldon slides a little bit, but he’s a perfect fit in Buffalo. The Ryan Brothers are both happy.
20 New York Jets (10-6) Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State Cook is better than you think and NYJ moves on from Fitz.
21 Washington (9-7) Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama Savvy and talented interior NT with good movement and eager to improve. Reed could also play 5-tech (so he’s versatile)
22 Houston (9-7) Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor Investing on Brock Lobster? Must supply with weapons
23 Minnesota (11-5) Josh Doctson WR, TCU Can catch anything and is an overachiever
24 Cincinnati (12-4) Robert Nkemdiche, DE/DT, Ole Miss Tons of talent, but a slight risk factor. He has Bengal written all over him.
25 Pittsburgh (10-6) William Jackson III, CB Houston NT is tempting but can be found later. WJIII can be a great CB and a good system fit
26 Seattle (10-6) Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M Filling in the holes that free agency left the Seahawks (o-line help needed). Feels like James Carpenter 2.0.  DT could also be a target now that Mebane is gone.
27 Green Bay (10-6) Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor There’s a new bull in town. Billings is massive and takes over for BJ Raji.
28 Kansas City (11-5) Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson A bit of a slide for Alexander (eco maniac), but KC is happy with it. Sean Smith replacement.
New England* (12-4) — Pick Forfeited for Deflategate
29 Arizona (13-3) Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama Instant leader and big tackler, on an already powerful defense
30 Carolina (15-1) Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State Norman leaves, and finding a quick replacement means 1st round CB
31 Denver (12-4) Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas State ZBS – Denver lost 4 O-lineman in free agency and Whitehair can start the rebuild process
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Round 2



32 Cleveland (3-13) Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson A new pass rushing OLB in Cleveland. Dodd has prototypical size for the position, but he’s a 1 year wonder.
33 Tennessee (3-13) Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech NT aren’t supposed to be this quick.
34 Dallas (4-12) Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State His speed attracts Jerry Jones
35 San Diego (4-12) A’Shawn Robinson, DE/DT, Alabama Big intimidator and run stuffer at DE. Needs to develop pass rushing moves
36 Baltimore (5-11) Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford Best guard prospect in the draft and helps improve the run game.
37 San Francisco Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State Chip gets a big target and a true #1 WR
38 Jacksonville (5-11) Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State Jax needs many pass rushers as they can get
39 Tampa Bay (6-10) Shilique Calhoun, OLB/DE, Michigan State Good leader, nice game and should develop into a very good pass rusher.
40 New York Giants (6-10) Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame Fast Fuller will make Eli’s stats look amazing. He’ll only need 2 or 3 balls per game, and he’ll get 7 or 8 TD’s year one.
41 Chicago (6-10) Chris Jones, DT, Mississippi St Chicago is looking for key pieces in converting completely to a 34. Great 5 tech DE prospect
42 Miami (5-11) Artie Burns, CB, Miami Doesn’t travel far from campus.
43 Tennessee (3-13) Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas With all the new picks for the TItans, weapons for Marriota is a very good thing
44 Oakland (7-9) Karl Joseph, SS, West Virginia Henry looks like an Al Davis pick
45 Tennessee (3-13) Le’Raven Clark, OT, Texas Tech The new right tackle
46 Detroit (7-9) Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama 3-tech DT in the mold of Aaron Donald
47 New Orleans (7-9) Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech Saints draft heavy on D
48 Indianapolis (8-8) Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana Great left tackle prospect, should go earlier.
49 Buffalo (8-8) Kamalei Correa, OLB/DE, Boise State Continue to find the correct pieces converting to a 34D (The Ryan’s prefer the 34)
50 Atlanta (8-8) Deion Jones, OLB, LSU Linebackers are ATL’s biggest need (Pass rushers too)
51 New York Jets (10-6) Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA Snacks is gone, here’s a nice replacement
52 Houston (9-7) TJ Green, FS, Clemson Tall Fast safety can cover like a CB
53 Washington (9-7) Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama Best Center prospect, unless Whitehair turns Center
54 Minnesota (11-5) Vonn Bell, SS, Ohio State Very impressive cover safety
55 Cincinnati (12-4) Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma Paired up with AJ Green, great combo
56 Seattle (10-6) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State Mebane’s replacement (and possibly an upgrade)
57 Green Bay (10-6) Kentrell Brothers, ILB, Missouri BJ Raji’s replacement
58 Pittsburgh (10-6) Austin Johnson, DT, Penn St. Stout Nosetackle
59 Kansas City (11-5) Adolphus Washington, DT, Ohio State Big enough to play 5-Tech DE, with some pass rushing ability.
60 New England (12-4) Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech very talented RB. Can do it all
61 New England (12-4) Tyler Boyd, WR, Pitt can play the slot, but might be taller than all the WR in New England
62 Carolina (15-1) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn New Right tackle
63 Denver (12-4) Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State 5 Tech DE is the target here, but Denver gets their future signal caller here.

Round 3


64 Tennessee (3-13) Nick Martin, OG/C, Notre Dame  
65 Cleveland (3-13) Su’a Cravens, S/LB, USC  
66 San Diego (4-12) Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia  
67 Dallas (4-12) Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State  
68 San Francisco (5-11) Xavien Howard, CB, Baylor  
69 Jacksonville (5-11) Keanu Neal, FS, Florida  
70 Baltimore (5-11) Willie Beavers, OT, Western Michigan  
71 New York Giants (6-10) Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame  
72 Chicago (6-10) Kyler Fackrell, OLB, Utah State  
73 Miami (5-11) Vadal Alexander, G, LSU  
74 Tampa Bay (6-10) Justin Simmons, FS, Boston College  
75 Oakland (7-9) Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA  
76 Tennessee (3-13) Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State  
77 Cleveland (3-13) John Theus, OT, Georgia  
78 New Orleans (7-9) Maliek Collins, DT, Nebraska  
79 Cleveland (3-13) Sean Davis, CB/FS, Maryland  
80 Buffalo (8-8) Landon Turner, OG, North Carolina  
81 Atlanta (8-8) Jeremy Cash, SS, Duke  
82 Indianapolis (8-8) Devontae Booker, RB, Utah  
83 New York Jets (10-6) Jerald Hawkins, OT, LSU  
84 Washington* (9-7) Bronson Kaufusi, DE, BYU  
85 Houston* (9-7) Jihad Ward, DT, llinois  
86 Minnesota* (11-5) Matt Judon, DE, Grand Valley State  
87 Cincinnati* (12-4) Darian Thompson, FS, Boise State  
88 Green Bay* (10-6) Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia  
89 Pittsburgh* (10-6) Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford  
90 Seattle* (10-6) Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas  
Kansas City* (11-5) — Pick Forfeited for Tampering  
91 New England* (12-4) Joshua Perry, OLB, Ohio State  
92 Arizona* (13-3) Isaac Seumalo,C, Oregon State  
93 Carolina* (15-1) Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma  
94 Denver* (12-4) Joe Haeg, OT, North Dakota State  
95 C – Detroit Pharoh Cooper, WR, South Carolina  
96 C – New England David Perkins, OLB/DE, Illinois State  
97 C – Seattle Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State  
98 C – Denver Dominique Alexander, ILB, Oklahoma