The 13th Charger

10/10/16 – by James Fedewa5c8b770bc971c0ed20acf2d7fd5ab2bb

Have you ever seen the movie “The 13th Warrior” with Antonio Banderas?   In the movie, there was a dispute among two Norseman clans; one larger clan (within their territory) and another smaller clan, a group of questing Viking Warriors.  They were all countrymen with the same king, but the smaller group of Vikings were all fierce and seasoned warriors. The larger clan were not Vikings (only Norsemen), but yet they were still worthy warriors.  But just that, only warriors. Vikings and warriors are quite different.

After the dispute, the Vikings had to calm rumblings down between the two clans, and the Vikings needed to set an example (to show dominance). They had to punish the large group of Norsemen and they targeted one person; the largest, biggest and most intimidating warrior.   A smaller, older and well seasoned Viking picked a fight with the larger and younger warrior, and it did not appear to be a fair fight. There was one-on-one, melee battle and the Viking made the bigger warrior look like he was winning though out the fight. But overall,  it was only a show…

The Viking warrior “appeared” he was losing the battle all along, but in the end, once the ordeal was nearly over, and the Viking warrior looked defeated, the Viking quickly chopped off the head of the big Norseman warrior (like it was no big deal).  The battle was a show, an example and nothing personal. It was a lesson to all the Norsemen watching.  The lesson being, you might be big and you may be strong, and you think you are a fierce warrior, but in reality, the Vikings could kill all of you at any moment.

This is a prime example of what the Chargers need to do.  Find the biggest coach, and chop his head off.   This will set the players straight (the Norsemen), while the leader of the Vikings (Dean Spanos) sets his example.

Tom Telesco must give the Chargers players an example, Mike McCoy’s head (or at least, just fire him)

Spanos and Teleco need to set that example, a big example…

…if you think you can cause all these errors & miscues, multiple times; we are going to fire your boss and trade your ass to Cleveland (for a ham sandwich and a bottle of Yoo-hoo).



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