Billion Dollar Lie, #Chargers will never leave San Diego


January 12, 2017  by James Fedewa

The Billion Dollar Lie… (and common business negotiation tactics)

The San Diego Chargers are claiming they are moving to Los Angeles to become the Los Angeles Chargers. Do not believe the lie. The Chargers will never leave San Diego. The relocation announcement today by the San Diego Chargers has been mapped out by mega negotiators and super lawyers for well over a year. There is a hidden agenda, and a pre-mapped timeline, that the NFL (and Chargers) are using to budge the city of San Diego to do something different about the stadium issue now. The NFL is using the media (as they always do) as leverage tool, as relocation threats are the only negotiation tactics available to the Chargers.

Until you see an actual Chargers regular season game played in Los Angeles, do not believe the NFL lawyers and the Chargers owners.  It is leverage, money, public relation spin and negotiation tactics of a Billion Dollar Juggernaut teasing you.

The November 2016 vote of “Measure C” (and The Citizens Initiative) to fund a new stadium in downtown San Diego with an increases in the Transient Occupancy (hotel) Tax was never expected to pass.  It was a city wide only ballot that needed two-thirds vote  to be passed, an impossible achievement (66.7% is very difficult).  Also, only the “city” of San Diego was allowed to vote on “Measure C”, not the entire San Diego County.  Limits were set to impossible…

“The Chargers Aren’t Going Anywhere… Rest Assured, The Chargers Will Be Here (in San Diego) Forever” AJ Smith said  “They have to do a deal.” (A.J. Smith was General Manager of the team from 2003–2012)

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  1. Example: Do you have DirecTV? Often, local channels (or networks like CBS) contracts expire with DirecTV. Networks like CBS raise their price to DirecTV and usually DirecTV says no, we will not broadcast your channel if they charge more money for the channel.
    Then DirecTV customers get all these warnings about how FOX or AMC wants more money, so DirecTV will be dropping them from their lineup.
    Sure enough, DirecTV customers lose CBS for a couple of days (and then CBS loses 20 million U.S. DirecTV subscribers) which costs CBS even more money. So, CBS says OK, we will keep the price the same, sign a new contract, and then CBS is back on DirecTV.

    Chargers are CBS
    San Diego is DirecTV
    Los Angeles is Rabbit Ears Antenna

    So, if San Diego does lose the Chargers, and the Chargers decide to re-brand, then the Los Angeles Rabbits would be a great replacement brand.

  2. Example & Hypothetical: The 2017 Los Angeles Chargers go 11-5 and earn the AFC 3rd seed in the playoffs. They host a divisional playoff game in the 30,000 seat Stub-Hub center?

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