Hopsmack, Cascade Lakes Brewery (Redmond, Oregon)

7/9/2016 by James Fedewa

Abv 6.4%
Ibu 82
Nice clear light bronze color tone with virtually no head at all*. Smells fantastic with a great crisp citrus hoppiness. A little high on the carbonation, which probably mellows out the hoppy bitterness of a true IPA. It has a fantastic malty sweetness to it in the beginning, but the hops do linger in the backend, which make it a good IPA. A very very unique IPA with outstanding smell and layers of flavors the warmer it gets.
Grade: A-

*growler fill
** I would have given this beer a full “A” grade if there was more of a head (as I do like a good beer foam mustache)

***guess what beer Label is on the glass…


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