Justin Herbert Surprise Debut Outshines Brand New Stadium

9/22/2020 by James Fedewa

“If this new SoFi Stadium could be in San Diego...”Just the simple thought of that could drive chills up a San Diego Chargers fan spine. Or maybe just a San Diego resident. What Dean Spanos tried to do for 20 years for San Diego, only to offer a $5 billion stadium to Los Angeles instead. Sure, it’s not exactly Dean Spanos’ Chargers venue, but more of the Los Angeles Rams owners gig, Stan Kroenke. Never the less, it’s the Los Angeles Chargers now…

The brand new SoFi Stadium, and home of the Los Angles Chargers, looks crazy amazing (and more like the 8th Wonder of the World). Still, Chargers fans must wait again to witness a real Chargers home game on their real home turf (due to state COVID-19 restrictions, fans must stay away a little bit longer).

Football fans turn on the game, expecting to drool over the brand new stadium, lit in powder-blue Bolt graphics, shining with the new Chargers jersey’s, only to notice Justin Herbert running out onto the field to start the game? Wait, he is not supposed to be starting. Where is current starter, Tyrod Taylor? Immediately, all the gawking at the new stadium and jersey gets tossed aside as the Chargers first round pick begins a new-era in Chargers history and takes the field for the first time as a professional quarterback. *Well, newer-er (after the first home game, new stadium and the sweet jerseys). The newer-er (Justin Herber) found out he was starting the game, 10 seconds before kickoff.

Starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s second start as the Chargers QB has abruptly ended (before the game even began). Taylor had “chest pains” after the coin-toss and had to be taken to the hospital. Right then, Herbert was notified, like an alarm clock buzzing on the morning of the first day of school. Yeah, sure… you’re probably setting your alarm an hour before school starts, but Herbert got the 10 second warning: GET UP!! TYROD’s OUT and YOU ARE IN KID!

And Herbert shined and lit the place up, against the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. No, the Bolts did not win, but they played well and the game did go to overtime. Sure, Herbert had a few errors, but Chargers fans forgot all about the new stadium, the new jersey’s and drooled over their brand new QB of the future, Justin Herbert. Herbie is their Ferrari, the stadium is only the garage and the new jersey’s are only the upholstery…

My Question to Chargers fans: What’s better than a new stadium and jersey’s? A damn good 22 year-old quarterback with 4 years starting college experience who just lit up Los Angeles television rating! **We all just wish it was in San Diego


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