Leak by Design (Could the Chargers move back to San Diego)

9/23/17 by James Fedewa

In reaction to the article “NFL reportedly considering moving Chargers back to San Diego”: https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-reportedly-considering-moving-chargers-010040080.html

What we are not being told, is that this is all part of a elaborate plan, created by big money.  The Chargers in Los Angeles is billion dollar leverage game. None of this information and fact makes any sense to sensible people, and Chargers fans are all being fed lies created by NFL spin doctors, billionaires and well paid lawyers.

  • Deadline was created by the NFL for the Chargers to either move to Los Angeles or stay in San Diego.
  • If the Chargers declined moving to LA, then the Raiders would have the next opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles.
  • The Chargers did not get the stadium deal they sought (which was impossible to get), so they had to declare the move to LA, by the leagues mandated deadline.
  • The Chargers (and Los Angeles Rams) did not want three NFL teams in Southern California.
  • The Raiders did not get an Oakland stadium deal and accepted a new deal to move to Las Vegas.
  • Once the Las Vegas stadium deal finalizes (and ground is broke), Raiders are then locked in, which then lets the Chargers to restart negotiations for a new San Diego stadium deal.
  • Chargers chairman, Dean Spanos, vaults the evaluation of the Chargers from $800 million franchise into a $2.2 Billion franchise (from only relocating, plus, the $645 million relocation fee that can be paid in “annual installments”).
Meanwhile, Deans Spanos’ father, Alex Spanos (93 years old and the REAL majority owner of the team), is having serious health problems. Alex Spanos is hanging onto his franchise and will keep the team as his (as long as he is alive).  Dean Spanos orchestrates this whole relocation ordeal, adding billions of dollars to his families NFL franchise, ripening a higher sale evaluation.

Once Alex Spanos passes away, expect the quick sale (or forced sale) of the Los Angeles Chargers and the team to move back to San Diego.  The $645 million relocation fee (financed in annual installments) to Los Angeles will be waived by the NFL and Chargers fans will have their team back in San Diego.

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