Making Homebrew – Life’s Simple Bliss…

6/25/2014 – by James Fedewa (@jamfed)Relax and Have a Homebrew 

*Updated 7/11/2014

I finally got around to brewing this year. Wow, it’s been over a year since my last solo brew day. My Father in Law has an amazing all grain system at his house, but we can have up to 4 or 5 people helping out with those brews, which is fun, but different. I think brewing solo is a little better, with an entirely different type of fun (but that’s a different story).

So, here’s my steps (with ingredients) I used to make this American Amber Ale (extract).

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Tony Gwynn, Mr. San Diego will be missed…

6/16/2014 – by James Fedewa

I moved to Pacific Beach in San Diego about 2 months before I turned 21 years old (April 1993). My initial San Diego experience was at a very impressionable time in my life.

I only “liked” professional baseball and football, but the San Diego community (and local teams) only enhanced that “like” and grew it into a love. I quickly grew into a diehard San Diego Padres (and Chargers) fan and I have been a fanatic of those two teams for the last 22 years. Tony Gwynn was the superstar for the Padres and he became my favorite baseball player the more and more I watched and listen to him.
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If Grice is Nice, then who’s Mathews?

6/5/2014 – by James Fedewa

The San Diego Chargers signed free agent running back Donald Brown this offseason, who had a very good finale with the Colts last year, outperforming the newly acquired Trent Richardson. Brown was highly effective last season and was clearly the best running back on the Colts team, beating out Richardson. The Chargers also drafted running back Marion Grice last month, out of Arizona State in the sixth round. Grice (6′ 207 lbs.) is a very talented, good young running back prospect who might be a very capable backup for the Chargers. Grice is considered a “silent steal” in the 6th round of the draft for the Chargers and was projected to go a lot earlier than the 6th round. Grice is expected to earn some solid playing time this season, but at the moment, he is buried on the depth chart, and last in line. If Grice has a great camp and preseason, current Chargers starter Ryan Mathews should be very worried about his job in San Diego. Although, Mathews had a great year last season for the Chargers, plus he is in a contract year this season, which can be very motivational for a new contract; but…  Read the rest of this entry

Youth and Change (Chargers Offensive Line)

June 2, 2014 – by James Fedewa

One of the San Diego Chargers primary goals this off season is to get faster, within all position. We saw it in the draft and the Chargers drafted some quick and fast rookies. What generates these results, other than speed itself, is to get younger – youth. The NFL is a game of the young man, and the young tend to flourish and survive longer.

Getting younger and faster is always part in the NFL roster. Younger players can also be cheaper and play longer. Cheaper roll players can help NFL teams save their immediate cash to help pay and re-sign their own superstar players, which is correct. So, high priced roll players can be cut even quicker, which brings up this off season topic: The San Diego Chargers Offensive Line (who’s the youth and who’s getting better?)  Read the rest of this entry

NFL Draft, Round 1 is Done! (Debatable Winners)

5/9/14 – by James Fedewa


  1. Cleveland Browns: (…and it felt just like the movie Draft Day, but Cleveland did better than the movie). The Cleveland Browns made a couple moves and trades in the first round of the draft, still drafted the #1 rated cornerback (Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State) and the #1 rated quarterback (Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M). PLUS, Cleveland acquired the Buffalo Bill’s 2015 first and fifth round picks and lost a 3rd and a 5th round pick this year.
  2. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings drafted five 1st round players in the last two drafts (how does that happen?). Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA can be a defensive end or strong side OLB. Barr is the type of player that will have double digit sacks, plus a high total of tackles. Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville might be able to start week one. Bridgewater looks a lot like a young Aaron Rogers.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals: Landing a top tier cornerback with the 24th pick is a steal. Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St, is a great pick this late in the first round.

Questionable Picks:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles needed a 3-4 OLB pass rusher and they drafted Marcus Smith, DE, Louisville with their first round selection. Smith has good talent and good sack totals in college, but he could have been drafted later. The Eagles did trade down in this round, and the also acquired a 3rd round pick. Oddly enough, I had Smith mocked to the Eagles, but at #89 overall. So this trade-down is essentially worth two 3rd round draft picks.
  2. Detroit Lions: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina is the top rated tight end in this draft class, but they should have drafted defense first. Adding Ebron to a loaded offense could open things up for Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate and Reggie Bush, but it can also mean subtracting catches from those stars. Top 10 pick for a tight end is a little of a reach
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn has a lot of talent, but also has back problems (and he is a little outspoken). Plus, KC already has two Pro Bowl players at the position Ford will play (Hali and Houston). Could Tamba Hali be traded or cut before the season begins?


NONE. Every section in this first round was very good and impressive. This draft, from top to bottom, is loaded with talent and every prospect chosen will help their team. This is probably the best looking first round in a long time. The only prospect drafted that will get the short end of the media stick is Justin Gilbert of the Cleveland Browns, as Johnny Manziel will attract all the immediate media attention. Yet Gilbert is the #2 cornerback on the Browns and he will be learning from pro bowl CB Joe Haden, which is a major bonus.


Full 3 Round NFL Mock Draft (4.0)

5/7/2014 – by James Fedewa

The final mock draft of the season is finally upon us. My mock drafts usually jump around, exposing alternative team views and opinions to each team need. I do listen, recognize and reply to your comments and I incorporate what fans recommend (or insist) as everything is debatable, yet nothing is for certain in the NFL Draft.

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2014 Full Three Round Mock Draft (3.3)

5/2/14 – by James Fedewa (@jamfed)

The NFL Draft looms closer as we are less than a week away and  fans are getting anxious for their teams new additions.  Assuming there will be mad trades and crazy exchanges, the NFL Draft can generate so much rumor and gossip, no one knows what to believe as true. But one thing we know is that the excitement is starting to build and tons of trade buzz is brewing.

The 2014 draft is noted as one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, so initially the trade rumors were said to be soft this year. Most of the “deep” talent in this draft is in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and those picks will not be dealt easily. Most of the 2nd round wide receivers this year would have been first round picks last year, and most of the 3rd round rated cornerbacks this year could have been late 1st or early 2nd picks last year.  So these “tradable” 2nd and 3rd round draft choices are very hot this year and are valued even more than normal.

The latest buzz to surface in this years draft in the defensive secondary. Noted first round prospects like cornerbacks Justin Gilbert, Darqueze Dennard, Kyle Fuller, Bradley Roby, Jason Verrett & Safeties Calvin Pryor, Clinton-Dix and Deone Bucannon could all be gone before San Diego picks at #25. And most Chargers mock drafts have San Diego selection a cornerback in round one.  Draft runs at specific positions can trigger panic and over-drafting prospects can happen (similar to the draft run on offensive linemen in the first round of the 2013 draft).

**your comments and recommendations are truly valued (and expected)

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Draft Pastion

4/27/2013 – by James Fedewa (@jamed)

The NFL Draft seems past due this year. Feels like it should already be here, but its not.

We all wait an extra two weeks, due to some new 2014 NFL administrative exercises and alterations that are called “Schedule Changes.” These “Schedule Changes” sound very passive and irregular (for one of the largest entities, games and businesses on the plant). And if you are a fan of the NFL Draft, or may have a loved it for the last 20 or 30 years; and have developed a “standard” or “norm” of this time of year, you would expect the same dates and same times, right? Nope, the draft can change (like it needs improvement). Read the rest of this entry

3 Round NFL Full Mock Draft (3.0)



4/20/2014 – James Fedewa

Here is the latest full, three round NFL Mock Draft, not including compensatory picks or any draft trades. We are directly in the middle of mock season, so there are literally hundreds of mock drafts on-line (I know, I read them all). We are in the middle of a new era of the “mock season,” as there are an additional two weeks of anticipation added to this year’s mock season, since the draft had been moved back two weeks (now into May). Please enjoy: Read the rest of this entry

3 Round Full Mock Draft (2.1)

4/11/2014 by James Fedewa

My weekly updated full NFL Mock Draft has had some minor tweaks to mock the prospect projections, based on additions, new arrivals and the latest releases of the updated rookie pool. Please use your reply button, have a voice and opinion and tell me what you think (on Twitter @jamfed) Read the rest of this entry


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