San Diego Chargers 2012 MOCK-DRAFT CLUSTERS

It’s April 23, 2012 and the 2012 NFL Draft is this week.  Everyone and their neighbor’s uncle’s cousin has their own “mock draft” but I thought I’d change mine into a different version and in DRAFT CLUSTERS.

In the same essence of MOCK DRAFT, how MIGHT the San Diego Chargers draft: per round / per positions IN CLUSTERS? (and say just the first 4 rounds of the draft – so far…)

I have FOUR draft clusters of which I’d like the Chargers (AJ Smith) to do, and the OPTIONS can be on going with different position aimed at team NEEDS or BPA (best player available).

Which GROUP of CLUSTER Picks would you like to see in San Diego Powder Blue?
–I’ll leave off 3-4 OLB, as I think the Chargers have too many players at that position already… (unless you think there are some OLB’s you just can’t pass on if available, like a Melvin Ingram – South Carolina), what would you do if you were GM of the Bolts? You can add your CLUSTER too (and please do in a reply.

1st Round: DE Coples OL Reiff = OG DeCastro  ILB Kuechly SS Barron = CB Kirkpatrick
2nd Round: SS H.Smith NT B.Thompson OT B.Massie RB L.Miller
3rd Round: RB L. James FS B. Hardin NT Ta’amu OT M.Schwartz
4rd Round: OT N.Potter RB Chris Polk CB J.Fleming NT: Jean-Baptiste
5rd Round:
5th Round:
6th Round:
7th Round:

Of course, these DRAFT CLUSTERS don’t project TRADES, but I don’t expect AJ to do any trading this draft. Let the draft come to you Grasshopper…

NOTE: my clusters above can be interchangeable, as there are one of each position players in each cluster round. So if you need to change RB to the 4th round, then plug the 4th round RB in…(i.e. DB, DL, OL, RB )
SS Barron = CB Kirkpatrick
NT B.Thompson
OT M.Schwartz
RB Chris Polk

(assuming what AJ Smith, GM of the San Diego Chargers, will do vs. what the team “should” do vs. what “I” would do and what “you” would do… please leave me your feedback and reply)


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