Avatar Jasmine IPA, Elysian Brewing (Seattle)

Avatar Jasmine IPA, by Elysian Brewing (Seattle)

5/11/2016 Review by James Fedewa 

One of my all-time favorite IPA’s. It’s really two different beers; Serve very cold (nearly freezing), it’s a crisp, refreshing and a light IPA, that can be gulped. But serve just barely cold, around 60 degrees, it’s a unique tangy and sharp IPA with a light light floral (jasmine) undertone. Both cold and not very cold are so good and noticeably different. It better to have one large beer and take your time drinking it (all the way to the tasty last drop), or pour two beers and drink the first one slowly.  This IPA has a fruity smell, golden tone, with a very small head of foam. A traditional Euro IPA yeast is probably used (that offers a very unique and tangy aftertaste). Avatar Jasmine IPA falls into a very good traditional IPA (x2).

Grade: A- (this beer has been around for a while, and probably had an A+ grade 6 years ago. Anything from Elysian Brewing worth buying and I’m glad they are still brewing this one)


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