Two Round NFL Mock Draft (3.0) @JamFed

2/24/2017 by James Fedewa

Balancing on one foot, standing on rubber ball, directly in the path of a moving train, which is exactly what the NFL DRAFT SEASON feels like. (Or should we say MOCK Draft Season feels like?). Ahhh the questions and changes… “Should we go this way, or that way or up/down, left/right… or, who needs what and what needs who, or have you heard the news? Billy hurt his knee…  or, value!,BPA! Value, then boom, a TRADE!!! – OK Start over…” 
The NFL Draft Drug buzzes us up every year as football fanatics hunt for their vacant football fix.   A mock buzz of the NFL Draft give us draftnic’s something to hang onto in the NFL off season.  This is my third published edition of the 2017 draft season (which is probably actually like my 33rd in real life, since my last published mock draft 3 weeks ago).
Please feel free to reply or tweet me, as I always read everything and usually reply back for conversation.  SO CHEERS!  (National Fanatic / @jamfed / James Fedewa)

2017 NFL Mock Draft

~ First Round ~

1.) Cleveland Browns    Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

Clearly the #1 overall talent and prospect with everything you need to build a good defense around. A QB would be a nice choice here, but Garrett is clearly the #1 talent. #SAVVY

2.) San Francisco 49ers    Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson

The 49ers should trade down and acquire more draft picks. Jonathan Allen’s shoulder issues and poor combine statistics put the focus back on the 49ers QB focus. Could Watson be Michael Jordan of football? Better not pass on him if he is, #SAMBOWIE

3.) Chicago Bears     Jamal Adams, S LSU

Bears can go several directions here, but Adams is a leader and a powerhouse in the secondary. He is a fast in the box safety, with the range and speed to play free safety. More importantly, he is a vocal leader and defensive inspirer that can take this defense to another level. Too good to pass up and he is in nearly every defensive play (and much healthier than J.Allen). #SOLIDxTEN

4.) Jacksonville Jaguars    Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

Shocker pick! Most fans expect Leonard Fournette to be the logical choice here, but if the Jags do not have a well-built offensive line, no running back would do well. Newly acquired left tackle Brandon Albert is a “stop-gap” LT and Robinson can ease into the offensive line his rookie year by playing left guard for a season (or two). Coughlin will build this team starting from the inside first. Do not underestimate Robinson either. He has a great resume, prototypical arm length and size and he had a very good NFL Combine. Sure, his footwork is not very nimble, but he is a road-grader with telephone poles for arms. Watch his game tape against Texas A&M vs. Myles Garrett #WINNING

5.) Tennessee Titans**    Derek Barnett, DE/OLB Tennessee

The Titans will draft the best defensive player with this pick and one without any red-flagged medial alerts. And finally, the Titans do not draft an offensive player in the first round. Barnett is the best 3-4 pass rushing OLB in this class and Brian Orakpo is only a cheap fill in player. This team needs defensive playmakers and Barnett is it. Barnett’s NFL combine was nearly a disappointment, but he put up decent numbers while having the flu. #EDGEBEAST

6.) New York Jets    Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State

Revis Island vanished like Atlantis (but then again, so did The Amish Riffle). Lattimore is the best CB in the draft and he should probably be drafted in the top 5, but several nagging minor soft-tissue injuries. QB could also be a quality choice here, but the Jets still need to develop what they currently have with young QB’s Petty and Hackenburg. #NEWISLAND

7.) Los Angeles Chargers    Mike Williams, WR Clemson

R-N-W! Plain and simple… (Rivers Needs Weapons) The Chargers could go safety Malik Hooker here, but Hooker lacks experience and a couple of injuries will cause him to fall a bit. Plus the Chargers defense is loaded with 1st round draft picks, so it is time to invest in Rivers options and weapons. Mike Williams is the best wide receiver in this draft, hand down, and Rivers has never had a 1st round drafted wide receiver on his team. Granted, Rivers can make Inman and Tyrell Williams look like stars (and Keenan Allen’s injury history demands some quality receiver depth for Philip). Mike Williams starts day one, instant pro-bowler. #WEAPON #DOIT4PHIL

8.) Carolina Panthers    Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

Fournette looks like a combination of Bo Jackson & Adrian Peterson and the Panthers can lean on him to carry this team. The Panthers are built on defense & power running and team can focus on Fournette rushing and let Cam Newton focus on NOT rushing.  #SUPERTORO

9.) Cincinnati Bengals    Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State

Finding a true spot on the defensive line for McDowell is the primary goal, as he lined up everywhere on the D-line at Michigan State. He is one of my overall favorites to watch on film in this draft, as his talent, size, speed and anchor are special. With good coaching, his potential is just too good to pass up. Going to a team with quality coaches will be a priority. Move him to a huge DE will bring the best out of him #SLEEPINGDRAGON

10.) Buffalo Bills Malik Hooker, FS, Ohio State

The Bills could draft a QB here, but they are terrible at drafting QB’s. They should just keep what they have with Tyrod Taylor and plug Hooker into Jairus Byrd’s old spot. Aaron Williams health seems to be a factor too, so this is a want and need pick. Hooker has some amazing talent, but only 1 year of starting experience. After a couple of injuries and surgery before the NFL combine, his stock has slipped a bit, but he is still a top 10 guy. #CENTERFIELDER

11.) New Orleans Saints    Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

The Saints will draft the best defensive player here, regardless of position. Solomon slides a little bit, but his tape is not as great as you would think. He is a good talent and a heart of gold, but just not top 10 worthy. Most of his tape, he is lined up as a 3-tech DT, where he is undersized, and he does not show a lot of bend as an edge pass rusher. He is a perfect complement to the New Orleans defensive line pass rush. #TWEENER

12.) Cleveland Browns*     O.J. Howard, TE Alabama

Take a QB, Take a QB!!! (Nah) – Trubisky seems like a good choice here and has all the tools to be a star. You can see his improvement every game, but the problem is, he just does not have enough game tape. A one year starter, so Cleveland will pass (for now), as they will check what QB might be worth taking in the second round. Hue Jackson will try to repair Brock Lobster (plus Cody “Smooth as Silk” Kessler is already Hue’s QB project). O.J. Howard might be the best receiver in this class too, at tight end, but he also is a very good blocker and H-Back. He could be the next Gronk and Antonio Gates, but with probably more talent than both. He is willing to do the dirty work and he is OK without the spot light. Very underutilized in Alabama, which is ODD. His NFL combine was outstanding. #HUMBLEWARRIOR

13.) Arizona Cardinals    Jonathan Allen, DL Alabama    

The Allen fall ends! Once considered a top 2 pick, Allen’s shoulder issues and poor combine make several teams pass on him. Calais Campbell is gone and needs to be replaced, plus Frostee Rucker is not the DE solution in Arizona. The defensive front seven needs help in AZ, and Allen is a quick and reputable fix. #ANGRYMAN

14.) Philadelphia Eagles***    Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama 

The Eagles cornerbacks have been the defense’s weakest link for a few years now. Finding one of the best CB’s in this draft at #14 is a huge bonus. #PRESSMAN

15.) Indianapolis Colts    Gareon Conley, CB, OSU

Indy could be looking for pass rushers here, but they signed two pretty good OLB’s in free agency.  Runnigback is a good option too, as Frank Gore is doing what (as an aging vet).  In time Conley can develop into a premier CB, which is exactly what the Colts could use to help their defense, but it will not be overnight. Conley is a development player who’s stock is rising (after a very good NFL combine). #THIRDBUCKDB

16.) Baltimore Ravens    Takkarist McKinley, DE/OLB UCLA

Suggs is well past his prime, and so was Elvis Dumervil, who just cut this offseason, which makes OLB the biggest need with this pick. Tak is a relentless pass rusher one of my favorites to watch on game tape. High-Energy stand up pass rusher and one of the best defensive intimidators in the draft. #RELENTLESS

17.) Washington Redskins    Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

With all the hype around Kirk Cousin leaving to the 49ers, why would he ever want to leave, if Bruce Allen keeps drafting wide receivers first round? This is a “thank you Kirk” selection and Cousins will love the Redskins for it. Davis is one of the best receivers in this drat class, and can easily be a top 10 choice. He is big, physical and reliable (and better and less expensive than Garcon and D-Jax combined). Davis with Josh Dockson and Cousins together will dominate & destroy the NFC East for the next 10 years. Have you seen the Dallas secondary? #YACFU

18.) Tennessee Titans    John Ross, WR Washington

Titans fine their speedster WR that help Mariota and open up the offense. I do like David Njoku, TE, Miami with this selection too, but 4.2 speed is too hard to pass up. Mariota’s “yards per pass” average has just increased massively. #MACH4POINT2

19.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers    Jabrill Peppers, S Michigan

Peppers can play either safety spots, and is an instant upgrade to the Buc’s secondary. But it does not stop there, he is a premier return man and can play some running back #PEPPERSPLACE

20.) Denver Broncos    Ryan Ramczyk, LT Wisconsin

Any OL prospect in the first round is probably going to be better than what the Broncos have right now. RB seems like a good option too, but Ramczyk is eventually going to be a good left tackle in Denver for years to come. Wisconsin is the offensive line factory. #BUCKNBADGER

21.)    Detroit Lions    Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

Running back, DB, MLB or pass rusher? Lets start with a pass catching RB, that can run routes as smooth as any WR in the draft. Stafford will have a lot of fun slinging the ball around with McCaffery. This potent offense just got potentier (or more potent, lol). Taco would be a nice fit too, but his resume was just too short and Foster could be a perfect match, but offences is just so much more fun to watch. #SWISSARMY

22.)    Miami Dolphins    Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

Everybody loves Tacos. And after losing Vernon and Super Mario, they’ll need some youth at DE to pair up with Wake. Taco is a very a tall DE with the size to move all around the D line. (Wake, Taco, Super Mario and Olivier’? – what’s up with the names in South Florida?) #LONGTACO

23.) New York Giants    Garett Bolles, OT Utah

This offense looks stacked! Except at left tackle. Plug in Bolles at left tackle and move Flowers to right tackle, with one draft pick, the o-line just upgraded in two spots. #WHATSaYOOT

24.)     Oakland Raiders    Reuben Foster, ILB Alabama

The Raiders are focusing on defense in this draft, right up the middle. Foster does slide a little bit in the draft, as most ILB’s do (including ones who get into verbal fights with hospital staff at the NFL Combine – “Look to your right and cough…” #NOTMYNURSE

25.)    Houston Texans    Mitch Trubisky, QB North Carolina

Good things come to those who wait. Be patience and let the draft come to you… Finally Bill O’Brian’s QB problems have been answered by the football gods. The fact that the Texans went all-in (Tropic Thunder style) and signed Brock Lobster last year was a prime example spending spree gone bad. Do not blame Brock of all the offisive problems last year, as that O-line was garbage, but BOB gets his guy this draft (finally). #MitchPlusELL

26    Seattle Seahawks    Forrest Lamp, G, WKU

Have you seen the Seahawks OL? They need to invest there the most. Lamp is a stud and can probably play all five o-line spots better than any Seahawk o-lineman from last season. Tom Cable will have fun with this standout. (Projected OL starters: Joker, Genie in a Lamp, Britt, Confetti & Fant: these names are crazy silly too, just like Miami’s former and new D-line). The obscure opposite corners of the nation. #GENIE

27.)    Kansas City Chiefs    Patrick Mahomes, QB Texas Tech

Having a late first round pick like the Chiefs means the GM and coach can make some fun gambles, especially when you have a 5th year team option. Nothing wrong with taking a gunslinger with this choice and Andy Reid has coached some gun slingers and project QB’s in his day. #MahFAVRE

28.)    Dallas Cowboys     Cordrea Tankersley, CB Clemson

Jerry Jones made no secret of needing pass rushers, but the Dallas secondary is in terrible shape. They only have 1 returning starter from last season, and that group was not all that great. #FRANKtheTANK

29.)    Green Bay Packers    Charles Harris, DE Missouri

Why on Earth did the Packers let Casey Hayward leave to the Chargers in free agency last year? Not resigning Hayward was one of the worst free agency mistakes in the history of affordable free agents. Sure, the Packers need secondary help in this draft, but they did get Devon House back in free agency, so they need some pass rushers with this pick. Clay Matthews has not put up the sack & pressure numbers like he used to and Perry is decent OLB, but adding Harris to the mix and moving Clay to the inside looks great on paper. This is a fix two needs with one pick, type of draft pick. Harris is a beast and it is really amazing that he has last this long. He should develop into a premier pass rusher (LOL, just like Perry and Datone were supposed to). #PACKCHUCK

30.)    Pittsburgh Steelers    DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

Last year, Kizer was projected as the #1 overall draft pick, but last season Kizer stuggled at Notre Dame. He does have all the tools and the prototypical size you want in a QB, and he will get to learn from Big Ben (as long as Roethlisberger does not all of a sudden retire). Big Ben has been takeing a lot of punishment over the years, as his style of play gets him hit a lot. From the famed QB class of the 2004 NFL Draft, Roethlisberger could probably be the retire first (not including J.P Losman, wait, did he retire yet?). #STEELDOME

31.)    Atlanta Falcons    Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

The angel of the NFL Combine. Reddick will be a jack of all trades, as he can play all three LB postions and spot pass rusher at both defensive end positions. He is the Will, Leo, Sam, Mike and the Elephant all wrapped up into one player (who won the draft). #TheChosenWon

32.) New Orleans Saints****    Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU

As much as we all love watching Drew Brees break records and the Saints pass the ball 50 times per game, the defense has been neglected and needs to be addressed. Sean Payton can find cheap offensive stars later in the draft, but drafting the local LSU CB is the perfect choice. The Saints cornerbacks have been absent for a while now and finding talented playmaker in White is perfect. With White and Solomon Thomas, the Saints defense can now be their strength. And now Brees will only have to throw the ball 45 times per game. #REDSTICKFLEUR

~ Second Round ~

33 Cleveland Browns Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
34 San Francisco 49ers Obi Melifonwu, S, UCONN
35 Jacksonville Jaguars Teez Tabor, CB Florida
36 Chicago Bears David Njoku, TE, Miami
37 Los Angeles Rams Dan Feeney, G, Indiana
38 Los Angeles Chargers Budda Baker, S, Washington
39 New York Jets T.J. Watt, LB Wisconsin
40 Carolina Panthers Carl Lawson, DE Auburn
41 Cincinnati Bengals Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt
42 New Orleans Saints Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
43 Philadelphia Eagles Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida
44 Buffalo Bills Chris Goodwin, WR, Penn State
45 Arizona Cardinal Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida
46 Indianapolis Colts Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
47 Baltimore Ravens Cam Sutton, CB, Tennessee
48 Minnesota Vikings Pat Elfein, C, Ohio State
49 Washington Redskins Adoree’ Jackson, CB USC
50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State
51 Denver Broncos Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
52 Cleveland Browns Desmond King, CB/FS Iowa
53 Detroit Lions Tim Williams, OLB Alabama
54 Miami Dolphins Dorian Johnson, OG, Pittsburgh
55 New York Giants Raekwon McMillan, ILB Ohio State
56 Oakland Raiders Chris Wormley, DL, Michigan
57 Houston Texans Taylor Moton, OT, Western Michigan
58 Seattle Seahawks Kevin King, CB, Washington
59 Kansas City Chiefs Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
60 Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Walker, DE Florida State
61 Green Bay Packers Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
62 Pittsburgh Steelers Ryan Anderson, OLB, Alabama
63 Atlanta Falcons Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
64 Carolina Panthers***** Antonio Garica, T, Troy


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  1. Jeffrey Jackson

    Dalvin Cook makes little sense for the Browns even in the second round. Baker is a more logical choice.

    • I had Budda Baker to the Browns in my last mock draft, and every Browns fan loved the pick. But most called Baker the BPA, which made me rethink the pick. BPA would be Dalvin Cook, and Cook is probably the most lethal offensive weapon in this draft.
      One month ago, he was a top 10 prospect, but his poor combine made him slide. Not a lot of teams will be drafting RB’s in the 1st round, but teams that need offensive HELP would love Cook.
      It makes more sense for the Browns to draft Dalvin Cook, as he will be a pro-bowl running back.

  2. Also, I participated in a LARGE scale NFL mock draft about 10 days ago. Each team had it’s own GM, with multiple assistant GM’s. This draft took several days. I was an assitant GM for the Chargers, who had 4 total GM’s and assitant GM’s.
    Here is the link to the draft results (and please note who the Browns drafted with the #33 pick = Baker, lol:

    • Sorry, but your large scale mock draft has more trades than have been made in the last ten drafts combined, making it simply ridiculous

      • Right, some of those trades were unrealistic and wonky. The cool thing about the draft though was how many GM’s participated. Fans of each team drafted for that team, which gave it some validity of projected “team needs.”

  3. Eagles Football FAn

    I like your picks for the Eagles but they have pick 14, not 15 in the 1st round.

  4. Zero chance the Steelers take a QB in round one. What moron wrote this?

    • Moron? Yes you are. If the Steelers pass on a Mahomes, the Saints will take him at #32. Big Ben has 1 year left in the gas tank and if you think Landry is the future, you are ignorant. IMO, Ben is D U N.

  5. R-N-P — Rivers needs Protection
    R-N-D — Rivers needs a Defense to keep other team from scoring so much

    1st Round – Defense (go with the strength of the draft)
    2nd Round – OL for the most obvious reason
    3-7 – anybody who provides a position upgrade

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