2016 NFL Draft, Quarterback Risers (mock draft busters)


[* I took another job last year and neglected my NFL blog in 2015.   On a positive note, I went back to my old job and now I actually have some free time to start writing again (because working 12 hours vs. 8 hours a day can starve a football hunger. And what a perfect time to return: NFL Draft Time]


2/12/16 – by James Fedewa

The NFL season wrapped up with the Denver Broncos winning Super Bowl Fifty.  Yeah, yuck… I know.  Denver has a great ____, blah blah blah (who cares). The season is over and every NFL team is tied again (but again, that is not what we are interested in).  What we are interested in is the 2016 NFL Draft Class.  There is no clear front runner with the number one overall selection. It could be one of three or four guys, all a mystery for now. And of course the top pick is apparently available for sale, again…

Lets briefly discuss the number one overall pick. The Tennessee Titans currently own it and they can draft a young star offensive tackle in Laremy Tunsil (Ole’ Miss), a junior three year starter. Or Tennessee can go with a sound and powerful defensive star with pass-rusher, defensive end Joey Bosa (Ohio State).  Or they can go with a flashy Defensive Back with world class athleticism in Jalen Ramsey (Florida State). All three are great prospects and can help the Titans immediately in 2016.  *Lop-Sided Note: The Titans have not drafted a defensive player in the first round since 2010.

The possibilities of who actually uses the first overall pick are wide open (projected trades included) especially with three notable, unpredictable and very green rookie quarterbacks slowly climbing up NFL draft board. These quarterbacks can completely change/bust every draft fans and columnists 2016 NFL mock draft.  Quarterback needy teams tend to buy (and spend a lot) on young QB’s prospects in the draft, but who is willing to spend / trade the most for one of these three quarterbacks?  (The top QB needy teams are: Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Texans, Rams, Broncos, Jets, Saints, Bears, Bills and Cowboys.  A couple other teams could be added to this list, but lets not continue to speculate.

When the 2016 NFL Combine begins, expect three quarterbacks to stand out and earn the draft-darling spotlight before the NFL Draft:  Carson Wentz (North Dakota State), Jared Goff (Cal) & Paxton Lynch (Memphis)

Carson Wentz comes from a smaller Division II school, as he was not heavily recruited out of high school (since he was a smaller kid). Wentz was a late bloomer and rendered into the prototypical size quarterback while in college. Standing 6’ 5” 230+ lbs. Wentz looks like a fast and very athletic version Ben Roethlisberger, with a cannon arm, surprising quickness (for a big man) and impressive experience (redshirt senior and 4 year starter). The 24 year old Wentz is more accurate than given credit for and if given an NFL quality receiving core, he can possibly light up the NFL. An NFL franchise can lean on this type of QB for 10+ years. Comparisons: Ben Roethlisberger (arm) and Cam Newton (legs)

Paxton Lynch is the former Memphis quarterback who bleads athleticism for a man of his size. Standing 6’ 7” 225 lbs. he is a big, extremely mobile and another prototypical bodied NFL caliber QB prospect. Lynch is similar in stature as Wentz, can stand tall in the pocket, but can also rush for a 10 yard first down. At 22 years old, the redshirt junior quarterback still very raw with tons of room to grow into a franchise QB, but Lynch should probably sit behind an NFL Vet and watch/learn for a season. Out of the top three QB prospects, Lynch might have the higher ceiling as a franchise quarterback, but he might have the lower floor.  Lynch moves like a tall wide receiver and throws lasers with major league velocity. He also look the part, with a charismatic leadership an NFL franchise love.  Comparisons: a combination of Ryan Tannehill and Mike Glennon (plus an NBA Small Forward mixed with Tony Stark).

Jared Goff is a savvy, pure passing QB that possess great pocket awareness with very good accuracy and intelligence.  Goff is a smart and safe passer that makes better decisions than most QB prospects, which probably makes him the top QB prospect this season.  The 21 year old, 6’ 4” 205 lbs. junior QB can become a very quick NFL game manager in the mold of Alex Smith, not making poor mistakes and adjusting to proper systematic reads.  Goff’s throws are impressive too, as he has great touch. Either a rainbow arch or a quick little bullet, he will place the ball exactly how it needs to be. Goff is the type of passer who can throw a football 40 yard into a basketball hoop. He also has some Philip Rivers in him with is impressive pocket awareness and great touch with his passes, but since he’s from Cal, you cannot help but think of another Aaron Rogers type. Goff might need some time to develop before given the reigns to an NFL franchise, but by midseason or 2017, he could be a fast-blooming young star (just ask any Cal Bears fan, they love him). Comparison: Philip Rivers, Alex Smith (and yes, Cade McNown).

Prediction: All three quarterbacks are selected in the top 10 picks, and two QB’s are taken in the top three overall picks (hence the mock draft buster, with unforeseeable trades)

Notable: Another quarterback prospect can also sneak into the first round: Connor Cook from Michigan State.


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