Guys to Get / Filling Chargers Holes in 2013

The Chargers have so many holes to fill, plus multiple free agents possibly leaving in 2013. Multiple offensive guards are free agents, multiple corner backs are free agents, multiple running backs are free agents…  New General Manager Tom Telesco may keep a few San Diego free agents but they all were previous GM AJ Smith’s guys, and AJ (and Norv) are gone, fired, kaput…

So, if I could have ONE game changing Free Agent is San Diego for 2013, who would it be?  Umm…. Hmmm…

I’m… not…. sure…  I don’t really love ANY of them.  Sure,there are some quality football players GM Teleco can nab, but most of these “impact” free agents are going to demand a TON of cash, and I don’t see anyone really worth $10 million a year (so, sorry Jake Long).  Can San Diego get Vincent Jackson back? Ehhh… not concerned about that rich guy anymore, since WR Danario Alexander looked just like him (and Vincent Brown is coming back from injury).

So, I don’t have ONE free agent WANT or NEED,  but I do like three smaller free agent football players. Not franchise game changers (yet), but good football players…

I’d like San Diego to get:

ILB, Leroy Hill, SEA –  Spikes is old, and he ended his Chargers career in bad fashion with a temper tantrum vs. Oakland. Hill is a quality linebacker, big hitter, and very intimidating. He reminds me of an ILB Foley.   I really like him (AS A FOOTBALL PLAYER) but he just got in trouble with domestic abuse problems, but that shouldn’t matter. IMO, he’s a perfect fit with Donald Butler as an ILB’s the 3-4 defense. I’m rooting for Mouton, and I hope he excels, but that’s an AJ Smith guy too, and he just couldn’t get playing time from Pagano.

LG: Andy Levitre, BUF, He’s a sturdy Californian and blue collar worker, plus started every game in his 4 year carrer. He’s a boardeline pro bowler though, and may get a lot of CASH!!!  Get this guy, keep Tyrone Green (but move T.Green to CENTER).

CB: Tracy Porter, DEN: If he can stay healthy, I like the way he plays. But he had some injuries last season but when he played he played well. SD rarely brings in quality free agent CB’s but Telesco may… Especially with Denver’s secondary coach now in SD.  SD has two quality young corners that can start, but SD really needs a younger vet to help the kids, in case of injury.  Marcus Gilchrist and Shareece Wright should excel (and start) in 2013, but Gilchrist plays very well as a nickel corner.

We all know that the O-Line is San Diego’s biggest problem. Keep Gaither (for 1 more year. He’s nervous and back injuries really do SUCK! – Plus Cheap LT’s are so hard to find) Draft a LT with the 1st round pick for insurance though. Keep Clary and Mike Harris,. Dump Hartwick & Vazquez (both cannot run block and have failed over the last 4 years combined)…


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  1. [QUOTE=Strife9878;4090931]I think the acee tweet said “I have never seen a team so united in spite.” Gaither has lost the locker room according to pretty much every report.

    I know Norv is one, but it is hard not to read through when he said something along the lines of “We gave him every chance to be a part of this team. It just hasn’t worked out.” And IIRC he never came to the facility post being IRed… at the very least I would expect him to show up to support the team and rehab it.[/QUOTE]

    Norv Turner lost faith in Gaither? Well Yeah… Norvel is looking for anyone to blame for the reason why the Chargers offence was terrible. Sure, he’s gonna blame someone (and the “lack of talent”ing camp, never recovered, played with a hurt back, pulled a groin while playing hurt, cramps happen, landed on the IR.
    It happens…

    Part of the problem, while playing his rookie season in Baltimore, someone gave him a hazing type of nickname of: Big Lazy. Which sometimes lingers with him. When in reality, “Big Lazy” beat out Michael Oher and Brandon Albert as starting left tackles.

    Plus he’s not allowed to speak with the media, so everyone creates their own opinion of that he’s “milking it” and a poor teammate… DRAMA (dude, these are professionals, come on…)

    Currently, Jared Gaither is the starting left tackle in San Diego. When healthy, he’s the BEST offensive lineman on the team, hands DOWN! AND he played really well with Tyrone Green in 2011, and the last few games he played in SD in 2010, Rivers played well too. So he makes players better around him.

    San Diego’s offensive line has lacked talent for a LONG time. But cohesiveness has made them play well 2010 and prior. But, you lose McNeal and Deilman, cohesiveness was tossed out the window. They suck now, and they know it, so time to rebuild it. AJ Smith got fired because he ignored it (in the draft) for 5 straight years…

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