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2018 NFL Mock Draft, by James Fedewa @jamfed (

3/20/2018 by James Fedewa (

Finally, the first published mock-draft of the 2018 mock-draft season. Don’t get me wrong, I have already made three or four mock drafts, but with all the crazy free agency signings this season, everything gets changes daily.

I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think. Read the rest of this entry


It’s Back On (NFL Draft & Draft Season)

1/23/2018 by James Fedewa

NFL Draft season is officially underway, which give me a solid purpose of writing in our blog again.  Since the San Diego Chargers are no longer in San Diego, that aspect of this blog has been a little tarnished, as I lost a little passion for the Chargers.  Yet, I’m still a Chargers fan, watched every game, bought NFL Sunday Ticket (again) and even went to the Seahawks/Chargers preseason game in Los Angeles. But, there is something just missing and it is probably internal, and I barely wrote anything this NFL Season.

I have grown up and spent most of my life in California (from San Diego, Bakersfield and San Jose) and I feel very connected to the state (and to my friends/family that are still there).  Granted, I moved away from San Diego 10 years ago, up to the Pacific Northwest, so I have been removed quite a bit already.   Being away from California has made me realize how other states run a better operation (including local NFL teams), as California politics, taxes and over population are so tainted.  So when the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, I was upset, but then again, I moved from San Diego and still remained a Chargers fan. I guess that means if I moved, they can move too, and we all can still remain “mutual” dependents.

The other segments of our blog is to focus on unique craft beers (and breweries), to go along with the NFL Draft (plus the Chargers), so I should have plenty to write and blog about since everyone loves the NFL Draft and a nice cold beer.  However, my beer rating app/website failed and went under, so most of my beer reviews are gone (but I still have about 70% them saved); so there is “Strike Two!” (the move to LA and my beer app company going out of business).   Since our blog has been struck with a couple of “body blows” (well, at least in my opinion), we still have a positive and a re-visioned primary purpose: THE NFL DRAFT 

And when I say “OUR BLOG” I really just mean MY blog, but since my family is always around me, they impact everything I write about, so it is really ours, not just mine.  I have a 7 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a wonderful wife – granted, none of them are Chargers fans. My interests can also be their interests too.

Senior Bowl week is upon us, so while I work, and in my free time, I can also focus on the new 2018 NFL prospects, the Senior Bowl practices and game, (as well The East West Shrine Game), NFL team needs and the countless hours of college game tape.

So CHEERS to the NFL Draft and Draft Season!

Leak by Design (Could the Chargers move back to San Diego)

9/23/17 by James Fedewa

In reaction to the article “NFL reportedly considering moving Chargers back to San Diego”:

What we are not being told, is that this is all part of a elaborate plan, created by big money.  The Chargers in Los Angeles is billion dollar leverage game. None of this information and fact makes any sense to sensible people, and Chargers fans are all being fed lies created by NFL spin doctors, billionaires and well paid lawyers.

  • Deadline was created by the NFL for the Chargers to either move to Los Angeles or stay in San Diego.
  • If the Chargers declined moving to LA, then the Raiders would have the next opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles.
  • The Chargers did not get the stadium deal they sought (which was impossible to get), so they had to declare the move to LA, by the leagues mandated deadline.
  • The Chargers (and Los Angeles Rams) did not want three NFL teams in Southern California.
  • The Raiders did not get an Oakland stadium deal and accepted a new deal to move to Las Vegas.
  • Once the Las Vegas stadium deal finalizes (and ground is broke), Raiders are then locked in, which then lets the Chargers to restart negotiations for a new San Diego stadium deal.
  • Chargers chairman, Dean Spanos, vaults the evaluation of the Chargers from $800 million franchise into a $2.2 Billion franchise (from only relocating, plus, the $645 million relocation fee that can be paid in “annual installments”).
Meanwhile, Deans Spanos’ father, Alex Spanos (93 years old and the REAL majority owner of the team), is having serious health problems. Alex Spanos is hanging onto his franchise and will keep the team as his (as long as he is alive).  Dean Spanos orchestrates this whole relocation ordeal, adding billions of dollars to his families NFL franchise, ripening a higher sale evaluation.

Once Alex Spanos passes away, expect the quick sale (or forced sale) of the Los Angeles Chargers and the team to move back to San Diego.  The $645 million relocation fee (financed in annual installments) to Los Angeles will be waived by the NFL and Chargers fans will have their team back in San Diego.

Still a #Chargers Fan, but not the #NFL

7/31/2017 by James Fedewa

I have been a diehard San Diego Chargers fan for 25 years.  I moved away from San Diego 9 years ago and I am still a fan of the Chargers.  So I came to a conclusion that an NFL team is not a city.; an NFL team is people and my fandom still lies with the Chargers.   So if the Chargers move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Mexico City or Anchorage, Alaska; I would still  be a fan of that team.

Through and through, I only like the Chargers, regardless of where they play. I love pro football, as it is an elite group of athletes, but I have discovered that I do hate the National Football League…

I hate the Broncos, I hate the Raiders, I hate the Chiefs, I hate the 49ers, I hate the Cowboys…  But even worse, I hate $150 jerseys (but I buy them).  I hate $250 game tickets (but I go).  I hate preseason games (but it is good to see the rookies).  I hate the $360 DirecTV NFL Package with their stupid two year contract that goes with it (but I buy it).   I hate the NFL for getting so big, San Diego could not keep up (which reminds me of greed of the NFL).

So yes, I will remain a diehard Chargers fan, but the phrase “Los Angeles Chargers” only reminds me of how much I hate the NFL and their demands. I love the Padres, but they are generally a losing team.  I love the Lakers, but lately the NBA bores me.   I think the NFL is pushing me away, but there is not a sport as good… If I was an MLS Fan, my bank account would love me (but I could actually fall asleep during a game).

… I also think that if the Chargers did not move to Los Angeles, then the Raiders would have (and Southern California would have three teams / three close competitors).  And as soon as the new Raiders stadium is built in Las Vegas, then that could possibly reopen the door for the Chargers to return to San Diego.  (So I am staying positive and keeping an open mind about a fast return of the Chargers to SD. )

Big, Athletic, Eager: Mike Williams, Chargers Rookie

Feels like adding a big, athletic, eager and genuine Dez Bryant, as a new free agent. Dez Bryant mixed with Vincent Jackson and Larry Fitzgerald.Mike Williams Rookie 2017.png

2017 Los Angeles #Chargers Draft Grades & Evaluations

4/29/2017 – by James Fedewa

The Chargers wrap up the 2017 NFL Draft and the results were outstanding. Of course, an NFL Draft cannot be graded until these players actually play, but based on draft value and projecting these players (from evaluations, experience/tape and physical measurable) the Chargers selections look extremely impressive.

With arguably the best wide receiver and the two top graded offensive guard prospects in the entire draft, the Chargers hit three home runs in a row with their first three picks (Triple Turkey’s).

Los Angeles Chargers 2017 Draft Grade: A

Round One: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Williams was the top rated wide receiver in the draft, on many boards, but he was the 2nd wide receiver selected (seventh pick overall). Williams won a National Championship last season with Clemson as he stood out as the best recivers on the team, on a stacked receiving core . A big physical receiver, with amazing jump ball stills, soft hands, good size and power to separate (he makes it look easy). Williams can make a good QB look great. He is a combination of Dez Bryant (size / hands / speed) and Larry Fitzgerald (jump ball) and is a true pro #1 receiver. Pair Williams up with current Chargers starter, Keenan Allen (and Travis Benjamin), this threesome could be the best in the NFL (as all three complement each other: Great Route Runner/ Speedster / Physical-Jumper). Williams will learn a lot from this group and have very good upside. Negatives: fractured a bone in his neck (Sep 2015) after a catching a touchdown and running into the goalpost. Needs to improve route running.

Draft Grade: A / Prediction: Instant WR Starter & #4 target

***Rivers only other first round wide receivers on his team (in his career): Robert Meachem & Buster Davis. (Noteables, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers, Eddie Royal & Hunter Henry, 2nd round / Keenan Allen, 3rd round/ Travis Benjamin, 4th round / Malcom Floyd, Tyrell Williams, Eric Parker, Dontrelle Inman, & Antonio Gates: UNDRAFTED

Round Two: Forest Lamp, Offensive Lineman, Western Kentucky

Lamp played left tackle in college, but projects as a guard in the NFL. He has the power and footwork to play any position on the offensive line, but his arm length is not ideal as a pro left tackle. A mauler with great hands who can shove defenders wherever he chooses, Lamp could improve the whole offensive line, as a whole. Lamp has great tape, a mean streak, good mobility and can dominate at the line of scrimmage. Easily the best offensive lineman in the entire draft,  in a poor 2017 offensive line class, with no guards drafted in the first round. Lamp will be first be welcomed by his quarterback (protecting Philip Rivers), followed by a happy Melvin Gordon (by opening rushing lanes). Lamp is great selection, he should have been drafted in the first round, no later than the Los Angeles Rams at #37 overall (but landed at #38 right in the Chargers lap).  *Telesco’s easiest pick of his GM career. Negatives: Short arms, that is his only knock.  However, short arms are just fine as an offensive guard (& Tyransousas Rex). Western Kentucky did play the University of Alabama and Lamp shinned brightest.

Draft Grade: A- / Instant Left Guard Starter & possible swing tackle

Round Three: Dan Feeney, Offensive Guard, Indiana

Feeney was an All-American right guard in college and is very athletic, big, mean, savvy and a two-time team captain. Quick enough to pull and play in zone blocking schemes, but what is really notable is his ability to get to the second level from the line of scrimmage with punishing and burring blocks. Once he gets on you, he can pancake and embarrass you. Feeney has a good anchor, picks up the blitz very well and is quick in pass protection. Projected from the late 1st round to early 2nd round in the 2017 NFL Draft, Feeney was too good to pass up in the 3rd round by former Indiana resident, GM Tom Telesco. Great value pick and a very good player. I liked Feeney better than last years 1st round drafted guard, Joshua Garnett. Negatives: Concussion last year cause him to miss multiple games (and may have caused him to slide in this draft)

Draft Grade: A+ / Instant Right Guard Starter & can develop into a Center

Round Four: Rayshawn Jenkins, Safety, Miami

In the beginning of round four, a run on safeties stated and Telesco reacted quickly. Jenkins is a big hitter, with long arms, good size (6′ 1″) and weight (214#) for a strong safety. 4.51 forty, 19 reps of 225# and 37″ vertical is very impressive. Feels like a “need pick,” but big and fast safeties are hard to find, but from the University of Miami are very notable. **Still learning more about this player. Not enough analysis to have an opinion on Jenkins yet.

Draft Grade: PENDING

Round Five: Desmond King, Defensive Back, Iowa

Highly productive cornerback, best defender on team and had thirteen interceptions in college career (8 in 2015 as a junior). Ranked as a 2nd round NFL draft pick in the 2017 draft, but could have been a 1st round pick last year, as he won the Jim Thorp Award in 2015 (top defensive back in college football). Side Note: Adoree’ Jackson won the Jim Thorp award in 2016 as a junior, and was a 1st round draft pick, with only five career inceptions. Physical and tough enough to play free safety as a pro (72 tackles in 2015 /) and a thick 5′ 10″ 201 lbs. King is absolute steal in the 5th round and another gem Telsco finds lingering around late in the draft. King’s versatility will earn him a lot of early playing time as the Chargers third cornerback. Negatives: Junior year was outstanding, but senior year was not as productive. Slow forty time caused slide, but he plays better than tested.

Draft Grade: A+ / Instant starting nickel back, backup free safety. can develop in to starting outside cornerback

Round Six: Sam Tevi, Offensive Tackle, Utah

Right Tackle, with quick feet and quick feet be taught. Can develop into possible starter with proper power weight training. If he adds strength and bulk. With good feet, could possible project to a very good swing tackle. **Still learning more about this player. Not enough analysis to have an opinion on Tevi yet.

Draft Grade: PENDING

Round Seven:     Isaac Rochell, DT/DE. Notre Dame

Defensive End, edge setter, high character guy and great value pick. Good positional add, as the Chargers are changing to a 4-3 front. **Still learning more about this player. Not enough analysis to have an opinion on Rochell yet.

Draft Grade: PENDING


With the additions of Lamp, Feeney (and Russell Okung) to the Chargers offensive line, Rivers protection went from pedestrian and porous, to a possible team strength. Add wide receiver Mike Williams (and returning Keenan Allen) to the receiving corps, the Chargers offense has the potential to be better than the Dallas Cowboys or tops in the league. The Chargers became extremely dangerous offensively, immediately after the draft, especially with the addition with the top two rated offensive guards in the entire draft and the top wide receiver. Plus, if the Chargers do release Orlando Franklin, $6 million will be saved in the salary cap.

The Charges defense found their third cornerback (since Brandon Flowers was cut) in the 5th round and big/fast SS in the 4th. Both were quality found later in the draft.

Overall Color Analysis:

Grade: A

The Chargers drafted multiple rookie starters (many with All Star potential). Four of the first five picks can start day ONE. I love the Changers offensive line, on paper, but three out of five O-linemen could be newbies (to add with center/guard Matt Slauson, right tackle Joe Barksdale). Continuity may be totally overhauled, but change on the o-line is mandatory. The Chargers have not drafted a quality offensive lineman in a decade. The o-line depth has increased immensely, but with so much depth can lead to the release of expensive liabilities, such as 2014 high priced free agent guard, Orlando Franklin (post June 1st cut) and/or possibly Barksdale too.

The wide receiving corps (as a whole) looks very impressive, with the addition of 1st round pick Mike Williams. Williams will be a humble super star / all-star from years to come. GREAT DRAFT.

****Imagine the Chargers just drafted; Dez Bryant (Mike Williams), Zack Martin (Forrest lamp) and Kris Dielman (Dan Feeney) – WOW!

2017 NFL MOCK DRAFT, round 2 (#MockDraft)

4/28/2017 – by James Fedewa

MOCK DRAFT, round 2

33. Green Bay Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
34. Seattle Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
35. Jacksonville Forrest Lamp, OT/OG, Western Kentucky
36. Chicago Kevin King, CB, Washington
37. Los Angeles Rams Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson
38. Los Angeles Chargers Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan State
39. New York Jets Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
40. Carolina Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
41. Cincinnati Dan Feeney, G, Indiana
42. New Orleans Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt
43. Philadelphia Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
44. Buffalo JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Southern California
45. Arizona DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
46. Indianapolis Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
47. Baltimore Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama
48. Minnesota Dion Dawkins, OT/G, Temple

2017 NFL Mock Draft, first 90 picks (4.0)

4/26/2017 – by James Fedewa

This is my 4th and final mock draft of the 2017 season.  I say 4th, but in reality it is probably my 30th. My mock drafts are based on team needs (for 2017 and 2018 seasons), with team scheme in mind, including best player available with my grading system.

Note: I do expect 6 trades in the first round and three quarterbacks to be drafted. I do not normally expect any inside linebackers to be drafted in the first round (but I did two in this draft, with Foster and Cunningham). Also, I only draft one or two safeties in the first round of standard mock drafts, and I mocked 5 in this draft.   Plus, 3 running backs are taken too, which is very rare. So, I am “bending” the rules quite a bit on my normal standards. I also have a feeling that Solomon Thomas and Johnathan Allen slide longer than what I mocked.

I will be submitting my mock draft (for the thrid season) to The Huddle Report, which will be scored with the top 107 Mock Draft Experts in the country. Here’s the link: The Huddle Report Mock Draft Score

Eat up!  …and please reply with your comments. Discussions are welcome!!! @jamfed

Pick    Team                                 Player                                          Notes

1 Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M Clearly the #1 overall talent with everything you need to build a great defense around.
2 San Francisco 49ers Mitch Trubisky, QB North Carolina Trubisky has all the tools to be a superstar and you can see his improvement every game.  He’ll be the new face of the 49ers franchise.
3 Chicago Bears Jamal Adams, S LSU Adams is a leader and a powerhouse in the secondary. He’s fast, vocal and can take this defense to another level. Too good to pass up…
4 Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Fournette, RB LSU Fournette will change the public perception of the Jaguars, and will dominate.
5 Tennessee Titans** Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State Lattimore could go #2 overall, but he slides a little bit (for lingering small injuries). He is the best cover cornerback in a DEEP DB draft.
6 New York Jets O.J. Howard, TE Alabama Howard is the best tight end prospect in the last 10 years.  He will become a #1 receiver and help with blocking in the running game.
7 Los Angeles Chargers Malik Hooker, FS, Ohio State Hooker has amazing ball stills and can make the Chargers secondary the best in the league. A true game changer.
8 Carolina Panthers Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford Thomas slides a bit, but the lack of a true position puzzles some GM’s. Most of his game tape is at 3-tech DT, where he’s really undersized, and he does not show a lot of bend off the edge.
9 Cincinnati Bengals Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama Robinson has great technique and the prototype body for a franchise left tackle, but not the quickest feet.  He will be a great addition to a depleted Cincy O-Line.
10 Buffalo Bills Mike Williams, WR Clemson The Bills could draft a QB here, but they are terrable at drafting QB’s.  They should just keep what they have with Tyrod Taylor give him weapons.
11 New Orleans Saints Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan Stat Finding a true spot on the defensive line for McDowell is the primary goal, as he lined up everywhere on the DL at Michigan State.  He’s my overall fav in this draft, as his talent, size and anchor are special
12 Cleveland Browns* Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson Watson is a winner and should be the top QB drafted. Some inaccuracy issues and minor flaws is his mechanics cause fall a bit.  I had him #2 to the 49ers yesterday (last second change).
13 Arizona Cardinals Reuben Foster, ILB Alabama I never like to mock ILB’s this early in mock drafts, but Foster is the exception. He’s big, mean and special.
14 Philadelphia Eagles*** Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford The Eagles should focus on CB or even OL, but when the NFL Draft is in Philly, they will draft the “sexy” pick.  CMC has an amazing skill set and will be a pro bowler fast.
15 Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Allen, DL Alabama Finally, Jonathan Allen’s slide ends. Allen was considered one of the safest picks this draft, but his shoulder ailments and poor combine land in the Colts lap = BONUS!
16 Baltimore Ravens Derek Barnett, DE/OLB Tennessee The Ravens pass rush needs more help than anything. CB, RB or WR is a good thought here, but Barnett is a sack machine.
17 Washington Redskins Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State Probably the best offensive weapon in this years draft. His presence alone will make the offense flow better. He is a fascinating rusher.
18 Tennessee Titans Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan Titans find their true #1WR.  Davis may take a season to catch on, but he has the potential to be a super star.
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jabrill Peppers, S Michigan Peppers can play either safety spots, and is an instant upgrade to the Buc’s secondary.
20 Denver Broncos Ryan Ramczyk, LT Wisconsin Any OL prospect in the 1st round is probably going to be better than what the Broncos had last year.
21 Detroit Lions Haason Reddick, LB, Temple Reddick can play multiple positions on defense and if fun to watch.
22 Miami Dolphins Forrest Lamp, G, WKU Lamp will take the left guard spot and can take turn this offensive line into a league powerhouse. Once a team weakness, this O-Line now looks amazing.
23 New York Giants Garett Bolles, OT Utah Bolles can take over the left tackle responsibility and shift current left tackle over to the right side. One selection, two upgraded OL positions.
24 Oakland Raiders Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama The Raiders need help right in the middle of their defense, ILB and DT, but Humphrey is too good to pass up. Defensive BPA
25 Houston Texans DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame Texans need a new QB and Kizer has the tools to be a star, with a year on the bench, learning. Sure he will watch Savage start for a season, but it will give Houston hope for the future.
26 Seattle Seahawks Kevin King, CB, Washington OL is the target here, but the first round OL prospects are all taken.  King is perfect fit in Seattle, and will shine opposite The Shermanator .
27 Kansas City Chiefs Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt Kansas City can go many directions here, like QB or CB, but Cunningham on this defense could be the missing link for a super defense.
28 Dallas Cowboys Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU With three vacant DB spots in Dallas, DB should be the primary focus. White is fast and quick, in a good scheme fit.
29 Green Bay Packers Takkarist McKinley, DE/OLB UCLA Tak is better than #29 and should be picked #15 by the Colts, but a late injury causes a slight slide. He’s a relentless pass rusher and good fit in GB.
30 Pittsburgh Steelers Budda Baker, S, Washington The Steelers will draft the BEST DB prospect here. Baker is that guy. He can play FS and Nickle, fearlessly.
31 Atlanta Falcons Charles Harris, DE Missouri Falcons needs to get a little younger at DE and “Black Ice” can crash QB’s.
32 New Orleans Saints**** Obi Melifonwu, S, UCONN The Saints need a CB here, but Obi can play both CB and Safety. His size, speed and smarts can be molded into a defensive super star.

Second Round

 Pick Team Player
33 Cleveland Browns Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
34 San Francisco 49ers John Ross, WR Washington
35 Jacksonville Jaguars David Njoku, TE, Miami
36 Chicago Bears Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida
37 Los Angeles Rams Cordrea Tankersley, CB Clemson
38 Los Angeles Chargers Dan Feeney, G, Indiana
39 New York Jets T.J. Watt, LB Wisconsin
40 Carolina Panthers Adoree’ Jackson, CB USC
41 Cincinnati Bengals Taco Charlton, DE Michigan
42 New Orleans Saints Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
43 Philadelphia Eagles Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA
44 Buffalo Bills Desmond King, CB/FS Iowa
45 Arizona Cardinal Patrick Mahomes, QB Texas Tech
46 Indianapolis Colts Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
47 Baltimore Ravens JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR USC
48 Minnesota Vikings Pat Elfein, C, Ohio State
49 Washington Redskins Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State
50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
51 Denver Broncos Raekwon McMillan, ILB Ohio State
52 Cleveland Browns Marcus Williams, S, Utah
53 Detroit Lions Carl Lawson, DE Auburn
54 Miami Dolphins Tarell Basham, DE/OLB, Ohio
55 New York Giants Montravius Adams, DL, Auburn
56 Oakland Raiders Chris Wormley, DL, Michigan
57 Houston Texans Taylor Moton, OT, Western Michigan
58 Seattle Seahawks Dorian Johnson, OG, Pittsburgh
59 Kansas City Chiefs Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
60 Dallas Cowboys Tyus Bowser, OLB/DE, Houston
61 Green Bay Packers Teez Tabor, CB Florida
62 Pittsburgh Steelers Tim Williams, OLB/DE Alabama
63 Atlanta Falcons Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M
64 Carolina Panthers***** Antonio Garica, T, Troy

Third Round

 Pick Team Player
65 Cleveland Browns D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
66 San Francisco 49ers Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
67 Chicago Bears Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina
68 Jacksonville Jaguars Ethan Pocic, C, LSU
69 Los Angeles Rams Roderick Johnson, OT, Florida State
70 New York Jets Cam Sutton, CB, Tennessee
71 Los Angeles Chargers Curtis Samuel, WR/RB, Ohio State
72 Carolina Panthers Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma
73 Cincinnati Bengals Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida
74 Philadelphia Eagles Chris Goodwin, WR, Penn State
75 Buffalo Bills Davis Webb, QB, Cal
76 New Orleans Saints Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
77 Arizona Cardinal Jaleel Johnson, DT, Iowa
78 Baltimore Ravens Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington
79 Minnesota Vikings Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova
80 Indianapolis Colts Sidney Jones, CB Washington
81 Washington Redskins Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama
82 Denver Broncos Dawuane Smoot, EDGE, Illinois
83 Tennessee Titans Ryan Anderson, OLB, Alabama
84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jon Toth, C, Kentucky
85 Detroit Lions Rasul Douglas, CB, Virginia
86 Miami Dolphins Carroll Phillips, DE, Illinois
87 New York Giants Carlos Watkins, DL, Clemson
88 Oakland Raiders Kendell Beckwith, ILB, LSU
89 Houston Texans Corn Elder, CB, Miami
90 Seattle Seahawks Jake Butt, TE, Michigan

Special Thanks to:

Walter Football:

Eat, Drink & Sleep Football:

DC Pro Sports Report:


Ski to Sea ESB by Boundary Bay (Bellingham, WA)

4/15/17 (10:38 pm) by James Fedewa

What a great local beer, and when I saw it, I was instantly excited. A sweet malty and slightly tangy front taste, with a mild euro smell.  Pour a large head, as it may vanish quick. The copper color is great and a feature. A light ESB flare with good flavor finished and a subtle sour twang. A quality malty ESB is hard to find and it impressed. Good beer, B+

Two Round NFL Mock Draft (3.0) @JamFed

2/24/2017 by James Fedewa Read the rest of this entry