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Madden ’22 Toolbags

1/17/22 by James Fedewa

My 10 year old son purchased Madden 22 on his own, back in November 2021. He played it all the time on his Xbox One (and he’s a diehard Madden fan). He has bought every Madden game five years in a row. For Christmas, we gifted him an Xbox Series S, but guess what, he cannot use any of his Xbox One Madden games on the Xbox Series S.
So I contact EA Sports and they give me a step by step procedure how to make it work. (I try and try and try – but can’t get it to go). I go back to EA Sports (again, and again – three times now) and now they tell me that it will not work, and we have to buy Madden 22 again.
Now, I’m not a fan of anything of EA Sports. $50 per game, for five years straight = $250. Now we have to buy it again = $300 in five years? COME ON EA!!!!
Tell me you are a good guy and fix this problem. Micro-Transactions are one thing, but buying the same game twice (for an Xbox One and Xbox Series S) is HORSE SHIT!
My 10 year old boy make YouTube videos of Madden games, he upgrades his system, but now you want to charge him twice for the same game.
I want EA Sports to do the right thing and be good to their fans and customers. If you don’t, then why be a fan?

The Jordan Love Investment

We are all looking at the Green Bay Packers / Jordan Love draft pick all wrong. Love signed a 4 year, $12 million contract, which averages at $3 million per season (a lot less than some quality backup QB’s are worth).
Marcus Mariota was paid $8 million last season as a backup QB. Taysom Hill is making $8 million per, Case Keenum is making $6 million per, A.J. McCarron was making $3 million per, etc.
Your team is only as good as the “backup quarterback” and investing a late first round pick is a great investment (or money saver) to free up “money-spent” on a good backup QB, that may never see the field.

Love’s 4 year, $12 million contract is cheap, and a great investment to own the rights to. Love could be the next great NFL QB (in 2, 3 or 4 years into his first contract, and the Packers have a 5th year option).

Plus, Jordan Love is still tradeable for 4 more years. Love still has four more years as cheap backup QB, with tremendous upside, that can still be traded anytime (which can give the Packers back their Return of Investment later down the road).

*Please, leave a comment and lets discuss…

Smoked Maraschino vs. Bing Cherry 🍒 (in a Bourbon)

2021 NFL Mock Draft by James Fedewa @jamfed

4/29/2021 by James Fedewa

What a weird NFL draft season. 2021 had no NFL Combine, with quality players opting out of the 2020 season (tainting scout evaluations), include some 2019 player injuries; some prospects have not seen the field in well over a year.

…so this NFL draft is just “not-normal” (but we still love to love it and we are all very excited to have the NFL Draft here).

**Let me share with you one major bonus (for me personally). I have a 10 year old son (Seahawks and Buckeye fan) and this draft season, he really got into this years player-prospects. So we studied film together, guessed ideal team-fits for prospects, discussed team needs, quizzed each other on players names/positions, which schools they attended and we mocked drafted every night (like a bed time story, lol). It is so great!!! I also have a 12 year old daughter, and we have draft-day photos together when she was a newborn, but she is still not the NFL Draft. She was an NFL Draft fan a few years ago, as she still loves Josh Allen (and her first fan-crush Marcus Mariota – classic).

HERE WE GO (two quick rounds – No Trades):

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor Lawrence QBClemsonYeah, yeah… You know the drill:
“Mr. Number-ONE-derful” 40 starts as a the #1 QB in college football, he’s owned this spot for 3 years.
2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYUThe Boy Wonder. No really, he looks like a young boy, or am I just getting old? Put a mask on this kid and he looks like a Blond Robin. Mix Aaron Rodgers with Patrick Mahomes, you’ll get this guy.
28 career starts is solid.
3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA)Justin FieldsQBOhio StateFields is just too good (and way better than Mac Jones IMO). Sure, all the experts are assuming Mac Jones is the pick, but why trade up so much for a guy you could’ve taken at their original #12? Smoke Screen, right? 22 career starts, started with Georgia, transferred to Ohio State (wow).
4Atlanta FalconsKyle PittsTEFloridaThis years unicorn… a Big – Fast – TD Machine – One of my favorite players in this draft. I would not call him tight end, but more of a pass catcher. 235 lbs. is a little light for an NFL tight end, but he’s a hybrid.
5Cincinnati BengalsJa’Marr ChaseWRLSUAlready developed a chemistry with Joe Burrows, find a right tackle in the second round
6Miami Dolphins (via HOU, via PHI)Penei SewellOTOregonThis guy is a wrecking machine (and makes it look so easy). He’s a turbo-charged bulldozer
7Detroit LionsJaylen WaddleWRSAlabamaThe Lions need a WR1, so they will gamble on Waddle’s smaller stature. Sure, Slater sounds good, but wow, look at their current receivers
8Carolina PanthersRashawn SlaterOTNorthwesternThey did not have a left tackle on the team, hole filled. Great pick.
9Denver BroncosTrey LanceQBNorth Dakota StateTeddy Bridgewater is not the answer, but neither is Drew Lock. Draft Lance now, sit him for a year and keep Lock as QB2 and Lance at QB3. Lance could go #3 or #4, but 17 career starts is not a lot of experience.
10Dallas CowboysPatrick Surtain IICBAlabamaDallas needs secondary help, and/or best defensive player here (they get both). For months every draftnic has Dallas taking Surtain here.
11New York GiantsKwity PayeEDGEMichiganOutside Pass Rusher is the obvious weakness. Paye looks like a faster Melvin Ingram.
12Philadelphia Eagles (via SF, via MIA)DeVonta SmithWRAlabamaBack-to-back first round receivers (2020 & 2021)? YES! (The Slim Reaper is a thin 170#, but won the Heisman Trophy, which not many WR’s win)
13Los Angeles ChargersJaycee HornCBSouth CarolinaThe Jack-Boys are back, ASAP! Press-Man, off coverage or zone, he can cover. His Dad is Joe Horn, ex-WR with the Saints.
14Minnesota VikingsChristian DarrisawOTVirginia TechA quality left tackle, and will get even better (pending his core muscle injury). Could probably go as early as #7.
15New England PatriotsMac JonesQBAlabamaFinally, we don’t have to watch Cam anymore! I’m sorry, I do like Cam, but not last year. Jones has 24 career starts, which is not a bad resume.
16Arizona CardinalsJaelan PhillipsEDGEMiami (FL)The improved pass rush will make the secondary look better. Phillips has had some concussion issues, retired early from UCLA, came back with Miami. Could be the best pass rusher in this draft.
17Las Vegas RaidersMicah ParsonsILBPenn StateTackles and Sacks / Tackles and Sack (could be the best defensive player in the draft and has only played ILB for 2 years, converted DE). Off-field issues, including harsh Hazing and poor decision pranks.
18Miami DolphinsJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahOLBNotre DameThe Swiss-Army Linebacker (hits hard, tackle machine, can cover in the nickel – more SS than LB
19Washington Football TeamAlijah Vera-TuckerOGUSC An improved O-Line will help ANY QB. Could WFT trade this pick for Deshaun Watson?
20Chicago BearsGreg Newsome IICBNorthwestern Fuller gone, Newsome in – lose a CB, gain a CB (and he stay’s in state)
21Indianapolis ColtsTeven JenkinsOTOklahoma StateThe nastiest run blocking (left) tackle in the draft. The Colts just turned into a premiere rushing team. I really like this guy and can go early as #13.
22Tennessee TitansChristian BarmoreDL3TAlabamaNeed an upgraded D-line, as the Titans are quite thin in the defensive trenches. I’m not sure why he falls this far, he’s a monster.
23New York Jets (via SEA)Caleb FarleyCBVirginia TechIt’s an injury gamble, but with amazing upside. He could go as early as #13, or as far as #32 (but he’s a 1st round talent – with a harsh back problem)
24Pittsburgh SteelersSamuel CosmiOTTexasBig Ben’s new left tackle, but they could go Edge here. RB’s can be found later…
25Jacksonville Jaguars (via LAR)Trevon MoehrigSTCUMoehrig can play SS, FS, CB and NB. Call him a Swiss Army DB, but really a Free Saftey.
26Cleveland BrownsZaven CollinsOLBTulsaCollins needs to stick with ONE position (MLB only), I’ve heard he wants to play edge, but can play everywhere.
27Baltimore RavensAzeez OjulariEDGEGeorgiaFeels like an old school Ozzy pick. I think he slides a bit, only because he is only 6′ 2″, but he’s nails.
28New Orleans SaintsAsante Samuel Jr.CBFlorida State Jackrabbit’s replacement
29Green Bay PackersRashod BatemanWRMinnesotaCould develop into a WR1, just in case Davante Adams leaves next year… Great route runner, fast, but at his combine weigh in, he was 2″ shorter (6′) and a little lighter than expected (190#)
30Buffalo BillsJayson OwehEDGEPenn State A project, but a freak of a project
31Baltimore Ravens (via KC)Terrace MarshallWRLSU Can he stay healthy? Lets hope…
32Tampa Bay BuccaneersGregory RousseauEDGEMiami (FL)Bruce can mold this guy into a big good edge
Round 2
33Jacksonville JaguarsAlex LeatherwoodOTAlabama
34New York JetsNajee HarrisRBAlabama
35Atlanta FalconsEric StokesCBGeorgia
36Miami Dolphins (via HOU)Kadarius ToneyWRFlorida
37Philadelphia EaglesTyson CampbellCBGeorgia
38Cincinnati BengalsJalen MayfieldOTMichigan
39Carolina PanthersKelvin JosephCBKentucky
40Denver BroncosJoseph OssaiEDGETexas
41Detroit LionsJoe TryonEDGEWashington
42New York GiantsJamin DavisILBKentucky
43San Francisco 49ersJevon Holland SOregon
44Dallas CowboysLevi OnwuzurikeDTWashington
45Jacksonville Jaguars (via MIN)Pat FreiermuthTEPenn State
46New England PatriotsRondale MooreWRSPurdue
47Los Angeles ChargersLiam EichenbergOTNotre Dame
48Las Vegas RaidersDaviyon NixonDTIowa
49Arizona CardinalsTravis EtienneRBClemson
50Miami DolphinsJavonte WilliamsRBNorth Carolina
51Washington Football TeamNick BoltonILBMissouri
52Chicago BearsElija MooreWROle Miss
53Tennessee TitansAaron Robinson CBUCF
54Indianapolis ColtsQuincy RocheEDGEMiami (FL)
55Pittsburgh SteelersElijah MoldenCBWashington
56Seattle SeahawksQuinn MeinerzOGWis. Whitewater
57Los Angeles RamsLandon DickersonOCAlabama
58Baltimore RavensDillon RadunzOTNorth Dakota State
59Cleveland BrownsCreed HumphreyOCOklahoma
60New Orleans SaintsAmon-Ra St. BrownWRUSC
61Buffalo BillsBrevin JordanTEMiami (FL)
62Green Bay PackersIfeatu MelifonwuCBSyracuse
63Kansas City ChiefsRichie GrantSUCF
64Tampa Bay BuccaneersAndre CiscoSSyracuse

2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 National Fanatic(@jamfed)

3/29/2021 by James Fedewa @jamfed

While 2020 seemed like an eternity, 2021 is off to a very quick start and this draft season seams like it’s coming / going very quickly too. After the big 49ers / Dolphins trade, followed by the Dolphins / Eagles trades, draft implications are boiling, and we are looking at quarterbacks going 1, 2, 3…

And here we go:

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor Lawrence QBClemsonThe consensus #1 overall prospect, and the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. Yes, he does look pretty amazing and has all the tools to build a team around. The size, the speed, the arm, the pedigree and The Hair, T-Law has it all. Lawrence was going to be the #1 pick since 4 years ago…
2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYUAfter the Miami / 49ers trade, I do believe the Jets go quarterback here. I’m sure the 49ers offered the same deal for the Jets #2 pick, but the Jets must have turned it down (maybe because they plan on drafting a QB here). Sam Darnold was not exactly the total problem for the Jets, but he is still tradeable and they could get a 2nd round pick for him. *If the Patriots can get Darnold some how, that would be so epic. 
3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA, via HOU)Justin FieldsQBOhio StateWhat a Crazy and aggressive trade by the 49ers.  When the trade was announced, it was in the middle of the BYU Pro Day, so this deal could have been made earlier in the week, and I do not think Zack Wilson will be available at #3.  So they must have been thinking Justin Fields (or Trey Lance).  Shanahan coached Robert Griffin III in DC, and that season, RG3 won rookie of the year.  Fields is bigger, stronger and more accurate QB than RG3, so it could be a great fix.
4Atlanta FalconsPenei SewellOTOregonFeels like Atlanta is a still strapped down with Matt Ryan.  Ryan’s contract is really sticky, and it doesn’t look like they can do anything without him, without taking on major dead cap space.  Sewell is a special talent with incredible strength and I plug him anywhere on the O-Line that has an open spot. He makes blocking big guys look easy.
5Cincinnati BengalsJa’Marr ChaseWRLSUThe Bengals could go offensive line, and Slater could be a great pick here, but Riley Reiff might delay that positional option. AJ Green is gone, and if you can replace him with Burrow’s incredible college teammate, then it seams like a no brainer. Chase plays receiver like a bully.
6Miami Dolphins (via HOU, via PHI)Kyle PittsTEFloridaMiami trades down, then back up? What the F?? Pitts is a beast and one of my favorite players in this draft, but I view him more of an oversized wide receiver, vs. a trim 240 lbs. tight end. Pitts can be an intimidating WR1 in the NFL, but would you spend two first round picks on a tight end? I would not, but maybe for a WR1. Pitts is WR1.
7Detroit LionsTrey LanceQBNorth Dakota StateThe Lions could draft wide receivers in this spot, but Smith and Waddle are a little undersized for a top 10 pick, plus Waddle’s ankle injury could cause a mini-slide. And I think the Jared Goff addition is fools gold. Sure he could start for a year (before being traded again), but Trey Lance could be an amazing addition for the future of the franchise. Lance is the type of QB that can carry a team, al la Russell Wilson-ish.
8Carolina PanthersMac JonesQBAlabamaJust feels like Carolina is targeting a QB, and the 4th QB in this draft is no slouch either. OC Joe Brady did wonders for Joe Burrow’s at LSU in 2019. Imagine what Joe Brady could do with Mr. Jones? Good things man, good things…
I like Brady’s brain, as you can tell he can read and process defenses very well. His deep ball is very impressive.
*or does Carolina trade this pick (plus future first rounders) for Watson???
9Denver BroncosPatrick Surtain IICBAlabamaDeshawn Watson rumors to Denver are massive, which would be incredible (if it were to become true), but I do not think Denver has enough draft capital to get Watson. Even if Denver offered the #9 overall pick, and three future first round picks, it would still leave Houston without a QB to draft with this #9 pick. So, Vic Fangio drafts BPA, and you know he loves his CB’s. Surtain is the Best DB in this draft.
10Dallas CowboysJaycee HornCBSouth CarolinaDallas tends to draft best pure talent vs. team need and vs. positional value, but this selection might be all of the above for the Cowboys. Horn is a great prospect at this spot and will start immediately. I really love Horns attitude and aggressiveness, as he already has the prototype size. (WR Joe Horn’s son)
11New York GiantsJaelan PhillipsEDGEMiami (FL)The Giants are having a very impressive offseason so far, adding several quality free agents. Yet, most NFL teams are adding inexpensive one year rental free agents, the Giants are offering quality multi-year, standard type of contacts (vs. pandemic reduced salary cap deals). Phillips is my top Edge defender in this class and could play in several spots on the D-line.
12Philadelphia Eagles (via SF, via MIA)Jaylen WaddleWRSAlabamaWaddle is so fun to watch, as his speed and vision are very impressive. The Eagles did draft a decent WR prospect last year in Jalen Reagor, and adding this speedster could help the whole receiving corp even more.
13Los Angeles ChargersRashawn SlaterOTNorth-western Justin Herbert really impressed last season, his offensive line was trash. Mike Pouncey never saw a snap, both Trai Turner & Brian Bulaga played in about 6 games each. Those three veteran O-linemen robbed the Chargers $30 million in 2020 salary. For the 7th straight year, the Chargers still need to work on a decent O-line, and within this free agency period, they are off to a great start. If Slater falls this far, Chargers fans will .
14Minnesota VikingsKwity PayeEDGEMichiganPaye is an intimidating thick physical freak. He still needs to refine is pass rush moves, which can be learned at the next level. Minnesota could use an OT or CB here as well, but pass rusher seems to be their top priority.
15New England PatriotsAzeez OjulariEDGEGeorgiaThe Patriots should draft a quarterback here, and Patriots fans would love to have Mac Jones selected, but he’s already gone. Ojulari is a fantastic pass rushing prospect and could play multiple positions for the Pats D, specializing as pass rusher.
16Arizona CardinalsChristian DarrisawOTVirginia TechArizona has been very aggressive this offseason, with multiple quality free agent moves, which is nice. CB is a need, but Caleb Farley’s back injury scares them off. Left Tackle could be an upgrade over DJ Humphries, and Darrisaw could be that improvement and too good to pass up.
17Las Vegas RaidersMicah ParsonsILBPenn StateThe Raiders defense needs help at several levels and will be the top need. Since Mike Mayock has taken over as GM, he really needs to find a superstar, as he keeps drafting average first round “role-players”. Parsons might have a couple red flags (for hazing), but that is OK by Mayock.
18Miami DolphinsJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahOLBNotre DameJOK is a unicorn. He can play several positions, including outside linebacker, nickel corner and strong safety. With Kyle Van Noy gone, there’s an open starting spot. The Dolphins draft (so far) looks outstanding, and so does their future draft capital.
19Washington Football TeamAlijah Vera-TuckerOGUSCIs it crazy to think that an NFL playoff team does not need a super star quarterback? Well, Washington did in 2020. Sure, they had a quick playoff exit, but they might be very close to becoming Super Bowl contenders if they can get their QB situation fixed. We will see if Fitz can succeed, again.
Vera-Tucker is very versatile and highly touted, and I’d play him at left tackle vs. guard.
20Chicago BearsDeVonta SmithWRAlabamaThe Bears really needed a new veteran quarterback ASAP, as their coach & GM are on a short leash and need to win now (or get canned). In comes the Red Rifle to save the day, Andy Dalton. The best way to help Andy is to give him some additional weapons. Adding Smith makes Chicago’s top three WR’s look pretty good (on paper).
21Indianapolis ColtsGregory RousseauEDGEMiami (FL)OLB Justin Houston is staying in Indy, but the aging pass rusher needs a predecessor. Left tackle is a need, but Rousseau’s talent and upside looks too promising to pass up.
22Tennessee TitansChristian BarmoreDL3TAlabamaBarmore is a big tall DT and many see him as a 3-tech DT. I think he would be a better 5-Tech DE prospect in a 3-4, and exactly what the Titians need. Pair Barmore with Jeffery Simmons on the DL, that could be a disruptive and powerful force. Barmore is like Richard Seymour with more waggle .
23New York Jets (via SEA)Zaven CollinsOLBTulsaCollin’s is an old school thumping linebacker. He could be a 260 lbs. middle linebacker, or an 3-4 OLB edge pass rusher can could drop in coverage or sack the QB. Very talented instant impact player for NYJ.
24Pittsburgh SteelersTeven JenkinsOTOklahoma StateJenkins is a big and mean right tackle, and looks like the type of linemen born to play in a Steelers uniform. His stock has been rising and if the Steelers want to run the ball, they better invest in their O-Line. Jenkins is a nasty overachiever.
25Jacksonville Jaguars (via LAR)Caleb FarleyCBVirginia TechJacksonville really needs some quality cornerbacks and are willing to take the Farley risk (back problems, previous ACL tear). Farley is an quality athlete and will be an very good pro. Ramsey 2.0 (or Jason Verrett 2.0)
26Cleveland BrownsJoseph OssaiEDGETexasOssai, paired with Myles Garrett could be a great pass rushing duo. The Browns will not rely on Tak as a viable threat, but more of a reclamation project
27Baltimore RavensTrevon MoehrigSTCUMoehrig plays free safety, but covers like a corner and hits like a strong safety. Moehrig reminds me of an Eric Weddle type and is very physical and savvy. He might even be able to play cornerback…
28New Orleans SaintsGreg Newsome IICBNorth-westernIt looks like the Saints to have a plan, and are cutting/restructuring many of their current players, just to get under the salary cap. That being said, they can go many directions with this pick, depending on who they eventually cut and/or trade. Jackrabbit was released and Newsome can fill that void.
29Green Bay PackersLandon DickersonOCAlabamaThe Packers lose an All Pro center, and quickly fill his void with a great new O-line prospect. Sure, it’s not another speedy wideout, but Rodgers will be safer wtih this pick.
30Buffalo BillsLiam EichenbergOTNotre DameI don’t know why, but generally, every year, I pick offensive linemen for the Bills. They do have a petty good O-Line, but they could use improvements. Looking at the Bills depth chart, their whole O-line is filled with Right Tackles. Eichenberg gives them a real left tackle.
31Kansas City ChiefsJalen MayfieldOTMichiganKC will draft the best O-linemen available, hopefully a tackle. Mayfield is a plug in play right tackle (and a big upgrade to current RT Remmers). Still feels like Eric Fisher will comeback on a 1 year discount contract, so they’ll be OK.
32Tampa Bay BuccaneersRashod BatemanWRMinnesotaIf I hear, “we are getting the band back together,” I’m gonna puke. Antonio Brown has yet to re-sign, and Godwin is on a 1 year tag and Mike Evans has great moments, but he makes too many mistakes with his price tag. Reshod Bateman can hit top speed in 2 steps and can be better and faster than all three of Tampa’s 2020 receivers. I think Bateman is a WR1, with good blend of speed, size, vision and brains. I like how he trusts his speed, deciphering tacking angles and how he speed though traffic.

2021 NFL Mock Draft by James Fedewa

3/3/2021 by James Fedewa

Mock drafts and draft season is going to be a little odd with no 2021 NFL Combine, but it is always great to watch game tape on each NFL prospect. The “Underwear Olympic” is always cool to watch, but I get it, COVID-19 is still lingering around. Here is my “1.0 version” of 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Read the rest of this entry

Justin Herbert Surprise Debut Outshines Brand New Stadium

9/22/2020 by James Fedewa

“If this new SoFi Stadium could be in San Diego...”Just the simple thought of that could drive chills up a San Diego Chargers fan spine. Or maybe just a San Diego resident. What Dean Spanos tried to do for 20 years for San Diego, only to offer a $5 billion stadium to Los Angeles instead. Sure, it’s not exactly Dean Spanos’ Chargers venue, but more of the Los Angeles Rams owners gig, Stan Kroenke. Never the less, it’s the Los Angeles Chargers now…

The brand new SoFi Stadium, and home of the Los Angles Chargers, looks crazy amazing (and more like the 8th Wonder of the World). Still, Chargers fans must wait again to witness a real Chargers home game on their real home turf (due to state COVID-19 restrictions, fans must stay away a little bit longer).

Football fans turn on the game, expecting to drool over the brand new stadium, lit in powder-blue Bolt graphics, shining with the new Chargers jersey’s, only to notice Justin Herbert running out onto the field to start the game? Wait, he is not supposed to be starting. Where is current starter, Tyrod Taylor? Immediately, all the gawking at the new stadium and jersey gets tossed aside as the Chargers first round pick begins a new-era in Chargers history and takes the field for the first time as a professional quarterback. *Well, newer-er (after the first home game, new stadium and the sweet jerseys). The newer-er (Justin Herber) found out he was starting the game, 10 seconds before kickoff.

Starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s second start as the Chargers QB has abruptly ended (before the game even began). Taylor had “chest pains” after the coin-toss and had to be taken to the hospital. Right then, Herbert was notified, like an alarm clock buzzing on the morning of the first day of school. Yeah, sure… you’re probably setting your alarm an hour before school starts, but Herbert got the 10 second warning: GET UP!! TYROD’s OUT and YOU ARE IN KID!

And Herbert shined and lit the place up, against the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. No, the Bolts did not win, but they played well and the game did go to overtime. Sure, Herbert had a few errors, but Chargers fans forgot all about the new stadium, the new jersey’s and drooled over their brand new QB of the future, Justin Herbert. Herbie is their Ferrari, the stadium is only the garage and the new jersey’s are only the upholstery…

My Question to Chargers fans: What’s better than a new stadium and jersey’s? A damn good 22 year-old quarterback with 4 years starting college experience who just lit up Los Angeles television rating! **We all just wish it was in San Diego

2020 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 (@jamfed)

4/22/2020 by James Fedewa

Read the rest of this entry

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (@jamfed)

4/12/20 by James Fedewa (

Here is my latest 2020 NFL Mock Draft. How far will Tua Tagovailoa fall?

Read the rest of this entry

2020 (Pre-Combine) Mock Draft, BIG Trades

February 27, 2020 by James Fedewa

The only time I even attempt a mock draft before the NFL Combine, is with offbeat trades. After the NFL Combine, the I will eliminate silly, unpredictable trades, but let’s have some fun with it (for now).









Joe Burrow



I do like Andy Dalton as a starting NFL quarterback, and I do not think his play gave the Bengals the first pick in the draft. But the Bengals are in full rebuild, so trading Dalton is probably the only team option, especially with Joe Burrow available. Burrow had a phenomenal 2019 in college and he is their new hope…


Chase Young


Ohio State

Young is probably the TOP player in this draft, and the sky is the limit for him to excel in the NFL. He is the perfect pass rushing blend of speed and power and will be a superstar in this league.

Trade: Carolina (from Detroit)

Tua Tagovailoa



Carolina trades 2020 #7, #69 plus 2021 1st round pick, for Detroit’s #3. A bidding war starts for the rights to draft Tua (between Miami, Carolina and the Chargers – and the Panthers win). Cam Newton will remain with the team and tutor Tua, and Newton will NOT like it. Yes, the Trade Value Chart does not add up, but when trading up for a Quarterback, the value compensation is out the window…

Trade: Detroit

(from NYG)

Jeffrey Okudah


Ohio State

Detroit trades back up to get the player they indeed wanted, Okuda. Detroit gives their 2020 #7, #69 and their 2021 3rd round pick (and still acquire Carolina’s 2021 first round pick  – BRILLIANT MOVE). Yes, the Giants could draft Okudah here, but Gettleman is really targeting one of two Offensive Linemen, who could be available a bit later in the draft (and still trade for more draft assets).


Justin Herbert



Miami gets their true quarterback of the future and a true leader of the franchise. Herbert is not only a gifted athlete; he is even a better leader. Herbert is a top tier QB prospect (and I like him as an NFL QB more than brittle Tua). Miami could keep Josh Rosen as a 3rd QB, based on his cheap cost, but I believe Miami will let Rosen go, and he will be traded to the Colts or Saints.

Trade Miami

(from Chargers)

Derrick Brown



Trade: Miami trades #18 and #26 with the Chargers #6 – The Chargers really wanted Tua or Herbert at this spot, but both are off the board, and they will not trade up to get either of them. Tom Telesco could draft Derrick Brown at this spot (BPA), but a trade down offer is just too tempting. Miami gets a pass rushing, run stuffing, relentless defensive beast.

Trade New York Giants

(from Carolina)

Andrew Thomas



Trade: Gettleman generally draft what he likes, without any trades. But with this year’s draft, the G-Men like two offensive linemen in the first round (Thomas or Jedrick Wills Jr) who could be available a little later than at #4 (so Gettleman trades down) Big Run blocking offensive linemen is what this team really needs. Finally, a quality left tackle in New York. Thomas is the BEST left tackle prospect in this draft.


Javon Kinlaw


South Carolina

Arizona could be in a “full offensive prospect draft” and target wide receivers, running backs, tight ends and offensive linemen, but in reality, their defensive line needs the most attention. Kinlaw is a force and will instantly upgrade the defensive line


Isaiah Simmons



What is Simmons; A Safety or a linebacker? Who cares, he is awesome (I initially had POTENTEIAL TRADE DOWN
with Dallas trading up to draft Simmons, as a strong safety)


Jedrick Wills Jr.



Cleveland just need to draft the best O-Tackle available. I vision him as a right tackle, but Cleveland can plug him in a left tackle for now, anything to keep Mayfield upright.

New York Jets

Tristan Wirfs



Jets could draft a wide receiver, or go defense, but with Adam Gase as coach, he would want to product Sam Darnold as much as possible (and open holes for Bell)

Las Vegas

Jerry Jeudy



What will Mike Mayock do here? As a former “NFL Draft Guru,” he was one of the BEST at evaluating player-prospects (and mock drafting NFL teams), but as a general manager, he has been very unpredictable (especially with all the first-round draft picks he has had). Jeudy is the TOP wide receiver in a great WR draft, but I think they can go Cornerback or Linebacker here (if Simmons is available here)


CeeDee Lamb



I had another POTENTEIAL TRADE DOWN with Dallas here too, but their target was already drafted (#17, #82 and 2021 5th Round pick, for Indianapolis #13) Indy could be targeting a QB here, but with Lamb is too fast to pass. Whoever might be the QB in Indy, they are desperate for more weapons, and with Lamb in the fast Indy turf, he will be lightning fast on Sundays.

Tampa Bay

Mekhi Becton



The Tampa O-line needs help and Becton can plug in at Right Tackle. Becton will eventually grow into Tampa’s LT spot.


A.J. Epenesa



Epenesa looks like a 5-Technique defensive end (3-4 DE). He has size, power and can set the edge. if the Broncos decide to move on from Derek Wolfe, Epenesa is a good replacement,


K’Lavon Chaisson



Vic Beasley will not be resigned, so Atlanta needs pass rushers, badly…


Henry Ruggs III



Dallas has too many free agents to re-sign, and Amari Cooper is not at the top of the list. Cooper will test free agency, and get a bigger contract offer than Dallas can afford.

Trade: LA Chargers

Jacob Eason



Trade: The Chargers were built around Philip Rivers, a classic pocket passer, with quality receiving weapons all over the offense. Jacob Eason’s game is also similar to Rivers game, and the Chargers do not have to change much offensively in the transition of QB styles. Eason is very raw but is exploding with talent. He could sit a year behind Tyrod Taylor. Eason has the BEST arm in this draft, hands down… 

Las Vegas

C.J. Henderson



What will Mike Mayock do here (part 2)?
The Raiders could target QB Jordan Love, LB Patrick Queen or corner C.J. Henderson, but a pass rusher like Gross-Matos is just too tempting. You can never have enough pass rushers.




Josh Jones



Jacksonville’s O-Line seems like they always need improvement. If the Jags want to be a running team or a passing team, they are going to have to start building in the trenches. Cam Robinson is not the solution at left tackle…


Laviska Shenault Jr.



Philly could dump all of their wide receivers this off-season, but they also need some upgrades at cornerback.


Yetur Gross-Matos


Penn State

Buffalo needs edge pass rushers and Gros-Matos paired with Ed Oliver can strike fear into opposing QB’s.
Shaq Lawson, 16/1

New England

Jordan Love


Utah State

Jordan Love’s draft stock is on the rise. I do not think he is a Belichick style of QB, but he is for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. I cannot imagine Tom Brady in a different uniform, but it will probably happen, only because the Patriots O-Line is weak, and their receiving core is even worse. Brady is going to want TOP dollars, and the Patriots will not offer the contract Brady wants. I think Brady leaves New England, or retires…

New Orleans

Xavier McKinney



Vonn Bell will not be re-signed, and McKinney takes his spot.


Grant Delpit



Vikings could be targeting a CB, but Delpit is too good to pass up at this spot…

Trade LA Chargers

Austin Jackson



Trade: The Chargers could either cut Russell Okung and save $13MM, or he will stay with a restructured deal. Austin Jackson will play right tackle until he’s ready to take over at left tackle. The Chargers gamble with their trade down, but they capitalize with two first round pick (QB and LT).


Trevon Diggs



Seattle needs pass rushers, defensive secondary help and offensive tackles. Diggs is a Long-Tall cornerback and fits the mold of what Pete Carol looks for in a CB.


Patrick Queen



Baltimore have a very stout defense, let by their secondary, but in 2020, there are five starters up for free agency.


Kristian Fulton



The Titans have some secondary holes to fill, especially if Logan Ryan leaves in free agency

Green Bay

Justin Jefferson



The Packers saw how thin their receivers are when Devante Adams was out with injuries.

San Francisco

Tee Higgins



49ers need to add weapons for Jimmy G. Emmanuel Sanders could possibly leave in free agency as well…

Kansas City

Kenneth Murray



Cornerback is probably the largest need for the Chiefs, but Murray added to the defense, wow.

*For the record, I have been watching quarterbacks Jordan Love and Jacob Eason since their high school football days. Both are from the town I am from (Jordan Love = Bakersfield, CA / played football with my nephew) and the town I currently lived in (Jacob Eason = Lake Stevens, WA). Plus, I am a Chargers fan whose favorite player is Philip Rivers (so I have been dreaming of one of these guys being the next quarterback of the BOLTS).