About James Fedewa


Welcome to my blog about NFL football,  News, Opinion and Comments, with Select Craft Beer Reviews.  More specifically; San Diego Chargers Football and West Coast Beers & Breweries. (established April, 2012)

Attempting to be objective and unbiased about these posts regarding Craft Beer, Breweries, the National Football League, San Diego Chargers Football Team (and their administrators), yet recognize that nothing is ever objective and unbiased (as OPINIONS are like germs and germs are like BLOGS – so you may need to wash your hands after you have read this).

Who I am?

This blog views are the perspective of a 45 year old man who moved to San Diego at 20 years old (1993) and became a dedicated Charger loyalist, fanatic (and dependent).

Graduated College at 28, got married at 35, moved to Seattle & had a daughter at 36 and a son at 38.

California Native: San Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Anna, San Jose & Mammoth Lakes: 31 years

Denver, Colorado: 4 years (’82 to ’85)

Seattle, Washington: 11 years (’08 to present)


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