The Seattle-Screw / Bad Call, Good Win

Monday Night Football came down to a controversial call/replay, last-second, Hail-Mary Pass that resulted in a  touchdown and a come from behind win for the Seattle Seahawks (The Seattle Screw). Blame the replacement referees, blame the instant replay rules, blame the NFL rules in general, but don’t  over analyze the results, that catch, the touchdown, the points on the board, or the win.

No one cheated, so it’s a win.  Even if the Seahawks did cheat, they still won.  It’s the referees call, and the replay could be looked as a legitimate touchdown (by rule).  Dozens of MISSED CALLS or FLAGS  alter football games every week, so why is this TD so differnt? Replacement Refs are under a microscope, NFL is under a microscope, Packers are widely touted and the national spotlight of Monday Night Footaball will over analyze this games result.    There are 32 teams in the NFL that play 16 games each year, and any team would love to take a  win every week, any way you can get it. So any team would take this win.  Think about if the roles were reversed and quarterback Aaron Rogers threw that ball to wide receiver Jordy Nelson, would this win be so controversial? Probably not, because the Packers are the Packers.  If wins gets you into the playoffs, then wins are what you demand. So take the win and enjoy it.

I’m a San Diego Chargers fan, and San Diego lost at least two games in 2011 by factors like the Seattle-Screw  and hand nothing to do with replacement refs either. The 2011 AFC WEST, three of the top teams finished 8 – 8  (Broncos, Raiders & Chargers), and by rule the Broncos win the tie breaker and the division. ONE WIN can mean everything (at the end of the day or season).   Simple ERRORS can lose games and directly affect winning a division, going to the playoffs & jobs, so take any win you can.  When Phillip Rivers fumbled the ball with a lead, getting ready to add to the lead with a field goal and and with seconds left on the clock in Kansas City, do you think Chiefs fans wouldn’t respect that win?  That game was really OVER, but a 2nd to last play, fumbled snap cause a turnover, led to a Chiefs win.
…a win’s a win!
Just because the REAL referees are on strike, doesn’t mean the same thing wouldn’t happen.  Sure, we all want the real refs to resolve their strike and come back, but the Seattle-Screw game is over,  it’s a simultaneous catch, tie goes to the runner (and Seattle’s Golden Tate), end of story. SEE TOM BRADY (vs. the Raiders) and the TUCK RULE.
Blame the Packers for not knocking the ball down (or out), Blame the Packers for not protecting Aaron Rogers, or Blame the Packers for letting it come down to a Hail Mary. Seahawks win, the end…

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  1. Antonio Garay has been ready to play for two weeks and in practice he’s the fastes and the strongest and he is the best lineman on the team. remeber is stats remeber how he gets double and trippled teamed and what that does for linbackers that better rethink in SanDiago I

    • Garay was very good in San Diego, in 2010, ONE SEASON! Last season, Garay wasn’t on the field as much as he was the year before (due to nagging injuries). Garay wasn’t that great last season, he wasn’t… Being the strongest defensive lineman on the team really doesn’t mean much, if you can not stay healthy and on the field. I don’t think he’s the best defensive lineman on the team, let alone at his position. In my opinion, NT Cam Thomas played better than Garay in 2011, and Franklin is playing very good right now. Sure, getting double and tripled team is what you want from your 3-4 nose tackle, but Garay has yet to play (or be active game day) this year, so he’s been ZERO teamed.

      If Garay is SO GOOD, why didn’t any other NFL team give him a contract this season? He was a free agent… I know he signed a two year deal, but he will not be in San Diego in 2013. He’ll get cut as the 2nd year of his contract is too big for his lack of production. And he may get cut this year…

      So far, in 2012, this is the pecking order:
      1 Vaughn Martin
      2 Aubrayo Franklin
      3 Corey Liuget
      4 Kendall Reyes
      5 Cam Thomas
      Hasn’t Played: Antonio Garay

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