Dog Named Reach: Tight Ends Week 5 (#FantasyFootball)

10/3/2014 – by James Fedewa

I’m starting a new fantasy football weekly segment called a “Dog Named Reach,” driven by our own fantasy football teams (with our own drafting errors). Finding a new Dog (player), or Reaching on a fantasy free agent is the new evolution of improving our (weekly) fantasy football team. This week will focus on the Tight End and if you are like me, you wanted to secure a decent Tight End early in this season’s draft (so you would not be constantly searching throughout the season for a position so hard to fill).

Last year’s Tight End “Dog Named Reach” was the Broncos Julius Thomas. If you found this sleeper early in free agency last year, you probably snuck into the playoffs (unless of course you drafted Jimmy Graham in the first round, or traded either one of them for another fantasy #1 banger).

Learning from experience, I have always suggested drafting a tight-ends by the 4th round, as a quality weekly start is hard to find at the TE position. The Super Tight End (within fantasy football) started over 10 years ago with Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales. Back then, if you drafted Gates or Gonzales (by round 4) your whole team probably had a solid overall season.  But in this evolved new-age of #fantasyfootball, teams like yours can use the waiver wire and free agency to your weekly advantage for spot starting. The new-age of fantasy football is won on the waiver wire and with free agents.

This 2014 season, I planned on drafting Jimmy Graham early (if available) as his numbers are within the top 5 wide receivers, but at a normally low scoring position.  Plus Graham usually finishes with over 100 points more than the second best tight end in the league.  Well, I did not get the opportunity to draft Graham and I try not draft players in the AFC West (unless they’re San Diego Chargers / so NO to J. Thomas). So I targeted Tight Ends #3, #4 & #5 and if #3 was taken, I’m drafting TE#4 ASAP. And I drafted Vernon Davis early (even though I was also trying to avoid NFC West players, since they were playing the AFC West in 2014). Vernon Davis started this season off very strong, but has been a ghost since. Ankle problems, Knee Problems and now Back Problems (and no one does well with back problems). Now what do I do?

Finding a new free agent Tight End that can start on your roster weekly is next to impossible. It’s a juggling act every week.  And if you have a bad TE#1, then your bench probably has two additional worse TE prospects.  You could end up having three bad TE’s on your roster, eating up your valuable roster space. So with DOGS NAMED REACH,
we are looking for flyers (aka BOOMS). We are looking for BIG PLAY potential at this point, not guys who can offer 4 catches and 30 yards (and settling for easy). We want the “who’s the next Julius Thomas” types so we are looking for basically “NO NAME” type of guys.  And if a DOG NAMED REACH
hopefully pans out, then we can clear up some extra waste from your bench, and find better depth with better positions.  

If you can’t pick up Colts Tight End Dwayne Allen (who is probably already gone in some 12 team leagues), we’re looking at the rookie Tight End from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Austin Seferian-Jenkins
(he is the reach of the week) and the first ever: DOG NAMED REACH!  Rookie receivers are a tough start on any league (based on player development which carries over to their stat line), and a rookie Tight End might be even worse. But Seferian-Jenkins has the tools and size to be a very good NFL pass catcher, and if you watched his college tape, he is very big, surprisingly fast, and quick for a 260 lbs. beast and is very hard to tackle. Tampa’s top first round rookie, WR Mike Evans, was injured last week and is currently listed as OUT. Seferian-Jenkins can acquire Evan’s previous targets. Seferian-Jenkins could be the next Julius Thomas of 2014.


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