#Chargers #3 Draft Pick (Trade Options, Value, Vets)

2/27/2016 – by James Fedewa

If the Chargers do trade their third overall pick, it will cost a very heavy price. Depending on who the Chargers trade partner is (determining the value of that #3 overall pick, including which prospect is targeted at #3) San Diego could receive an immense draft day payday.

Assuming the top three quarterbacks are the primary targets at #3 (Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch and/or Jared Goff), many teams can be looking to trade up with San Diego to get San Diego’s pick. The list of quarterback needy teams include the Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Texans, Rams, Broncos, Jets, Saints, Bears, Bills and Cowboys. A couple other teams could be added to this list too…

NFL General Managers know the how the NFL Draft Value Chart works (a point system for each draft position), but it is really only a guideline for multiple draft picks values. A bidding war for the #3 can also reap larger rewards for San Diego too. The Chargers rewards trading down: additional draft picks, additional veteran players or (addition by subtraction) trading away players they no longer want on their roster. The Chargers can pick up some great value here including good veteran players here, and could possibly unload one of their own unwanted players.

Starting with quarterback needy teams that have a new head coach: New systems can put vets on the trading block and what QB needy team has a new head coach and a new system? The San Francisco 49ers. If the 49ers make a deal with San Diego for the #3 overall pick, but what would the 49ers need to pay with? Moving up four spots can cost a lot, like swapping their first round picks, plus the 49ers 2nd round and 3rd round draft picks. But what about existing 49er players on the trading block vs. what San Diego lacks (or needs)?

  • Center: Marcus Martin– a replacement for Trevor Robinson, shift Chris Watt to Right Guard, shifting DJ Fluker back to Right Tackle.
  • Free Safety: Eric Reid or Jimmie Ward – a replacement for Eric Weddle
  • Defensive End: Arik Armstead – a replacement for Kendal Reyes. Yet, 49ers new head coach recruited Armstead him in college so that could be unlikely, but Armstead is a perfect fit in San Diego’s 3-4 Defense (and was a 1st round pick last year = more currency).

Two high 49ers draft picks and a young veteran might get Jarred Goff or Carson Wentz to San Francisco. Maybe more?

Proposal: 49ers trade #7, #37 and FS Jimmie Ward for Chargers #3

Proposal: 49ers trade #7 and Arik Armstead for Chargers #3

The Rams will be in Los Angeles next season, a new yet familiar market. They still have their same coaching staff and front office, so they are not changing schemes, but they are still desperate for franchise quarterback. The Rams have the #15th overall pick, which could cost a huge price if the Rams want to trade up to the Chargers #3 overall pick (12 big spots). Trading and adding vets with additional draft picks could add value to the Rams #15 overall pick too, but who could the Rams include?

Chargers swap first round picks with the Rams, another 2nd round pick, plus:

  • Defensive End (DT): Michael Brockers – Brockers would be a perfect fit (and would fill a team need) on the Chargers defensive front. Brockers could excel as a 34DE and replace / upgrade from Kendal Reyes.
  • WR: Tevon Austin – San Diego needs special teams help and a fast compliment to Keneen Allen. Rivers would love Austin’s speed (and a change of scenery could help Austin’s value too)

The Rams may have to pay way too much to move up to the #3 pick, and it could include future first round draft picks. A trade with Los Angeles could help the Chargers quickly, but if San Diego drafts with the #15, they will not get a blue-chip draft prospect.

Proposal: Rams trade #15, #43 , #76 and DT Michael Brockers for the Chargers #3

Proposal: #15, #43 , #46 & Tevon Austin for the Chargers #3

If the Chargers do trade their #3 overall draft pick, the overall value it could bring to the Chargers franchise can be incredible. However, when the Ram and Redskins made their block buster trade in 2012, the Rams received amazing value (for several years), yet the Rams rewards never actually bloomed (neither did the Redskins).


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