Junior Seau Died yesterday, by his own hands…

Junior Seau was a great “MR. SAN DIEGO” amazing football player & one of San Diego’s Biggest Superstars Ever!

I’ve seen him play several live games and nearly all of his San Diego Chargers games. I’ve seen him at his restaurant in San Diego a couple of times too. He was always very friendly, smiling or rolling sushi, and he sure LOVED his fans.  Watching him play linebacker in his prime was amazing… He’s a hall of famer, and one of my favorite football players of all time.

Some people say: “Don’t rule out MURDER”   Would it be weird if I said “I hope so?” …just because suicide is such a let down. And I remember when he drove off a 100′ cliff a couple of years ago, after a fight with his girlfriend.  He said he feel asleep at the wheel, which I didn’t buy.    Either way, it sucks… but I wasn’t as shocked as I should’ve been.

I felt the same way when Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains & Bradley Nowell (Sublime) died.  So much to live for, died too young and died way to early…   I don’t want to be like them and I could never do that to my children and family. You are missed Junior Seau!!

I feel remorse for your family and your mother / your father and kids. We all wish we all could only help you (as I’m angry and sad at the same time). My feelings are jumbled…

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