Draft Pastion

4/27/2013 – by James Fedewa (@jamed)

The NFL Draft seems past due this year. Feels like it should already be here, but its not.

We all wait an extra two weeks, due to some new 2014 NFL administrative exercises and alterations that are called “Schedule Changes.” These “Schedule Changes” sound very passive and irregular (for one of the largest entities, games and businesses on the plant). And if you are a fan of the NFL Draft, or may have a loved it for the last 20 or 30 years; and have developed a “standard” or “norm” of this time of year, you would expect the same dates and same times, right? Nope, the draft can change (like it needs improvement).

Well, it changed (again)… Back in 2010, the NFL changed the schedule format to tap into “prime-time” television ratings, getting into a Thursday and Friday Night broadcasts for rounds 1, then 2 & 3; followed by Saturday rounds 4 through 7.

Normally, the 4th Saturday of April was round 1 and 2, followed by rounds 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday; Weekends… that’s where fandom was created and was built for this highly publicized, mega (non-sporting) event date. Saturday and Sunday created the NFL Draft and made a tradition of NFL foundation. All day Saturday / All day Sunday. NFL Draft loyalists did not have a 3 day festival, they had weekend, a Draft Day Weekend. The NFL Draft was like a holiday. A vacation. Something people looked forward too, like Thanksgiving or New Year’s, and what true NFL (team) fans looked forward to. Some call the NFL Draft a direct link to and the rise of Fantasy Football., yet the NFL has altered THE draft, again…

NFL Draft Fans (aka Drafnic) are a specific fan, and NOT a normal demographic, or an NFL T-shirt or Jersey buyer, or a television rating. A Draftnic (Draft Fan) is a different type of fanatic. A person who is buying into a core (beyond a thing, or even a team), and that thing can define as an individual. A fan that wants to know about ALL players, a league, but has a genuine team. And that fanatic will travel anywhere their team goes or will be… Like a San Diego Charger fan, flying into Denver to attend the opening day Broncos game, solo, decked out in Chargers gear (by themselves) not even thinking of drunken opponent fanatic crazies. It’s about being there, or “luckily” being there. This is a specific loyalty that cannot be bought, rated or generated. It is passion. Yet altering standards and norms (or passions) to generate NFL BUZZ ratings vs. “holiday” standards removes consistency. And removing consistency is like not drinking coffee in the mornings, or even having weekly weekends anymore…

We all understand that “Change is Good” and “New Things are Special,” but humans are built on schedules and normalcies; created with waking up, going to work, coming home, and cheering your favorite football team. Drinking coffee every morning is what we do, what we expect, and probably what we are going to do forever. Quitting is difficult, but habitual additions and addictions are different sanctions (and quitting the NFL might be easier than quitting nicotine).

“Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; scheduling issues at Radio City Music Hall may have changed this year’s NFL Drafts dates, but screw you for not having the balls for moving the NFL Draft to a different location (like to Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and not having a mega-wagerfest on the entire NFL Draft Stock by position, prospect and/or team need). Watching your glorified movie DRAFT DAY (which probably is why you actually moved our real draft day, to rack up NEW box office ratings and revenue) with a pussified version of a 60 year old NFL General Manger that’s getting ready to have his first baby with a 40 year old assistant. Along with unrealistic draft pick trades and lame comments of “who’s picking the 4th?” – This movie stupefies an actual Draft Day, with too much improve and adlib, as opposed to an actual annual/daily process. That movie made the draft look so armature. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it (and you fuct it)…”

In reality, this article was going to be: An analysis about the top twenty-two 2011 cornberback class vs. the 2014 cornerback class (with draft day projections). In fact, look it up and guess who’s going to be rated the #22 CB (Richard Sherman) in 2014?

Passion / Past = PASTION (the T is silent)

K.I.S.S = (Keep it Simple Stupid). Can I ask you this Goodell, are your interns running this game?



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