Madden ’22 Toolbags

1/17/22 by James Fedewa

My 10 year old son purchased Madden 22 on his own, back in November 2021. He played it all the time on his Xbox One (and he’s a diehard Madden fan). He has bought every Madden game five years in a row. For Christmas, we gifted him an Xbox Series S, but guess what, he cannot use any of his Xbox One Madden games on the Xbox Series S.
So I contact EA Sports and they give me a step by step procedure how to make it work. (I try and try and try – but can’t get it to go). I go back to EA Sports (again, and again – three times now) and now they tell me that it will not work, and we have to buy Madden 22 again.
Now, I’m not a fan of anything of EA Sports. $50 per game, for five years straight = $250. Now we have to buy it again = $300 in five years? COME ON EA!!!!
Tell me you are a good guy and fix this problem. Micro-Transactions are one thing, but buying the same game twice (for an Xbox One and Xbox Series S) is HORSE SHIT!
My 10 year old boy make YouTube videos of Madden games, he upgrades his system, but now you want to charge him twice for the same game.
I want EA Sports to do the right thing and be good to their fans and customers. If you don’t, then why be a fan?


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