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4/27/22 by James Fedewa

The 2022 NFL Draft is nearly here, the best time of the year for us Drafnik’s. Here is my 4th and final NFL Mock Draft of the season. I have been doing NFL mock drafts, competitively, since 2004, and I have bene a Draftnik for over 30 years, so this is my most favorite time of the year. D R A F T S E A S O N !

Watch for my scoring with the pro’s @ https://www.thehuddlereport.com/live.scoring.shtml

1Jacksonville JaguarsIkem “Ickey” EkwonuOTNC StateI started to believe Jacksonville was going to draft Hutchinson here, but I think Ekwonu is now the pick. Last season, LT Cam Robinson was on the hot seat, and he did OK (good enough enough for a brand new massive contract, but Jacksonville can’t get free agents without overpaying). “Ickey” is twice the tackle Robinson is and he can play anywhere on the JAX O-Line.  I had Even Neal with this pick last week, because he is a freak, and a better #1 overall pick, but some late negative-medical grades have come out (about his hip & knee), so the tiebreaker goes to Ickey. Protecting Lawrence is the best pick.
2Detroit LionsAidan HutchinsonEDGEMichiganHutchinson is a quality pick for Detroit and could be the safest selection in 2022. Great motor, very athletic, very good length (6’ 7”), quality human and great leader, but he still has to work on his technique and add some new pass rush moves.  He could play several positions too along the defensive line, so position flexibility is his biggest asset.  What took him out of the #1 overall pick was his arm length (32” very short for his size).
3Houston TexansKayvon ThibodeauxEDGEOregonThibodeaux is probably my favorite player in this draft, but his ‘Hollywood’ attitude (or cockiness) could rub some people the wrong way.  Houston can use some swagger though and HC Lovie Smith needs upgrades all over the team. Thibodeaux has that Deion Sanders type of flair (if that’s what you want to call it) but he has DROY written all over him. Expect double digit sacks per year for a long-long time.
4New York JetsTravon WalkerEDGEGeorgiaWalker tested extremely well at the NFL Combine but is a bit “average” in stats for games played.  Sure, he won a national championship, and he is a tremendous pass rusher / run stuffer, but he was not even the third best D-Lineman on this college team. With quality coaching, he could be a better pro than in college.  He was my sleeper pick about 2 months ago (at around #20) but his testing, speed and length will vault him into the top three.
5New York GiantsAhmad “Sauce” GardnerCBCincinnatiThe Giants could be targeting Evan Neal with this pick, but rumor has it, they really like Charles Cross better. If Neal & Cross are still available at 5, then the G-Men can get one of them with their next pick.  “Sauce” is a top tier talent, very long, fast and clean, so the Giants draft their CB1. Sauce has the upside of being elite-elite.
6Carolina PanthersEvan NealOTAlabamaPanthers pass on a QB here and fulfill a major need at left tackle.  Evan Neal is too good to pass up (vs. rolling the dice with a rookie QB). The Panthers O-line lacks talent and they need a left tackle more than any position. Neal is HUGE, and very nimble for a guy that big, and I would draft him #1 overall. Thibodeaux and Neal are my two favorite players in this draft.
7New York GiantsCharles CrossOTMiss StI 100% believe that a QB should be taken here, but new HC Brian Daboll might give Danial Jones one more season at QB.   Cross is a premier pass-blocker and can play opposite of current LT, Andrew Thomas. Crazy how NYG decline Danny Dimes 5th year option, so Willis could be the pick here.
8Atlanta FalconsMalik WillisQBLibertyAtlanta can take any position with this pick, including QB Pickett, Safety, WR or Edge, but they let Matty-Ice go, and they need a future QB.  The Falcons did sign Marcus Mariota, who looked very impressive with spot starts over the last two years with the Raiders.  Willis (who is also from the Atlanta area) is the real deal and can become a superstar type of QB that can carry an entire team, but probably after a season from learning behind Mariota. Willis is a fantastic prospect, and even better person. 
9Seattle Seahawks (via Denver)Derek StingleyCBLSUExpect Seattle to trade-down, which seems normal for them, but they rarely get top 10 pick.  I think they could go OT or Edge, but Stingley is better than the current available OT’s and Edge’s.  Jermaine Johnson “could” be the guy here, but Stingley is a better prospect than JJ (Edge4).
10New York Jets (via Seattle)Garrett WilsonWROhio StWilson is the first WR drafted in ’22.  London could also be the pick here too, but I think the Jets are looking for more speed than size, and the best way to get a speedy WR to the Jets is only through the draft.  Jamison Williams could be an option here too, but his ACL pushes him down the board.
11Washington CommandersKyle HamiltonSNotre Dame The Commanders get a premier safety at 11, which is fantastic for their already very good defense.  I could also see Drake London selected here too, to help support Wentz, but Hamilton is one of the best players in this draft and big WR’s can be selected later in this draft. 
12Minnesota VikingsJermaine JohnsonEDGEFSUThe Vikings add one of the big four Edge players available in this draft. Johnson’s stock has been rising and rising.  Two months ago, I had him in the 20’s…
13Houston TexansDrake LondonWRUSCThe Texans need playmakers and London is that. He is a first down machine, a redzone threat and will compliment Brandon Cooks very well.  Adding weapons for Davis “Long-Neck” Mills will be critical for his development.
14Baltimore RavensJordan DavisDTGeorgiaJordon Davis just belongs in the AFC North right? Davis can control anything around him, and can shut down the run along any side he lines up on. I think he could be better than a NT, but a premier 5-Tech DE. Perfect replacement for Calais Campbell.
15Philadelphia EaglesTrent McDuffieCBWashingtonMcDuffie is a bit on the shorter side, but not as much as you think. He’s thick and a quality outside CB. He reminds me of Desmond King and Kareem Jackson mixed together.  U Dub = DBU
16New Orleans SaintsChris OlaveWROhio StThe Saints traded a three picks for this selection, so you’d think it’s for a QB, but it’s a decoy.  The Saints jumped in front of LAC to make sure they get a good compliment to Michael Thomas (if you still remember who that ghost is).
17Los Angeles Chargers  Trevor PenningOTUNII have mocked Jordon Davis, McDuffie, Zion Johnson and Karlaftis as this spot, as the Chargers can really choose BPA with no major pressing “needs” on their roster. But really the Chargers only available starting position is RT and Penning can possibly fill it.  Trevor is still a work in progress, and it might take a bit for him to earn a starting spot, but he has all the tools and nastiness to be a real asset for the Chargers.  If Penning can learn to make safe and smart decisions (as a protector to Justin Herbert), he can be an amazing NFL Pro. And if the Chargers can actually run the ball to the right side, then they could be a little less predictable in the running game. One player can improve the run game and pass protection.   HOWEVER, I also believe Penning could be drafted earlier than here, which could cause better prospects to fall to the Bolts.
18Philadelphia EaglesGeorge KarlaftisEDGEPurdueKarlaftis looks like a Philly dude and his play resembles an Eagle D-End.  He has the best bull rush in the draft and can play inside on passing downs too.  – I do not believe a 1st round WR is necessary for Philly either. 1st round rookies are developmental, not necessarily starters. Plus, does Jalen Hurts (a rushing QB) require three 1st round WR?  Nope…  Hurts generally rolls right as soon as he see’s pressure and adlibs to backyard football, which his fine, but if that’s his game, then focus on defense then.
19New Orleans SaintsKenny PickettQBPittSaints get their future QB and (IMHO) will be a future pro bowl QB. Yes, he has small hands, but he’s playing in the NFC South, which is not a problem. He can sling it and 42 TD passes last season is superb.  
20Pittsburgh SteelersZion JohnsoniOLBCIf the Steelers can get QB’s Willis or Pickett here, they would, but Mr. Biscuit is still young and could flourish in a new setting, on his new team. Zion is the best OG in this draft and has the brains/brawn to the Steelers look for.
21New England PatriotsDevin LloydLBUtahLloyd is a converted wide receiver, turned middle linebacker, which it impressive.  He is fast, tall and looks like the new-modern MLB. He can cover, stuff the run and blitz as good as anyone in the NFL and one of the best players in this draft, but like Safety, LB’s and RB’s tend to slide in NFL Drafts.
22Green Bay PackersKenyon GreeniOLTexas A&MFunny how everyone talks about Green’s versatility, but he is really better and nastier than just a “jack of all trades.” He will help protect their super franchise QB, as well as open up  holes the running game.
23Arizona CardinalsAndrew BoothCBClemsonThe Cardinals can go OG, Center, OLB or WR with this pick, but Booth is the best CB.  I had Linderbaum here for a week, as they could release Rodney Hudson and save $10MM in cap space.
24Dallas CowboysTyler LinderbaumiOLIowaLinderbaum is a bit undersized, but he fast quick and understands leverage well. He’s a wrestler at heart, but he is also another good O-lineman from Iowa (the OL factory).
25Buffalo BillsKaiir ElamCBFloridaThe Bills could go OL, DT or WR with this spot, but Elam would be a fantastic fit to this fierce Buffalo secondary.
26Tennessee TitansJameson WilliamsWRAlabamaI keep thinking of AJ Brown holding out for a mega contract, which might not ever be available for a team built around their running back. Tennessee is not afraid of drafting injured draftee’s either, as they selected injured Jeffery Simmons a few years ago too. Williams is a speed burner and can score any time he touches the ball, but his recent ACL tear has him sliding, He is also a body catcher, not a hands catcher, which can cause drop problems.
27Tampa Bay BuccaneersDevonta WyattDTGeorgiaMr. Suh can ride off into the sunset and Wyatt can be his upgrade.  Wyatt is a really good 3-tech DT, and slides a bit with some off-field concerns.  
28Green Bay PackersTreylon BurksWRArkansasPackers find their Devonte Adams replacement, but Burks is really more a work in progress.  He is big and fast but will need time to learn how to run routes better.  Rogers would love helping this kid turn into a Deebo Samuel clone and a WR1 in Green Bay.
29Kansas City ChiefsJahan DotsonWRPenn StDotson is a very well-rounded route runner, with very good speed. He’s not exactly a big guy, but he can stretch the field.  He’s no Tyrek Hill, but who is?
30Kansas City ChiefsKyler GordonCBWashingtonKC could use a good Edge player here, but CB is probably the safest bet. The AFC West is loaded with quality WR’s and every team can use more quality CB’s.
31Cincinnati BengalsBernhard RaimannOTCentral MichiganRaimann is still learning the position (and the game) and is a bit raw, for a 24-year-old, but his upside is still very good.  He might not start immediately, but there’s nothing wrong with having too many talented O-lineman.
32Detroit LionsGeorge PickensWRGeorgiaMany draftnik’s have the Lions picking a QB here, or even trading to a team that need a QB (5th year player option). If the Lions do not trade, Pickens’ can develop into a much-needed WR1 for Detroit.   
39Chicago BearsDeMarvin LealDTTexas A&MThe Bears defensive line is very thin, so Edge or DT seems the savy selection.
42Indianapolis ColtsTyler SmithOTTulsaBest available OT is required to protect good ole’ Matty Ice.
61San Francisco 49ers (via MIA)Tariq WoolenCBTexas-San AntonioBPA  DB
102Miami DolphinsHaskell GarrettDTOhio StateBPA  DL

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