2019 NFL Mock Draft (3.0) by James Fedewa

4/9/2019 – by James Fedewa   @jamfed


Mock draft 3.0, YES! Now I am feeling this seasons draft. Researching these rookie prospects is getting more and more interesting and we are all more excited about the upcoming Draft Day.

Kyler Murray will probably slide, and so will the inside linebackers, Devon White and Devon Bush. Nick Bosa will go #1 overall, even though he is a little stiff and injury prone.  Quinnen Williams will probably slide to #3 (and I believe he is the #1 overall prospect), but the Jets might trade this pick before they select.  Dwayne Haskins is still the top quarterback in this class, as 50 touch down passes (in his FIRST year as a starter) is just too tantalizing for Denver to pass up. Did Hollywood Brown’s knee injury cause him to slid out of the first round?  And Tom Brady’s replacement???

Please let me know what you think. Open dialog and communication is always admired and answered:


Pick Round 1 Player Notes
1 ARIZONA Nick Bosa, Edge,  Ohio State A good blend of power, technique, and DNA, Nick Bosa is the premier pass rusher in this draft. A few nagging injuries have limited his playtime, but nothing major.  Kyler Murray is not the solution in AZ (Undersized, one-year starters are rarely first overall picks.)  Lets not forget who is running this team: Steve Keim.  Keim is the guy who drafted Josh Rosen and if he bails out now, ownership will have his head. Rosen remains Chosen.
2 SAN FRANCISCO Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky Allen can complement newcomer Dee Ford on the edge. Quinnen Williams could also be the selection here, but SF has plenty of interior D-linemen already. Allen is really fun to watch and can easily be the #1 overall pick.
3 NEW YORK JETS Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama Best player in the draft that can play anywhere on the D-Line.  BPA  (but look for a trade down – maybe even just one spot to Oakland)
4 OAKLAND Rashan Gary, Edge, Michigan Gary might not have the best stats in college, but he is a beast.  Mike Mayock loves his height, weight, speed guys and Gary is THAT guy. Speed and Power pass rusher can improve Oakland’s defense (but if Mayock wants Q.Williams). Is he better than K.Mack? No, but different too.
5 TAMPA BAY Ed Oliver, DL, Houston Tampa’s defense could not stop anyone last season. Oliver might be a Swiss Army Knife for the defense and could play 3-Tech, 5 Tech or Zero Tech on the D-line (and possibly play a bit of ILB). Put him anywhere on the defense and he will impact the game. Bruce Arians will move Oliver all over the defense.  An  EDGE guy could be drafted here too, but I expect DE Noah Spence to break out this year opposite of JPP.
6 NEW YORK GIANTS Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State Giants are OK with Eli at QB (for the moment) and he could be a solid game manager with their much-improved O-Line, but the defense needs massive attention. Sweat will apply the heat, which will also improve the secondary.
7 JACKSONVILLE Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida Jacksonville’s O-line gets a nice upgrade with a road-grading right tackle. Their weak o-line might now be a strength. He’s like a quick DJ Fluker
8 DETROIT Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State Ziggy who?  Burns can heat-up the QB pressure in the NFC North.  Burns could be a better 3-4 OLB, but I think his focus should only be in pass rushing, hand in the dirt, down lineman.
9 BUFFALO D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss The Bills finally drafted a solid QB prospect last year, but who is he going to toss the ball to? Metcalf is a top 10 talent that is still learning the ins and outs of the position. He can develop into a #1 option for Josh Allen.
10 DENVER Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State Flacco could flourish in Denver, but he will need a lot more help than what is currently there on offense. OL Jonah Williams or OT Andre Dillard would be the smart picks here, but Haskins is just better prospect (Haskins 50 TD’s in just too good to pass up).  How often do you get the best QB prospect with the 10th pick in the draft? Flacco is a temp.
11 CINCINNATI Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama Williams can play anywhere on the O-Line, and he will help the run game and pass protection. Andy Dalton has struggled without a quality O-Line. Plug him in at RT.
12 GREEN BAY Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State Free agency filled a lot of Defensive holes in the off-season, so the draft will focus on the offense. Dillard can play RT and shift Bulaga inside (or cut him)
13 MIAMI Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson This team is looking for a whole new identity and their new coach will begin with the defense. With Cam Wake and Robert Quinn gone, Ferrell is not only wanted, he is needed.
14 ATLANTA Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson The Falcons will focus on the D-Line, and Wilkins will quickly be a big disrupter. If Grady Jarrett cannot get a long-term contract, Wilkins can be his replacement.
15 WASHINGTON Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma Murray slides a bit, and falls to a team that already has a bunch of undersized QB’s on their roster. I do not think Murray is a top 10 draft-talent, but he is polarizing and is still gets drafted in the middle of the first round.  1 year experience at 5’-10” does not equate to a top 10 pick.  **Granted, I though Baker Mayfield should have been drafted #12 overall in 2018.
16 CAROLINA Dalton Risner, OT Kansas State Carolina really needs a good edge rusher here, but the early run on DE’s will make them wait and go OT. Risner can play EVERY O-Line position, but I’d plug him in at LT.
17 NEW YORK GIANTS (via Cleveland) Drew Lock, QB, Missouri The wait worked! The Giants take the QB they always coveted in this draft.  Having Eli’s replacement on the roster eases the entire NYG fan base. Lock has a ton of experience, playing against quality SEC competition.
18 MINNESOTA Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma Offensive line is the priority need here Ford can play RT or OG and the Vikings need upgrades all over their O-Line.
19 TENNESSEE T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa The new quadruplets are created: Hock, Corey Davis, Derrick Henry and Tannehill? WAIT, WHAT?  Bye Bye Marcus Mariota…
20 PITTSBURGH Byron Murphy, CB, Washington Murphy is a great fit for a Pitt DB. Major upgrade over Artie Burns
21 SEATTLE Greedy Williams, CB, LSU Seattle needs some receiving offensive weapons, but the best DB in the draft falls to them, in the twenties?  Easy pick…
22 BALTIMORE N’Keal Harry WR Arizona State Baltimore is not afraid to draft WR’s in the first round, without a lot of success.  And they will continue to gamble with Harry. He’s big, fast and strong, not a little slot guy. If you watch ASU games, he is consistently the best player on the field.
23 HOUSTON Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State Protect the QB!  You have a good one, just protect him BETTER! Bradbury not only can pass protect, he can also open holes for the running game. Great pick!
24 OAKLAND (via Chicago) Devin White, ILB, Georgia White is a top ten talent (physically), but ILB’s are not top ten worthy in recent drafts.  Mayock takes the BPA and a position of need.
25 PHILADELPHIA Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan A new left tackle (like Greg Little) might be their target, but Philly should focus on being more of a defensive minded team. Bush could be their answer.
26 INDIANAPOLIS Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia  Ball Hawk, CHECK!  Baker can go as early as #14, and I’m SHOCKED that the Raiders didn’t take him at 24.
27 OAKLAND (via Dallas) Noah Fant, TE, Iowa  With two defenders already taken with the Raiders first two picks, they better get an offensive weapon. Fant will compliment Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams very well.
28 LOS ANGELES CHARGERS Dexter Lawrence, DL, Clemson  Every time I get to this pick, I want to select an offense player, like a OT, OG or even a TE.  Last time around I mocked a big CB here too, which would be great, same with an LB.  But if Lawrence falls to #28, he will probably be the pick.  I just do not see Tommy Telesco drafting a zero-tech DT in the first round. But with   Luiget and Philon gone, and with Mebane’s age; DT is the pick.
…but Daniel Jones, QB, from Duke would be a great replacement for Rivers at this pick, but Rivers does not expect to retire in the next 3 years. Tyrod will keep the backup QB job for a bit.
29 KANSAS CITY Jaylon Ferguson, Edge, LOUISIANA TECH With Ford and Houston out, KC needs to pressure the QB somehow. Ferguson can sack the QB, hole filled.
30 GREEN BAY (via New Orleans) Marquise Brown, WR, OKLAHOMA Browns knee makes him slide a bit, and Green Bay gets a little Hollywood.
31 LOS ANGELES RAMS Erik McCoy C/OG Texas A&M Any offensive lineman at this spot will work, but McCoy is not just ANY O-lineman.  Great pick.
32 NEW ENGLAND Daniel Jones, QB, Duke  Some team is going to target Jones a lot  earlier than this (like the Chargers). But if not, Brady’s replacement is finally on the roster.



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  1. Interesting, I was just thinking this morning that the Murray stuff is all smokescreen (why not just sign him then??), & the Cards want to deal down.
    I can’t get revved up, as a Bucs fan, about Oliver. I loved him as a freshman but his play in 2018 turned me off. Tampa Bay’s interest in White is legit, I am convinced. When NFL-types compare a ‘backer to Patrick Willis, it gets my attention.
    Thanks for the mocker.

    • Ed Oliver played nose tackle (zero-tech) at 280 lbs and killed it. Some NFL Teams have him working out as a linebacker too, which is possible. I’d put him at a 3-Tech and let will cause problems. He is a bit of a tweener, and he does not have a “true position” on some teams, but he is a better prospect than Solomon Thomas, who when #3 overall two years ago.
      Montez Sweat could be your guy, but that hart condition thing can cause a Maurice Hurst type of slide.

  2. The first 8 picks are defensive linemen? I think we all can agree that won’t happen.

    • Seven of the first eight picks are D-Linemen, yes. And everyone of them are athletic freaks (which will warrant the selections). Please note, there will be several trades, but I do not project trades, and there could be two QB’s taken in the top ten. Possibly two cornerbacks too…

  3. The Cardinals picking Murray and Murray being a Russell Wilson clone, are both total media/ Arizona Cardinals hype.

    Until a couple months ago Murray could have easily been mistaken for a high school sophomore. His 30-40 lb weight gain in the last couple months, and his now classic-square-jaw screams someone who appears to be juicing. But that’s not his biggest red flag. Murray hasn’t taken on defender since he was in HS. Instead, he runs out of bounds, or dives in the ground. No matter how fast you are, NFL players eventually fool you, and get a chance to smash you.. it’s inevitable. What made Wilson so attractive is that he was tagged by college players and in the NFL, and to-date no one has been able to intimidated him He always gets back up, and plays even better, typically exacting revenge.

    Murray was effective in college because he easily had the best offensive line in the game, he could drop 10 yards and be effective. Drop 10 yards in the NFL, and not even 5 All-Pro lineman can protect you from blindside hits. The only thing that can, is being able to see the field well enough to realize who has the potential to get home. At Oklahoma, the one time Murray played a team where his offensive line couldn’t dominate (Alabama), defenders he never saw put him on the ground regularly, and that greatly affected his accuracy. In the 4th Quarter, Williams tagged him so hard, the hit knocked his helmet off. From the ground, his reaction evidenced someone experiencing something very unpleasant. Yet, unlike Wilson, Murray didn’t make anyone pay on the next play. It took him a good while to recover, and he stopped making those 10 yard drops.

    While Kingsbury is like every other NFL coach, someone not lacking in confidence, it makes ZERO SENSE to portray Kliff Kingsbury as some kind of total ego-maniac. While a lot of people, including the entire Arizona Cardinals organization were impressed enough by his potential as an incredibly creative offensive coach, it is insane to take the leap sportswriters/ talking heads have taken, ASSUMING Kliff, someone who has ZERO NFL EXPERIENCE, would be stupid enough to believe he could design a brand new Air Raid offense which would be effective in the NFL. Only journalists inspire to such levels of delusional.

    The NFL is a copycat league. Everyone steals from everyone else with only rare exception. Kliff left the USC job to take the Arizona job, because of what he had to work with in Rosen and David Johnson. The logical expectation is to expect he will copycat what Sean McVay did for the Rams by transforming Goff from someone who sucked to someone who got his team to the Super Bowl. Kliff has those same skills McVay has, namely, an ability to process info quickly and know where to attack from field level. While he doesn’t have McVay’s NFL experience, in Rosen, he has a QB who evaluator’s last year said was far-and-away the best QB in the last 10 years at seeing the field and quickly processing information. If you watched Arizona practice the last 2 days, that process of bonding with Rosen has begun.

    The guy who is the logical choice to be in love with Murray, who is actually in love with Murray…. is CHUCKIE GRUDEN. Chuckie/ Oakland is going to be willing to give up whatever it takes to get him, because he’s the key component to building a brand new, highly explosive offense based upon speed.

    Chuckie, is someone who does not lack for self-confidence, when you’re trying to make up a brand new offense the NFL has never seen. Strong evidence of the this plan already starting to take form, can be found in his trading for Antonio Brown, someone who will very talented, but also has a well demonstrated history of being a cancer in the locker room. Raider Nation has a history of proudly affirming a willingness to be the non-conformist.

    Less than 13 days before this all comes to fruition.

    • Your comment is epic, well written and I couldn’t agree with you more about Kyler Murray. What happens with the media, right around the end of January, they find a “darling” of the draft and over-hype them. It’s just fools gold, or really you can call it BAIT. What mock drafters should focus on are their mock draft from January. Those mocks are more realistic, before the spin-doctors twist thier version of what they call “talent.”

      The NFL is a league of liars. A good team Public Relations Department can spin quite a bit of “fake news” / false reports and twist truths, all to drive up the value of their draft pick. Q. Williams should be the TOP draft pick, but Defensive Tackle is very deep in this draft class, so trading the first overall draft pick, when there are several other quality DT available, might undervalue that pick. You want to know what is sexy and can create BUZZ? A quarterback going #1 overall. And Kingsbury was allowed to show cards ( by his PR team), to say all this great information about Kyler Murray. It was a GIVE! A tip off! Misdirection… FOOLS GOLD!
      And if Chucky Gruden wants Murray (or any NFL franchise wants Murray), then they’re going to have to TRADE UP to get him. The spin is adding value to the #1 overall pick.
      But I do not think Gruden wants Murray and I do not think that Mike Mayock wants draft Murray either. But they will not tell you either, because they want thier PICK to sell to the highest bidder.

      ***Remember when Eli Manning entered the draft? He was the CLEAR #1 overall rated prospect. If you wanted Eli,on your team, you needed the #1 overall pick, which San Diego had. And the Manning family said that Eli did NOT want to play for the Chargers organization, which devalued the that #1 pick.
      But did San Diego not draft Eli, because of his statements? Nope. The Chargers still drafted him regardless. It was EPIC (and nearly a reverse hype) and to this day, AJ Smith (Chargers GM) is draft royalty forever. Eli was traded away for a slew of draft picks, and the Chargers still got Philip Rivers (who was actually rated as a 2nd round talent, because of his odd throwing motion). Drew Brees, Doug Flutie and Rivers all on the same team. EPIC!

      • Bottom line Williams is the guy Arizona needs to come away with in this draft, as he fills a void that’s been missing since Darnell Dockett almost single-handedly won a Super Bowl for Arizona. IMO, there’s also going to be enormous pressure on Arizona to add the local kid, N’Keal Harry to their roster. Ideally it would be a great draft for them if Harry was available at 33, and they got Williams. It would be a incredible draft, if they could trade down, still get Williams at 4 and Harry later. Arizona people have seen Harry play and marveled at what he can do since HS, but they’re remained quiet. However, there are a bunch of people in the organization who think Harry is a Anquan Boldin in a a much bigger, much more athletic body.

        I think Chuckie’s and Mayock are both feeling enormous pressure to do something to stop any more articles being written about how trading Mack destroyed their locker room, while elevating the Bears into Super Bowl conversation for the next 5 years. A year later, the front office continues to be ridiculed for that trade. Players and coaches are still pissed and feel betrayed they let Mack get away. More so than any franchise in the league, the Raiders yearn to have everyone talking about how good they are, how well run they are, and be the team in the NFL everyone else loves to watch. Last year the Carr/ Gruden experiment failed miserably let alone generate excitement among Raider Nation. The team grossly underachieved, and the word was that most of the locker room believes Carr isn’t the same QB he was before he was injured, and nor is it likely he will ever be again.

        They’re under a lot of pressure right now to find his replacement, in case Carr never returns to form. If Carr struggles early, and there is no one on the roster available to replace him, the threat that Antonio Brown will blow up that locker room will become all too real, all too quickly. The Raiders want, and really need to move on from Carr, get what they can and find someone else ASAP to change the conversation They might be able to wait for a year to finally make the move, but they will have to have that shiny object already in place for Raider Nation to get excited about before they do. Next year’s draft is too far away.

        So how much would the Raider Nation love to be able to showcase an offense with a blur at QB like Murray that everyone in the NFL talks about, especially with them moving to Los Wages next year? I continue to hear how Chuckie already has conceptually developed an attacking-passing-offense specifically around what Murray and Brown would bring to the table.

        Draft calculator says Arizona would be getting fair value for it’s No. 1, but getting the 4, 24 and 35 from Oakland in return. I would totally get why even Chuckie might balk at pulling the trigger and not be willing to pay full price. Question is, would Arizona be willing to take less, maybe make the deal for just 4 and 24 and something less? Or is Keim and Company already tuned into the desperation in that locker room Gruden & Company are trying to keep contained, and ready to call his bluff if they balk, and leave themselves to someone else moving up to grab Murray ahead of them?

        And what happens if another team gets involved in the bidding: say the Giants, who live in an area where the media is not known for their patience, which team also underachieved last year, whose fan base tends also to not be patient, is also desperate to see someone exciting a QB, and likely unwilling to sit idly by and suffer thru another year of Eli Manning? Or the Redskins, or Miami? Is Chuckie willing to take that risk?

        We’ll all find out soon.

      • I wouldn’t say “Bottom Line” Q.Williams is the guy for Arizona, but it would be a really good fit. I would say bottom line is: J.Allen, Q.Williams or N.Bosa). …we will see if Nkemdiche ever pans out, but yes: Dockett and Campbell were great in AZ.
        N’Keal Harry would be epic in AZ too, but if Kiem wants Willaims and Harry, their GM is going to he’s going to have to get creative…

        I do not think Chuckie or Mayock are feeling any type of pressure. Both already have fall back careers and already built their legacy (but mainly within the media). What Chuckie and Mayock want to do is build their own legacy within ACTUAL football, as a Head Coach and General Manager. Chuckie was not a legendary coach, ever. Sure, he won a Superbowl, but with another coaches team (Tony Dungy). Chuckie is a legendary color commentator, that about it. Mayock was an NFL player and is also a great talent evaluator and NFL draft master (who also is a very good color commentator). Chuckie & Mayock have the opporutinty to do something special with the Raiders, but they will have to do something outside the box to do it.
        Derek Carr is NOT outside the box either. He’s is very typical and standard. Kyler Murray IS outside the box, but he as more “bust” potential than Carr, so if they draff Murray and he bust, that could ruin their careers.
        Remember Matt Millian? The great linebacker, the good color commentator, turn Lions GM? He wrecked his legacy by becoming a GM.

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