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Have you read this latest “LIST” or ranking of NFL Head Coaches on The Sporting News (link above)? The ranking is on a scale of 1 to 32 (as in 32 NFL teams) and who’s considered the TOP coach in the NFL, followed by the “who’s next”…

Like most “lists” they are 100% opinion based (which is a sports columnist or analyst job and point of view). There are considerable differences between subjective reporters, narrow-minded columnists and biased analysts, yet each are labeled in a category but all are in the sports media. Who do you believe most or whose opinion you think is more valid is your choice…

TOP 10, TOP 32 or TOP 100 lists seem to be very popular these days (like The Top 100 NFL Players of 2012). All lists are mostly done by individuals and every individual is bias is some way or another. The Top 100 NFL Players of 2012 is a little different though, as all “active players” VOTE who they “think” is the best NFL Player, but some lists can be created by one individual (like a reporter, communist or analyst – or even worse fan sites). Both of these democratic voting list or individual top lists involve people, and all people are bias (whether they like it or not).

Reporters are supposed to be objective and leave their opinions out of the news, interviews and stories, yet they still can sway, misreport or leave out information in story or interview.  That “reporter” could’ve gone to Ohio State University, so they’ll avoid Tom Brady questions, stories or ratings… (as Tom Brady when to the University of Michigan, which is  rival to Ohio State – See analyst Kirk Herbstreit from Ohio State, or reporter Adam Schefter from Michigan ).  Same thing applies with voting active players in the NFL. Or even the NFL Network, which is owned by the NFL.

So I may as well make a list of my own top 100 Guitarists (that have been recorded), or top 100 Beers (that I’ve drank), or top 100 hottest models (that I’ve seen on TV and magazines), or top 100 Cheeses (that I prefer melted on bread, past 7pm). Sure, you’ll get MY opinion too, as most lists, but just to say, everything you read is 100% bias.

Let’s fix this top 32 NFL Coaching list, as I am very bias about the team I like (San Diego Chargers), bias towards division rivals and bias to teams that seem to regularly beat the Chargers in the playoffs. Norv Turner is the San Diego Chargers Head Coach, who is always in the HOT SEAT so there’s a list of coaches that I would NOT want in San Diego (that are listed higher than Norv Turner)?


7.) John Fox, Denver: he was fired from Carolina in 2010 for failing, yet he had Jimmy Clausen at quarterback. Note, in 2011 Fox was .500 and is product of Tim Tebow. Why is he #7 @ .500 and 1 year removed from being fired in Carolina?

8.) Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles – He was good at one point in his tenure in Philly, but he needs to be removed as his ego, dream team stature and high team control are very outdated. He’s produced solid seasons, but no Super Bowl victories a decade of mediocrity and playoff failures. He’s like a KING in a democracy, and has too much control. Plus, He had a .500 season last year too, so why does he demand so much respect? He might be better than Norv Turner, but I wouldn’t want in in San Diego.

9.) Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears – He doesn’t even seem like a head coach to me.  He seems very insecure and under spoken to be an NFL Head Coach.  He’s like the Mayor of a tiny town that likes to focus on half the team (the defense, and that’s it). Half of a team is not a team… I can tell Chicago is focusing on the offence this year with a couple of new big wide receivers and a big armed quarterback, but that’s not on Lovie Smith. He’s too boring without a lot of wins too. He’s just a coach, and not head coach material.

10.) Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams – AVERAGE COACH, not a winner, not a loser, but always consistent. Key word here, NOT A LOSER, which goes a long way in the NFL. Yet, he’ll never get a ring with the teams he chooses to go to. I do like him though, but Norv is better.

11.) Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals – This guy is still riding this Super Bowl victory as the Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator 11 years ago.  He’s a loyal guy and committed to Cincy, but if I were him, I’d try a different team. Although, The Bengals made it to the playoffs in 2011 and could be really good for a while. STILL, he’s a lop sided coach again (only focusing on a mediocre defense). He’s below average to me and should only be a Defensive Coordinator.

14.) Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals – Has done ZERO and still can’t find a quarterback. GROSS!

17.) Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions – Has done ZERO! (and got the Mr. Sensitive end-of-the-stick with the famous Harghbaugh “hand-shake”) – Better than Norv? You’re kidding me right? Norv vs. a bitch, Norv wins…

18.) Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans – Better than Norv? He’s my high school gym bowling coach.

19.) Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs – He was the head coach for the final 3 games of 2011. Sure, the Chiefs beat the undefeated Packers, good job Romeo, but the Chiefs still finished 8-8 on the season, and he’s better than NORV? I’m not going to even comment on this selection because he coached THREE GAMES! The Chiefs were actually worse than what their record states.

…and Norv is number 20. What a lame list…


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