An 11 year old Seahawks Boy

3/31/2021 by James Fedewa

I picked up my 11 year old son today from school (who is a Seattle Seahawks fan) and while driving home, we heard the news on the radio that Bobby Wagner signed with the Los Angeles Rams. I did not hear a reply from him, or even a sound for a bit, so I assumed he did not care, but soon later, I heard whimpering…
I glanced to the backseat and my son had his head down between his knees, and he was sobbing. As an 11 year old Seahawks fan, he has been devastated over the recent Seattle Seahawks changes. I tried to explain to him that the NFL is a business (and a young mans game) and sometimes older players (like Bobby Wagner) need to leave their old teams in order to make more money elsewhere. These changes also opens new doors for newer and younger players, which he can also grow to love.
My son has only known winning, which is fantastic, but I am not a Seahawks fan (and I am very familiar with losing). I told my son not to worry, because the Seahawks are invested in other premier players on the team (like Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs, Tyler Locket, DK Metcalf) they will continue to try to win and get better.

My son is young and he is just learning about “the up’s and down’s” of being an NFL football fan, where some seasons are terrible, and some years are fantastic, but the last decade with Russell Wilson has been stellar, especially since all you know is winning.
I continue to assure my son that the Seahawks are a great organization and I am sure they will be just fine and “land on their feet” more sooner than later. In fact, I wish I was a Seahawks fan over the last decade too (but I am not, as I have plenty of my own fandom pain).

My son wants “jump ship,” change teams and be a new fan of my good-ole’ favorite team. I told him that we would love to have him, but I highly would not recommend it (as I have been Chargers fan for nearly 30 years and know too much about pain, losing and relocation). Although I would love him, buy him new Chargers gear and cheer for Justin Herbert together. However, I think he would only “like” the Chargers, when he actually “loves” the Seahawks. There is a big difference between “like and love” in fandom and I recommend sticking with what you love. Becoming a fan of another team does not share the passion, especially being born into your local NFL team. Fandom is that passion of that ones team.

I work in Sales, so I talk to a lot of people who would like to be a fan of A, B or C teams, but they just do not care enough about the team (or even the sport). But that is where it actually is… Having a favorite TEAM is not exactly about being a fan of the team; its about connecting to the players on that team (like Bobby Wagner, Justin Herbert or Russell Wilson). Once you figure out who you like, is your beginning, and watching my son weep about Bobby Wagner makes me really empathetic towards him, but it also makes me a little proud too. My son has build that fandom to his guys, his players, on his squad, which honestly is his passion and I love it. Yes, Bobby Wags signs with a rival like the Rams, which sucks. But wow, this drama cannot be written any better (better than any TV series, book or show).

*Well, minus the Earl Thomas 1-finger salute to his former Seattle fans, lol.

**Bye Bye Legion of Boom!


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  1. Two years ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the summer of 2020, I bought a Seattle Mariners hat, so my son and I could finally have a “common team” to cheer for, together. My son was 9 at the time, he sorta-liked the local team (Mariners) and he played little league baseball, but he was not really a baseball fan. I was a San Diego Padres fan, and there was nothing really to like about the Padres (at the time), so I figured I would join my sons favorite team. I moved away from San Diego in 2008, so a change could be a good thing, right? But, a new young player entered my 9 year old sons world and everything changed. It was Fernando Tatis Jr..
    Tatis sprouted a new passion for my son and he soon loved baseball because of him. It was not “playing” baseball or tee-ball, it was a superstar who pulled it out of my son, who had an instant connection with him. And it makes me even more proud that my son and I now have a “common” team, but also the San Diego Padres are relevant again.
    It’s proof about the game, where the PLAYERS and their connection to their fans is the fuel. If you don’t know who your middle linebacker is, or who plays shortstop on your team, then there is no relationship towards your team. But, if you like your second baseman and you think your quarterback is cool, then there you go…

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