2015 NFL Mock Draft (first edition) 1.0

2/27/2015 – by James Fedewa (@jamfed)

1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State Winston has maturity issues, but he  is  young which is fine. He is worthy of a #1 overall selection. If he can continue to grow, and stay out of trouble, he will have a very long career in the NFL (throwing to a dangerous group of Tampa receivers). Tampa can only HOPE there isn’t anything “covered up” with some prior altercations.
2 Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon The Titans could go defense here (L.Williams), but Mariota is a blue-chip QB prospect and fits the  new age of flex NFL QB. Mariota can be an All Pro within a couple of years, and he’ll need some development time (pending the system he’s forced into).  He’ll be better than Newton, R.Wilson and Kaepernick. Philly might make a move and target Mariota here, but shouldn’t.
3 Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Williams, DT, USC Williams is the best defender in this years class, and could potentially go #1 overall. The Jaguars defense just got a whole lot better.
4 Oakland Raiders Dante Fowler Jr., OLB, Florida Fowler is a intimidating and explosive, with a huge motor that is always pressuring the QB. The Raiders should go WR here, but they’ll find a good WR prospect in the 2nd round. Fowler is too great to pass up (teamed up with Mack? WOW!) Del Rio might have something here.
5 Washington Redskins Randy Gregory, DE/OLB, Nebraska A speed pass rusher with Gregory  (to compliment Kerrigan) can make a great OLB pass rushing tandem. And added layer of talented pass rusher (bye bye  Mr. Orakpo)
6 New York Jets Kevin White, WR, West Virginia The Jets need a WR more than anything and even if the Jets had the best QB in the league (which they don’t even have the 33rd best QB in the league), Jets would still have QB problems because the complete lack of talent at WR. Geno still needs a little more time to develop and he needs #1WR.
7 Chicago Bears Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State Chicago drafted CB Fuller in last years first round, and they still need more CB’s. Waynes with Fuller could make a great pair of young CB’s for years to come.
8 Atlanta Falcons Shane Ray, DE, Missouri Atlanta hasn’t had a premier pass rusher in 5+ years and has been a top priority for way too long
9 New York Giants Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa Finding a new Left Tackle is a dream come true for Eli Manning.  More protection=More long balls to ODB
10 St. Louis Rams Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama The Rams defense looks great. The Rams offense doesn’t (plain and simple). Time to invest in a real #1 WR
11 Minnesota Vikings Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin Peterson has seen his final days in Minnesota.  He has had his epic moments, but it’s time to find something new and start over. Gordon will make Viking fans for get all about AP’s child abuse issue (OT could be another option, or wouldn’t Bridgewater just love D.Parker in Purple too?)
12 Cleveland Browns DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville Parker has tremendous upside with great hands, and no WR in Cleveland fits that bill.  Dropped balls killed Manziel’s first NFL start (and it damaged his confidence (and ego). J.Gordon is a complete waste of talent and should have been traded 2 years ago.  Cleveland needs to finally draft some keepers, as they piss these amazing draft picks away every year.
13 New Orleans Saints Vic Beasley, OLB/DE, Clemson The Saints 3-4 Defense did well in 2014, even without a predominant outside pass rusher. Beasley starts day one and can earn double digit sacks quick.
14 Miami Dolphins La’el Collins, OT, LSU The Dolphins overpaid for Brandon Albert, they over-drafted OT Jawan James in the 1st round last season, yet the fish still need MORE OL help. That shows how bad the o-line really is in Miami. Collins can LG day one and may develop into a good backup LT in the future. He’s a better prospect than J.James is.
15 San Francisco 49ers Danny Shelton, DT, WA The 49ers will draft BPA, and DGB looks pretty tempting right here. But Shelton fills a bigger need and a is a great prospect (and a human wall with  good quickness for 345 lbs.). This is an exciting pick.
16 Houston Texans T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh Building a good offensive line is the smart move in Houston and the Texans have been doing “smart” things in their recent drafts. But being smart is usually only a “safe” way to operate, and C+ football (They could take a gamble here, as Houston wins usually revolve around Arian Foster’s health, so his upgrade might be found here with RB Gurly – doubt it though, safe it is)
17 San Diego Chargers Landon Collins, SS, Alabama The Chargers should go offensive line, but Telesco already did that 2 years ago with Fluker.  D-Line might be the second option, but there are 1st and 2nd rounder’s already invested there. Collins gives the Chargers several defensive needs (run support, good range, nice zone coverage ability & most important intimidation).  Day one starter and FINALLY a real Rodney Harrison replacement. But Telesco has Polian’s old school brain, where “safeties don’t get drafted in the 1st round.” (A.Peat is SD’s 2nd option)
18 Kansas City Chiefs Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma Chiefs like DGB, but really not this early. With three other WR’s taken before  the 22nd pick, KC had to do it, they have no choice.
19 Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills) Alvin Dupree, DE, Kentucky Browns got their WR earlier, now they get a versatile pass rusher who can be fast on the outside and big enough to play inside.
20 Philadelphia Eagles Eddie Goldman DT Florida St. Goldman can play NT in the Philly 3-4 (an instant upgrade). Nick Foles might be trade bait here for Chip to move up and nab Mariota. But could Brett Hundley fit Chip’s system even better than Mariota?
21 Cincinnati Bengals Shaq Thompson OLB Washington Cincy seems to always be in need linebackers, when they already have some pretty good ones. The Bengals need a new defensive spark with Mike Zimmer gone, and Shaq looks like a beast.
22 Pittsburgh Steelers  Marcus Peters CB Washington The Steelers secondary is OLD and Ike Taylor needs his replacement
23 Detroit Lions Malcom Brown, DT, Texas With Fairly and Suh ready to leave, Detroit needs new big bodies
24 Arizona Cardinals Arik Armstead DE Oregon Armstead is a prototype 34-DE and Campbell might be done in AZ (as a cap causality). Darnell Docket is already gone too.
25 Carolina Panthers Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford Panthers need a OT, badly and Peat is the BPA on the o-line
26 Baltimore Ravens Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia Gurley is an amazing talent, and Ozzie needs a new RB (w/ Forsett pending FA)
27 Dallas Cowboys Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma Who knew Dallas would be so good last year, but with Melton gone, they need a pass rushing DT in that Tampa 2.
28 Denver Broncos Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA Shocker of the Draft, and Peyton Manning’s latest successor.  Hundley can watch and learn for a year, then it’s Kubiak’s new hybrid QB in 2016
29 Indianapolis Colts Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami The offensive weapons are there, but is the OL?  Protect the franchise (which is a 100% Luck investment).
30 Green Bay Packers Quinten Rollins CB Miami (Ohio) Green Bay should draft more OL protection too, but the offense is loaded and the D could use more talent
31 Seattle Seahawks Jaelen Strong WR Arizona St. Seattle needs a #1 and a #2 WR. Strong can develop into one of those needs, hopefully the WR1, but any WR here might be an upgrade.
32 New England Patriots Cameron Erving, OL Erving can be a superstar center in the making, but he’s very raw (perfect for Belichick to mold and new best friend of Garappolo)

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  1. Campbell is NOT done in Arizona … he’s only warming up.

    • Campbell is due $13 million in 2015. He’s a good player, yes, but that’s way too rich for a 3-4 DE. He’ll need to take a big pay cut or get cut. I’d expect The Colts, Titans or Bears to court him once he’s released…

      • Dockett was the one who didn’t play last year, not Campell. Dockett tore his ACL in training camp last year and the Cards just released him today but do want him back. They have three young Dlineman (Mauro, Stinson and Martin) that they are high on. They also have Frostee Rucker under contract, but like him as a backup

  2. Drops balls killed Manziel’s rookie year? Huh? Manziel’s rookie was killed by him not knowing the playbook and making poor and erratic throws not by the the WR that despite Hoyer’s lack of arm talent and Gordan’s absense played well above expectation for most of the season.

    • I watched Manziel’s first NFL start, the whole game… and I did not blame Manziel for the loss or the poor stat line. I watched a Rookie QB give his WR’s an opportunity to make a play and every one of them failed with dropped balls and lack of effort in even catching Manziel’s pass attempts. At the end of the game, NFL Commentators ripped Manziel, so I know they didn’t watch the game, and judged his performance by his stat line. Terry Bradshaw butchered Manziel (and I thought he was false). I’m not a Johnny Football fan, but I do like his still set…

      • You didn’t watch close enough. Manziel and Shanahan botched that game.

      • Shanahan?
        Play-calling, yes… performance: no
        Didn’t Manziel throw 3 INT’s in that game? The first two were tipped balls by wide receivers. The 3rd, Manziel forced a pass, based on a NEED. Cleveland NEEDED a TD or a big play and it didn’t work out. It should have been a heavy rush game (bad play calling / game planning).

  3. how will the up-coming movie about famous jamais’ rape coverup effect his draft status

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