Hero Logo

A logo can mean so much. It can be a first impression. A statement. A History. A Gut Feeling. Quick Wit, Immediate Response. A Focal Point. A League. A Team. A Bond. Principles & Demand. An Interest. A favorite. A PASSION. A Loyalty.


…or just oppostite…


A logo can mean SO much in the human brain, and so fast and immediate too. In an instant, at an inital GLANCE of a logo, it can say 1 billion feelings in a second…

Logos are light-speed…

So lets get this right. Lets PICK a good one, a great logo that’s forever. The Logo that represnts YOU.  Lets choose something that represents: your family, your team, your children, their Dad, your Dan and their common bond, plus backbone and commitment… YOU!

A logo can create hate, and can create passion, if only at a glance…


If if I’m a logo, in the NFL, a team: I’m a San Diego CHARGERS. A lighting bolt and a charging stallion. A War Cry, . I’m Electricity, Power and Sharp Strength. I’m quick, fast, and a weapon. I”m a tool of the gods, a scientific anomaly,  and I’m a warning sign. You see me, and you think twice…   



If you had to pick an existing NFL teams logo, that represented YOU and what YOU LIKE and what YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT, which logo, which team would that be? Which would make your statement OF YOU?

And I know you can have immediate feelings for our hated opponents logos. Trigger reactions of hated rivals and arch enemy’s are just as quick. The good guys vs. the bad guys. What are some of those instant hates?

What does a horned-hat, or the Raider Black with eye-patch mean to you? What does a spread wing mean, or a cuddley Miami Fin, or a trow-back Patriot Center (ball in hand), or single colored letter mean to you? How does swine or dog and a numbered person stand for something not even noted on a team name exactly correlate? …A metropolitan wild animal, or something BIGGER than big or an ethnic slur – that is really just opposite in nature, or only to you… What do these mean to you?

What are your feelings of these logos that have been around for fifty to a hundred years, and all our lives.


About National Fanatic

Sports Opinionist, NFL Draftnik, Brand Identity Professional, Golfer, Home-Brewer, Father & Husband (Son & Brother) - Chargers, Padres & Lakers Loyalist & Fan

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