Evolving with Kids Sports

10/15/2019 by James Fedewa

I have not been blogging too much this season, as I usually focus my content in the beginning of the year (primarily with the NFL Draft, January through April). After the NFL Draft, I usually review local craft breweries and their unique beers, as well as rant about the NFL. If you have ever seen my Instagram account, you would already know my passion for unique beers. But lately, my available time has been running scarce, especially with our kids getting older, including their variable sports schedules.

Sure, 8 year old and 10 year old kids are limited in actual competitive sports, but it is fun to watch them do well, yet we never really know what our daily schedule might bring. We can have three soccer games in one day, and two soccer practices and a basketball practice the next day. The following week might only have three total practices, and staggered games over the weekend, in different (yet local) cities…

And we would not want it any other way. This was not the primary reason why we wanted kids (making life unpredictable, fun and/or diverse), but the change of focus from our individual selves, focusing on something else (our children and their growth). These new responsibilities grants us wisdom within our family making us better people, and more importantly, better humans. My wife and I wanted kids to grown with us, to enhance each others lives, and to share our values. We can pave a path for our kids to walk, but they must choose their own direction (with a nudge or two).

It is also weird how our own parents values influence how we now raise or own kids. My folks had me in soccer, football and baseball (which is exactly what I find myself doing with my own children), but not necessarily the same sports. We want to expose our kids to as many sports they could think of, and see which sports sticks. I wanted to see the sports they were good at, or hated, or which sports I do not like at all (or my wife loves). Yes, we do have our preferred kids sports (Mom vs. Dad / kid vs. parent), but that diverseness can only enhance our kids aspirations and thought process.

Team sports is not just about just playing games and being competitive. Sports is about our kids social behavior, interactions with other kids, and they how they act in groups. It is about kids finding new friends (outside our neighborhood), that have common likes and interests, other than just by the boundaries we live in. Our kids learning from different types of people, parents and coaches (other than school, family or church), with a totally different style of disciplines.

Most parents chose this lifestyle, as our own hobbies become very secondary. I loved to golf twice a week, home brewing beer, playing guitar and blogging about what I love, but now days, I do not really have that time. My kids are my hobbies. It is crazy to think that I can surf the internet for an hour, shopping for the new LeBron James basketball shoes for my daughter (or Blake Griffin / Josh Allen jersey that she really wants). Or I might be looking for a Saquon Barkley Color-Rush jersey for my son (because he likes all football teams, not just the Seahawks). Question: how does a 6 year old boys from Seattle become Ohio State fan? (UGGG!)

…it’s not exactly the “perfect” life, as I wish my kids loved the Chargers, Padres, Lakers (or the CSUB Roadrunners, like me), but since they do have passions and have favorite players, and I can support that. We play (and watch) Football, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and will keep searching for more things for our kids to like. I have been eyeballing racquetball (again) and La-Cross, so those might be the next two things. ***But to be honest, it breaks my heart when I have to buy Clippers, Seahawks and Buckeye swag. “Dad, will you hold my (Broncos) backpack?” (Hell No! Not now, not ever… NEVER!)

I do wish I had more time to blog, and I will, but until then, check out this “Style of Beer” chart that I found on-line (not that color actually dictates taste, smell and flavors of beer – but it’s a cool chart):

Husband: “Honey, grab me a sixer!”

Wife: “Sure, of what? “

Husband: “Something red…”

Wife: “Killian’s Irish Red it is…”

Husband: “Noooo! something local… Never mind, just grab me an IPA please…”


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