Still a #Chargers Fan, but not the #NFL

7/31/2017 by James Fedewa

I have been a diehard San Diego Chargers fan for 25 years.  I moved away from San Diego 9 years ago and I am still a fan of the Chargers.  So I came to a conclusion that an NFL team is not a city.; an NFL team is people and my fandom still lies with the Chargers.   So if the Chargers move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Mexico City or Anchorage, Alaska; I would still  be a fan of that team.

Through and through, I only like the Chargers, regardless of where they play. I love pro football, as it is an elite group of athletes, but I have discovered that I do hate the National Football League…

I hate the Broncos, I hate the Raiders, I hate the Chiefs, I hate the 49ers, I hate the Cowboys…  But even worse, I hate $150 jerseys (but I buy them).  I hate $250 game tickets (but I go).  I hate preseason games (but it is good to see the rookies).  I hate the $360 DirecTV NFL Package with their stupid two year contract that goes with it (but I buy it).   I hate the NFL for getting so big, San Diego could not keep up (which reminds me of greed of the NFL).

So yes, I will remain a diehard Chargers fan, but the phrase “Los Angeles Chargers” only reminds me of how much I hate the NFL and their demands. I love the Padres, but they are generally a losing team.  I love the Lakers, but lately the NBA bores me.   I think the NFL is pushing me away, but there is not a sport as good… If I was an MLS Fan, my bank account would love me (but I could actually fall asleep during a game).

… I also think that if the Chargers did not move to Los Angeles, then the Raiders would have (and Southern California would have three teams / three close competitors).  And as soon as the new Raiders stadium is built in Las Vegas, then that could possibly reopen the door for the Chargers to return to San Diego.  (So I am staying positive and keeping an open mind about a fast return of the Chargers to SD. )


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