Revis Island can come with a Population

The San Francisco 49ers traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for draft picks (and cleared up salary cap space). This move put the 49ers in a good spot to trade for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (who is currently being shopped by the Jets). What will the New York Jets seek for one of the best players in the NFL?

Addition by subtraction, addition by addition, or addition by multiplication…

Revis is a very HOT commodity and has been talked about by all NFL teams (and fans) since the Jets claimed they are interested in trading Revis. Current New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has had two terrible turnover-filled seasons and may not be invited back to the team. Sanchez’s current contract/salary cap hit is nearly $13 million, a large burden for New York since he signed a large contract extension in 2012. Sanchez’s salary is very detrimental to the team for a quarterback that has led the league in turnovers for two straight years.

Can Revis and Sanchez be packaged together for a trade? Or can the Jets find an additional team to take Sanchez in a three way deal (like an NBA style trade). A trade for Revis can easily demand two 2nd round draft picks, or one 1st round draft pick, but including Mark Sanchez in the Revis deal; the Jets could take less just to get Sanchez salary cap figure off their books.

Revis was injured very early in 2012 and missed most of the 2012 season and he is only under contract this season, so if a trade is proposed, most likely a contract extension must be in place from the new team trading for Revis.

Time for the New York Jets to get creative…


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