Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions – 2/2/2014

2/2/2014 – By James Fedewa

The biggest professional game of the year starts today, and I do live in Seattle, so I better write about this matchup. To witness a city with their prized football team in the Super Bowl is something special to be seen. EVERYONE has Seahawks gear on, from silly Seahawks trucker hats, old-school satin puff jackets, to bootlegged NFC Championship T-Shirts sold on every corner within a 100 mile radius of the city… this town is bleeding blue and green.

The lead and the topic: Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Manning is the new face of the Broncos franchise, in his second season in Denver, and really is the MVP of the league. Manning has been amazing, and the Broncos are built around their quarterback, and without Manning, Denver is a 100% average team. Sure, they have a lot of “talent” in some areas, and their wide receivers do play well, but without the main Manning cog, this team is shallow and cannot survive without their precious QB. They just have too many holes in their offensive line (who has been playing well since LT Ryan Clady’s injury) but their secondary and outside pass rush is a mystery.

Seattle has a great overall TEAM, with some (to little) weaknesses. A young, short, yet efficient and charismatic second year quarterback leads the Seahawks offence, with Russell Wilson. And a very powerful and intimidating rusher (powered by Skittles, errr power pills) has been the featured weapon all year long, with Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks prize offseason acquisition, wide receiver Percy Harvin can showcase his talents, but this will be only his third game/appearance of the year. He can be major a factor in special teams. Wide receivers Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate are not the big name wide-outs you’d expect a Super Bowl team to showcase at their position, but they do play with amazing heart, confidence and bravery.

If Lynch can carry the load, keeping Manning off the field and Russell Wilson gets off to a good start, Seattle should dominate this game. The Seahawks fearsome pass rush will punish Manning. Manning will be forced to throw short quick passes to his talent wide receivers, but Seattle’s secondary can tackle well, shortening Denver’s YAC (yards after the catch).

Denver’s defense comes and goes, and their passing offense has been amazing all year, but I feel with this game Denver will not match up well will with the Seahawks


Seattle: 45

Denver: 27

* This game will be a blowout, with some big Manning stats garbage time in the end of the game.

Manning will throw 3 interceptions (two from tips, one a pick 6 by SS Kam Chancellor)

Russell Wilson will throw 2 TD passes, but have less than 200 yards passing

MVP: Marshawn Lynch with 205 rushing yards, 2 TD’s


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