Chargers Punish Patrick Peterson

8/27/13 – By James Fedewa

Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Patrick Peterson might be the next Deion Sanders: A gifted cornerback with special playmaking ability. Like Deion, Peterson is primarily a defensive cornerback and a dynamic punt returner. Now Peterson is trying to enter the offensive role for the Arizona Cardinals, like Deion. With two noticeable appearances by Peterson, the San Diego Chargers gave him plenty extra hits to reconsider becoming a two-way player.

Saturday 8/24/13 Preseason Matchup: Chargers vs. Cardinals:

Patrick Peterson on offensive (shotgun delay handoff sweep right): After Carson Palmer hands the ball off to a sweeping Peterson (lined up wide left); Larry English gives Peterson a violent hit, with an awkward twist landing on the sidelines. Peterson was looking for the cut and crease to get up field and never found it. He was jogged wide and tossed, making Peterson look very average and standard. Great hit, Larry English

Phillip Rivers Interception: Blitzing Tyron Mathieu gets a hand on Rivers pass; ball is tipped short, intercepted by Jasper Brinkley, who then pitches the ball back to the trailing Peterson. Following the pitch to Peterson, D.J. Fluker pummels Brinkley, hammering him back into Peterson and then out of bounds. Fluker kills two small birds with one punishing stone with one terrific tackle. Great Hit D.J. Fluker

Peterson lacks the high-end speed of Deon Sanders, but he make up for it in size and toughness (and toughness wear downs). Extra offensive snaps, means more hits on their young star. If Arizona plans on keeping Peterson healthy for the season, they may need to reconsider who is a distraction, a dynamic playmaker, or a decoy (for both teams). Distractions can cause “pitch-happy” minor league football gag plays vs. unfocused professional football. Patrick Peterson was not a secret weapon against the Chargers, and Bruce Arians executed Petersons extra plays poorly.

(I.e. Chargers Ryan Matthews halfback dive, fumble, “PITCH,” fumble, San Diego touchdown = Nose Tackle Dan Williams leg injury during the “pitch” = distractions, turnover & poor Arizona decisions)


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