It’s Back On (NFL Draft & Draft Season)

1/23/2018 by James Fedewa

NFL Draft season is officially underway, which give me a solid purpose of writing in our blog again.  Since the San Diego Chargers are no longer in San Diego, that aspect of this blog has been a little tarnished, as I lost a little passion for the Chargers.  Yet, I’m still a Chargers fan, watched every game, bought NFL Sunday Ticket (again) and even went to the Seahawks/Chargers preseason game in Los Angeles. But, there is something just missing and it is probably internal, and I barely wrote anything this NFL Season.

I have grown up and spent most of my life in California (from San Diego, Bakersfield and San Jose) and I feel very connected to the state (and to my friends/family that are still there).  Granted, I moved away from San Diego 10 years ago, up to the Pacific Northwest, so I have been removed quite a bit already.   Being away from California has made me realize how other states run a better operation (including local NFL teams), as California politics, taxes and over population are so tainted.  So when the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, I was upset, but then again, I moved from San Diego and still remained a Chargers fan. I guess that means if I moved, they can move too, and we all can still remain “mutual” dependents.

The other segments of our blog is to focus on unique craft beers (and breweries), to go along with the NFL Draft (plus the Chargers), so I should have plenty to write and blog about since everyone loves the NFL Draft and a nice cold beer.  However, my beer rating app/website failed and went under, so most of my beer reviews are gone (but I still have about 70% them saved); so there is “Strike Two!” (the move to LA and my beer app company going out of business).   Since our blog has been struck with a couple of “body blows” (well, at least in my opinion), we still have a positive and a re-visioned primary purpose: THE NFL DRAFT 

And when I say “OUR BLOG” I really just mean MY blog, but since my family is always around me, they impact everything I write about, so it is really ours, not just mine.  I have a 7 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a wonderful wife – granted, none of them are Chargers fans. My interests can also be their interests too.

Senior Bowl week is upon us, so while I work, and in my free time, I can also focus on the new 2018 NFL prospects, the Senior Bowl practices and game, (as well The East West Shrine Game), NFL team needs and the countless hours of college game tape.

So CHEERS to the NFL Draft and Draft Season!


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