Done with the Playoffs & Four Draft Scenarios

January 4, 2020  by James Fedewa

…with the sixth pick in the NFL Draft (OK, so now you know. I’m a Chargers fan): Rivers is getting up there in age, at 38 years young, but he is not ready to retire. Finding his replacement would be the savvy selection with the #6 overall pick, but not necessary the sure thing. so I will give you FOUR draft day scenarios:

  • 1.) Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco will be aggressive with this years draft and trade up to get the #1 overall pick. Chargers trade their #6 pick, their #38 pick and 2021 1st round pick to select Quarterback Joe Burrow, LSU.  This would be ideal fit for Burrow as he could learn for a season with Philip Rivers as his mentor.
  • 2.)  Telesco will use the #6th overall draft pick to select Quarterback Justin Herbert, Oregon. Many mock-drafters are predicting Herbert to the Chargers, which could be an excellent selection, as he has the size, arm strength and what I like most about him the most is his leadership and poise.  Herbert is the true leader of the Oregon Ducks football team and after watching the Ducks vs. Washington and vs. Wisconsin, Herbert led his team to victory.
  • #3.)  Chargers will trade down in the first round and trade back up.   Telesco is not a “wheeler and dealer” when it comes to the draft.  He likes a set of guys (per round) and generally sticks to his scouting evaluations and round groupings (he lets the draft come to him). But this year, Telesco will turn his #6 pick into two first round picks in 2020 with trades. The first pick will be a left offensive tackle (or even Right Tackle Tristan Wirfs, Iowa). Followed by their selection of Quarterback Jacob Eason, Washington.   If Philip Rivers gets to tutor a young QB, that QB should have a set of similar tools.  Eason and Rivers have very similar builds and play style and Eason could be the perfect protegee for Rivers. Looking at the top 5 quarterbacks in this draft, I could see Eason or Herbert the best fit for Rivers.
  • 4.) Honestly, I think at least four quarterbacks will be selected in the first round and three will be taken in the top five picks.  If Telesco wants a quarterback in the first round, he’s going to have to trade up and get one. Cincinnati, Detroit and Miami will probably have already selected Burrows, Tua and Herbert, which would leave the BPA:  Cornerback Jeffrey Okudah, Ohio State being selected by the Chargers.

Mock drafting for the Chargers is not about what you or I think. Its about what you (or I ) think Tom Telesco will do (so predict the GM is the game, not mock drafting)  

Current Season Playoffs: (RANT)

With the (Your Team Here) out of the playoffs, (Your Team Here) fans can now move on from this professional football and focus on the NFL Draft.  Sure, the NFL Playoffs will be fun to watch for many fans, but since the (Your Team Here) are done, so we should all be done with the NFL for now (or for at least the playoffs anyway).  If you are a 100% (Your Team Here) fan, then zero percent interest should be focused on other teams (and the NFL), so why bother to watch (except for maybe the Seattle Seahawks; give them 3% of our professional football interest, just because I live in Seattle and my kids love Russell Wilson, who is #3, hence the 3%).

The main reason why we should be done with the playoffs, other than because the (Your Team Here) are done for the season, the NFL referees are pure garbage (which is shit, mixed with a junk). Missed calls, unturned video replay reviews and subjective bias leniency. It’s crazy how much a referee can alter the outcome of a game, yet the NFL thinks they are so good, it is difficult to improve.

My Second reason why we should NOT watch the NFL Playoffs: Douche Bag NFL Owners.  Screw those know-it-all pricks that think they are improvising their brands by either moving to a different city,  firing their coaches after one season, or pretending they  know how to run a a football team because they own a team. That’s like saying, I own a Ford Truck, and my truck slid on the pavement the other day, so lets replace every tire (or replace the whole truck).  NFL Teams should be run by their city, not a person or chairman, sorta like the Green Bay Packers, but that’s a different topic.

My third and final reason why we should be done with the NFL Playoffs (this one’s personal):  I won my fantasy football league, so my pinnacle for this season was finished just after week 16, the fantasy football championship game.





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