…after 14 games

Well, I haven’t written in my blog for a long while now. Granted, watching football has been pretty painful this season…  One thing that I have discovered is that if the Chargers lose, I lose interest in football. Which makes me realize that I’m not really a football fan, but just a Chargers fan…    I’ve been saying that for years though. But I did get up and leave the Chargers/Panthers game at half time. I did record it though, but I’m not sure I can watch the 2nd half when I already know the score.

And if the Chargers lose, my fantasy football team loses too (as I have Phillip Rivers, Ryan Matthews and the Chargers DEF on my team). Which makes each loss twice as painful.  I finished the fantasy football season a gross 4-9.  It was my 1st year in this new league, as this new league had some quirky rules, but I do not like losing fantasy football, considering that I’ve been playing this game for nearly 15 years (way longer than most of my league opponents).   Forte was my 1st round pick (8/12), and he has a poor season too…

Regardless, this Chargers season, and my fantasy football season were exact mirrors of each other: both nasty (as in gross)


I’ll keep this short, but how does San Diego repair itself in 2013 (as I would expect some BIG changes next season).
GM: AJ Smith (as good as gone)

Head Coach: Norv Turner (as good as gone)

Quarterback: Phillip Rivers – I say trade him. Over the last two seasons (granted his O-line has been battered with injuries) he’s a turnover machine.  If the Chargers can get two 1st round draft picks for him, then do it.

Running Back: Keep Matthews, but get a quality back up (oh how they should have gotten Michael Bush – Sorry Hacksaw)

O-Line: Dump left tackle Jared Gaither! what an epic fail. Move Clary to guard (which I’ve been saying for years).  Find a new center and draft some O Linemen, early! complete overall is necessary!

Jammer GONE

Shawn Phillips GONE

Spikes GONE

English GONE





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