2019 Mock Draft (4.0) by James Fedewa @jamfed

4/25/2019 – by James Fedewa  @jamfed  www.NationalFanatic.com

This seasons NFL Draft will be remarkable, we all know it, but predicting this draft is probably the most difficult in recent memory.  If Kyler Murray does go #1 overall, then most mock-drafters (and Draftnik’s) are safe and should have a pretty decent top ten prediction, but Kyler Murray should not be your typical #1 overall type of draft pick.

Murray would instantly be the shortest NFL quarterback in the league, in the last 50 years (amongst typical first-round type QB’s). Plus Kyler has only started one season and he has the advantage of leaving the NFL to return to his MLB career. These are just too many (negative) variables for a #1 overall prospect.   (…not to mention, the Cardinals already drafted a quarterback #10 overall in last season’s draft – Josh Rosen)

Please let me know what you think. Open dialog and communication is always admired:


Pick Round 1 Player Notes
1 ARIZONA Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama Best player in the draft and an instant inside force for AZ.  He can stuff the run and rush the passer, which the Cardinals need most of all. Kyler Murry is not the solution in AZ (Undersized, one-year starters are rarely first overall picks.)  Lets not forget who is running this team: Steve Keim.  Keim is the guy who drafted Josh Rosen and if he bails out now, ownership will have his head. Rosen remains Chosen.
2 SAN FRANCISCO Nick Bosa, Edge,  Ohio State A good blend of power, technique, and DNA, Nick Bosa is the premier pass rusher in this draft. A few nagging injuries have limited his playtime, but nothing major.   (weird thing; Bosa’s mother tweeted me an odd “quirky” PM about being her blessed, based on something I said about the Bosa’s healing factor – which is mildly awesome, and odd)
3 NEW YORK JETS Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky The Jets have not have a great outside/edge pass rusher in decades. MOTOR + EDGE / MOTOR * STATS = PRODUCTION!
4 OAKLAND Ed Oliver, DL, Houston Oliver might be a Swiss Army Knife for the defense and could play 3-Tech, 5 Tech or Zero Tech on the D-line (and possibly play a bit of ILB). Put him anywhere on the defense and he will impact the game, which is what the Raiders have not had in a long time. Sure, Khalil Mack was a phenom, but he’s gone, and who has impacted the Raiders in the middle in the last 35 years? No one.  Call him Howie Long 2.0 (but crazier)
5 TAMPA BAY Devin White, ILB, Georgia  I always push inside linebackers to the second round (or later), but White will be the exception. Most of the buzz in Tampa has White selected here, so in true nature of Roquan Smith, here you go SEC.
6 NEW YORK GIANTS Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State If the Giants plan on changing to a 3-4, they better have a quality OLB.  He’s a Spiderman do-it-all; rushing the passer and dropping in coverage. He’s adaptable and a great scheme fit. (School Stats and Combine = no brainer – since they are still in love with Eli Manning)
7 JACKSONVILLE Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida Jacksonville’s O-line gets a nice upgrade with a road-grading right tackle. Their o-line has strengths and weaknesses, but might now be their comparable strength
8 DETROIT Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama Williams can play anywhere on the O-Line, and he will help the run game and pass protection. I expect a trade-down here for a quarterback needy team, but if it doesn’t happen, then Williams is their guy.
9 BUFFALO Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State Buffalo is the wildcard pick. They can take a DL, DE or WR here, but they finally found a QB, so lets try to protect him a little better. Dillard is the complete left tackle and should be projected higher, but WAZZU might not get the attention they deserve.  Go Cougs!
10 DENVER Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State Flacco could flourish in Denver, but he will need a lot more help than what is currently there on offense. With their poor O-line and the lack of depth at WR, their first-round pick will not exactly set Flacco up for any type of success (from any position of need at #10). So just get the BPA =   Haskins is just better than any OL, WR, TE or defender (Haskin’s 50 TD’s in just too good to pass up) Regardless of team, Haskins will be the TOP QB in this draft.
11 CINCINNATI Rashan Gary, Edge, Michigan Gary slides just a bit, due to his shoulder problem.  Gary might not have the best stats in college, but he is a beast.  He is still a freak and freaks get drafted in the top 10. A freak with a potential shoulder surgery is #11 overall.
12 GREEN BAY T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa Tight Ends this early is really tough to chew (IMO), but Hockenson is a “can’t miss” prospect and is a little different with typical modern tight ends. T.J. can catch, block, move the chains and what is extra notable = pancake block. Think of an offensive tackle, mixed with a #1 receiver = Hock.
13 MIAMI Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma This still feels a little too early for Murray, but Miami needs help everywhere. Kyler is a TD machine and a big play every time he touches the ball.  I do not think Murray is a top 10 draft-talent, but he is polarizing and is still gets drafted in the middle of the first round.  1-year experience at 5’-10” does not equate to a top 10 pick. Granted, I though Baker Mayfield should have been drafted #12 overall in 2018.  Murray can be the first pick in the 2nd round too, but his arm strength brings him into the mid first round)
14 ATLANTA Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson The Falcons will focus on the D-Line, and Wilkins will quickly be a big disrupter. If Grady Jarrett can’t get a long-term contract, Wilkins can be his replacement.
15 WASHINGTON Drew Lock, QB, Missouri If Jay Gruden can tame this kid, and if Lock can follow Gruden’s way and coaching, Lock can develop into a great NFL QB. Gruden will draft lock to save his job (or he’s fired quickly).
16 CAROLINA Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson The Panthers could draft an OL, DB or DE. Ferrell is a top tier DE but has risen quite a bit (due to Sweat’s hart condition and Gary’s shoulder problem). Ferrell is a Peppers replacement.
17 NEW YORK GIANTS (via Cleveland) Greedy Williams, CB, LSU Greedy had a very late stock uprise. His stock has been up and down, but the NFL is a passing league and a DB is the notable counter move. NYG needs DL and DB help = D.U.N  DONE!
18 MINNESOTA Dalton Risner, OT Kansas State My personal fav. of the OL class.  Class act, blue collar, normal-man and long term guy.  Plug him at RT or RG and forget about the position for 10 years.
19 TENNESSEE Marquise Brown, WR, OKLAHOMA The Titans want to be a running team, but they never commit to the run.  They’ve leaned on an injured Marcus Mariota no matter the injury. So if Derreck Henry is “your guy” and “workhorse” (who they still do not use, except on occasions) at least prepare Mariota with a speed guy he can really rely on.
20 PITTSBURGH Byron Murphy, CB, Washington Murphy is a real DB, not solely based on speed or scheme. He is a football player who thwacks and covers, zone and press.  Go Dawgs!
21 SEATTLE Montez Sweat, EDGE,Mississippi State Sweat’s is a top ten guy, but a heart condition caused his stock to slip.  Frank Clark’s replacement (and equal).  Sweat is big, fast and really really good.  He will be better than Clark, and faster too.
22 BALTIMORE D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss Metcalf should go sooner than this, but his college stats are hindering his professional potential.  DK is a wow factor and helps the WORST wide receiver core in the league. Only hiccup, their QB can’t pass worth a shit.
23 HOUSTON Garrett Bradbury, C/OG, North Carolina State The Texans need O-Line help more than anything.  A good CB could be an option here too, but this team will start to lean heavily on their QB this year, protect him better…
24 OAKLAND (via Chicago) Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia Mayock know’s the Raiders need three levels of quality denfeisve players (D-Line, LB and DB) and the Raiders could possibly draft three defensvie players in the first round. Baker is a turnover machine.
25 PHILADELPHIA Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan Probably the worst LB core in the league.   Bush is Bobby Wagner day one.
26 INDIANAPOLIS Dexter Lawrence, DL, Clemson Lawrence could possibly be this drafts best player (and available at #26 = WIN), but since nose tackles (zero tech DT’s) are a little undervalued in the NFL Draft, the Colts find a possible centerpiece to their D-Line.  Play him has a 5-Tech DE in Indy’s 3-4 and he can excel.
27 OAKLAND (via Dallas) Noah Fant, TE, Iowa Need pick here and also a red zone primary option.   The Raiders might be loaded at WR with AB and (House) Tyrell Williams, but neither are red-zone guys (both are YAC guys). Fant is your big slot / mismatch red-zone & 3rd down converter.
28 LOS ANGELES CHARGERS Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma Ford can go as early as early as #18, but falls right to a Chargers need.  Ford can start immediately at Right Tackle, and with Forrest Lamp projected at right guard, the L.A. o-line looks to be a team strength, which has not been notable in 10 years. Tom Telesco is quite predicable, considering his alternating O vs. D every first round pick, every year.
29 SEATTLE N’Keal Harry WR Arizona State Harry is a STEAL at this pick.  Just watch an ASU game = N’Keal sticks out, big time… Russell Wilson finally gets a true #1 WR.   (Hey, Angry Doug… you are a #1 too, but all these surgeries are making us worried about your career).
30 GREEN BAY (via New Orleans) Jaylon Ferguson, Edge, LOUISIANA TECH Mr. Sack.  His game tape sells him alone.  BPA and stackologist.
31 LOS ANGELES RAMS Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss O-Line is the target and a possible LT available at #31? Wow. Little has some work to do, but he’s a prototypical left tackle.  He can be really-really good (and can start at RG day one, switching to LT when Andrew Whitworth retires).
32 NEW ENGLAND Daniel Jones, QB, Duke There will be a team targeting Jones a lot earlier than this (like the Chargers or NYG). But if not, Brady’s replacement is finally on the roster.

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